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My Uncle came to visit!  Charlie lives in Texas and hasn't been out here since 1969, a lifetime ago.  He's Mom's "little" brother (6'5") and he's great fun!  The first half of his visit saw us going just about everywhere, then San Diego County caught fire and we stayed put.  Luckily I'm house-sitting at the beach again so it hasn't been torture :)
Charlie got in around 1330 on Friday; I'd worked the night before so all we did was go down to the pier and then to dinner.

It was really hazy this day, that's why the pictures aren't sharp & clear.
See that little house, upper left corner???  That was the house in Top Gun where "Maverick" went to dinner.  The scene shows him riding up a street and across to the house, the street he rode up is the one in the middle of the picture.

I just noticed, this bird sure has knobby knees!
You can see how hazy it was in this picture.  Didn't stop the fish from biting, people were catching them right & left!
It may not have been a perfect day, but didn't stop people & kids from having fun!
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