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DelMar Fair
So, whenever I want to do something "childish" or kiddie-oriented I borrow Fariba's daughter Tina.  That way I don't stick out so much!

We went to the  Del Mar Fair today, July 2, 2002.

And see, I'm not the only one who still thinks of it as the Del Mar Fair!  Starting this year they're calling it the "San Diego County Fair" to better describe it.  It will
always be the Del Mar Fair to me!
Main Gate
Every year they have a theme for the Fair.  I wonder what they chose for this year's theme???

This is the main gate, the O'Brien Gate. We went in thru a side gate, temporarily re-named the Graceland Gate.
Tina, at the main gate.  Actually this is on our way out since we went in thru a different gate.
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