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The pool progresses!  The tile  & stonework was done by Dave (he can do a lot of stuff, quite handy to have around!) and I should have taken a pic of the other side of the spa, the stonework is beautiful!
Paige & Dave
Then there's Taz, the cutie-pie!  -->
Nice-lookin' pool
<--  The pool has been finished!  I took this on 10/9/02.  How cool is it to have a pool in your backyard, you can go out & swim, play, do laps any time you want!

It's a black-bottom pool, that's why it's so reflective.
Let's go for a dip
Cool pool
Cookin' spaghetti
Paige  -->
Rachael & Montie
Rachael & Montie after his graduation; we're all very close friends!
Me & Rosie - shocking!
The Electric Duo!

Me & Rosie during ICU classes in La Jolla, 2001
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