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After the meal notice who is doing all the work and who is just sitting on their butts?  Except for her uncle, everyone else is from her husband's side of the family.       Nov 02                      -->
Darius & Paula  11/15/02
<--  Darius & Paula    Nov 02
Tina 11/15/02
Tina, working on Happy Birthday for her Dad   -->
Early in the pregnancy
<--  Kathi - showing the beginning of the preggy belly, Nov '02 at Mi Fiesta  :)
Rachael & Jordan
Rachael & Jordan (we're heading inside Mi Fiesta for lunch again)  Nov 02      -->
Jan '03
<--  1/4/03  Well, here we are again....at Mi Fiesta in San Marcos.  Kathy on the left, Rachael on the right.  We just finished pigging out!
Who'd think such a sloppy-looking mess can taste soooooooo good!!!
1/4/03, next stage of the preggy belly!  -->
My car  :)
Jenn's kids
Jenn sent a new picture of her in her dining room at home, and a picture of her kids with Santa at the Mall. ('02)
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