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Ohhhh, presents!
Shhhhhh, don't tell - she's 38 today!
Dishing up the rice for dinner, it has dill and lima beans in it, and it's VERY tasty!   -->
<--  He's toasting sunflower seeds.
New living room furniture.  There's gilding on the wood.    -->
<--  Who dat?  I think it's Brooke!
Hey it's Kim!  -->
<--  It's Rachael & Jackie, playin' pretty!
Rachael Kim
<--  Deanine on the left, Brooke on the right
Tina's Birthday was 6/5 and Fariba had family & friends over on 6/6/03.  Of course I took some pictures :)
I don't know how long she cooked, but there were lots of different, yummy foods!
Natasha on the left, Tina on the right.  Natasha is Tina's friend from across the street.
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