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Places to sit and treats all around for snacking.  Yes!  Before the meal.
<--  Nasser, Fariba's husband.
Fariba  :)
Darius, Tina's cousin (Paula & Ahmad's son)
Tina's birthday cake.  Sitting here doing this and seeing this picture, wish I had another piece of it right now!
Tina (left) and Natasha, dying to cut into the cake!
Yay!  She blew out all 10 of her candles so her wish will come true now!
The mangled remains after the horde descended upon the cake & ice cream!
As usual, everyone else is sitting while Fariba is cleaning up!
7-30-03  Once again we meet at Mi Fiesta to feast on delicious Mexican food!
Brooke and Rachael with Kendra
Brooke, Kendra, and Jordan (Kathi & Jennica in the background)
Kids!  Thomas (Victoria behind him), Jordan, Colton, Miranda.
A bunch of us got together and went out on the town!

L -> R (standing): Jackie, Rachael, Me, Kathi, Deanine

L -> R (kneeling): Misty, Brooke, Janet
Brooke  -->
<-- Kathi
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