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On the way home from lunch with Kathi (7/17/02) I stopped at the Ford dealer.  They didn't have any brochures left, just a black & white copy of some sales papers.  The T-Bird on the left is the one from the 50's, the one on the right is today's model.  I really wanted this......until I heard the price!  I might as well buy the Jaguar that I want!
Hmmmmmm, how fast was I going!
Didn't know I was a cover girl, did ya!  -->
Rachael & I
Rachael & me!
Mary, Helen, Me
<--  Mary, Helen, Me
All I need are finger cymbals and a Sultan for whom to dance!
<-- Fariba
Great picture
Not excatly a "friends" picture, but I've always liked this one, I think it's a beautiful picture.  The pyramids are in the lighter patch, center bottom.
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