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Dr. Ozerkis at his house.  Worked for him for many years before quitting to go to nursing school.  -->
This is his backyard.
Dr. O's backyard
Nancy, Sonay, Taylor
Nancy, Sonya, and Sonya's son Taylor
Rachael, Fariba, Rosie
Rachael, Fariba, Rosie  -->
The Girls
At Montie's graduation from nursing school (2001): Kathi, Rachael, Sonya, Kim.  Rosie is really there, she's behind Rachael.
Bonfire 2001
Another bonfire picture.  Rosie, Dennis, Montie, Rachael.  I think that's Carolyn's knee in the lower left corner :)  Rosie - we need to have another one......soon!
Montie & Jordan
More fun at the bonfire - Montie & Jordan     -->
Breakfast Brooke
<--  Brooke, at one of our first breakfasts
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