Take me away!
Caught trout in the Russian River, Alaska.

Skied at Mt. Aleyeska, Alaska.

Panned for gold in Alaska (actually got a few flakes, Dad is the one who got the nuggets!)

Went fishing for barracuda in the Red Sea.  Can't remember if this was before or after I leaped over sea snakes while wading in the Red Sea, just outside Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  (of course the leaping was accompanied by squeeks & squeals of horror!)

Got arrested & spent the night in jail.  When people ask what happened, I usually say I was arrested for "soliciting,"   Of course this raises a few eyebrows! (for those who don't know, hookers "solicit" their "dates").  The actual charge was "soliciting magazines without a license."  Hayward, California is
very strict!

Went shopping in the gold souk in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Worked in a carnival that traveled through Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Kansas.

Got run over by a motorcycle in Big Lake, Alaska - and got knocked out.  We were lighting firecrackers (ohhh the good old days!) in the campground.  All I remember is lighting mine, turning to run and the next thing I knew I was flat out on my back.  Looked up and there was Dad, the avenging angel, straddling the motorcycle's front tire snatching the kid up off the bike by the neck of his shirt!

Touched the bluestones of Stonehenge on the Salisbury plains in England, a prehistoric monument dating from 3000 b.c.  Can't do it anymore as the site is roped off.

Sold magazines door-to-door.  Went thru California, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois.  I quit in Chicago Illinois.  This is how I met my bestest friend, Helen.  You can see her pic in "my friends" area and "Boston 2001."

Ran from a burning car - mine!  My first car, just had the engine rebuilt.  I was going to a Halloween party, the car just kind of quit.  Pulled over to the side of the dark road out in the boonies and as I reached to turn on the dome light a flame came up the gearshift!

Ate Kentucky Fried Chicken in Munich, Germany.  Boy was Dad embarrassed!  There we were, all the way over there in Germany and we were eating American fast food.

Came home from school while living in Alaska to find a Mallard Duck in the bathtub!  Dad had joined the Anchorage Jaycee's (Junior Chamber of Commerce)...newest member had to keep the duck until he or someone else got a new member to join.

Took a cruise on the Rhine River in Germany.  Word of warning, if you do this and take pictures of
every castle along the way, write down the names with a brief description as you take each picture!
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