Back, back, back!
Jake's Place     October 2002
Beachin' birds!
Once again I had the pleasure of kicking back at Jake & Liz's while they were gone.  Real hard job, feed the cat, watch TV, play on the computer!
Sailing along
In the mornings I noticed these big birds, pelicans I think, coasting along just inches above the water.  There could be one, two or a whole bunch of them.  They tended to follow the swells.
<--   Lifeguard, cruising the beach
Pier lights
Early morning & the lights are still on at the pier             -->
Cutie-pie Sammy
<--   Of course you know I'm going to take lots of pictures of this cutie!  This is Sammy.
<--   What's the saying?  You've never been ignored until you've been ignored by a cat!
Thinking about it
You can see the wheels turning in the pic on the left; below he acts on his thought - attack!
Acting on it!
Nice sunset.
sign, sign, sign, sign!
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Back, back, back!