Take me back to the beginning! Jessamyn graduated from Palomar College's Registered Nursing program on 5/21/03.  She has been an LVN working the same floor as I do.  She is amazing!  She really cares about her patients and always goes that extra step in her care.  Jess, this page is for you, CONGRATULATIONS!
Waiting in anticipation for the pinning ceremony to begin.
They come in by twos, each placing a rose in the vase.
They're all on stage, ready to get that pin!
Her mom, Judy, pinned her; then it's stop & pose for picture taking  :)
It's done, over, finished!  A rockin' beat, a little dancing, and the shim-sham with feather boas!
Outside after the pinning ceremony
By the way, she won the scholarship for having the highest grade-point average in the class (another student tied with her so they both got the scholarship)
Take me back to the beginning!