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The top of the TV - a mixture of cats & foxes  :)
This is Fiona L'Amor; that's a feather toy that had velcro on it so I stuck it to her back.  Hey, I'm not mean - she had fun with it!
She's silly, she'll roll over & lie on her back, paws tucked.  In this picture she has one of her toys on her tummy.   -->
Then there's Vladimir Vadim  -->
<--  Yep, he's a box kitty!  So is Fiona.
They get along great, but Fiona's the bully; very seldom will he start chewing on her
But she'd better be careful; I have discovered Vladimir's alter ego!

Meet......VAMPIRE CAT!
<--  She's "sharpening" her claws on my bag, after she knocked it over to get to it.
Kind of smug-looking, ain't she?
You know you want to do it!
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