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Isn't her little tongue cute :)
<--  He has some weird sleeping positions!
Vladimir is so anxious to lick the water in the sink he's letting the stream pour over his head.  They both just love to drink out of the sink!
Fiona is checking out the stuffed dog I won at the fair.
Gotta have clean toes!
This is Vladimir, another weird sleeping place.  Fiona likes to sleep on the shoes with her head stuck in one of them.  What can I say, they're strange kitties!
Fiona is actually being nice in these two pics, she's licking around on Vladimir; but then she just can't stand it and bites, he runs!  You think he'd learn!
She's at it again!
<--  Fiona's trying to chew on him again, this time he's swatting back
Here's my little fat girl, Fiona, doing her favorite thing - laying on her back
<--  I was trying to get a picture of her purty little feet, and she moved
Not one of my cats, but this is what I see every morning when I come home
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