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calculations book as I wanted to review one or two calculations, turns out I didn't have any math on the test!

My main gripe at that time was, I took the test in less than an hour, it was by computer and as soon as I pushed the last button and the computer had decided whether I had passed or not, my results were known.  But did I find out right then and there?  NO!  I had to wait to get notified by mail.  I walked out of there, took a deep breath and said to myself, "I passed!"  Then almost cried.  But then I had to wait.  And wait.  I swung from euphoria to the depths of dispair during that time!  And they drew out the torture!  I had friends who took the test
after I did who were getting their results.  That made me think I had failed!

But we know this story has a happy ending!  I passed, in fact the whole class has passed.  Kudos to us and to the excellent instruction we received from
Palomar College!

I'm glad I'm able to edit my guestbook entries!  Of course I check out links to other webpages that are left behind, I don't mind people promoting their sites - hey, it's how some people find mine, by clicking on other sites.  Anyway, the last person left a website link to porno.  It's an individiual choice and I believe in freedom of speech & choice, but I'm not going to provide a link when it's easy to find it on your own!
7/11/02  (0609): I was a month behind in wishing Paige a happy birthday yesterday!  Her birthday is actually June 10th!  Boy did I feel stupid when I said something to her yesterday!  She had me over & cooked spaghetti, different than Fariba's but very excellent!  It's the Italian sausage she puts in it, she uses the spicy variety, cuts up little chunks to flavor the sauce, then leaves big pieces also.  And the garlic bread, mmmmmmm!  I highly recommend it - it's available at CostCo back in the bread dept.  Comes in a bag with 3 large loaves in it, pre-cut in half with lots of butter, garlic, parmesan and romano cheese.  Just stick it in the oven and yuuuuuummmmyyyyyy!

Their pool is coming along nicely, pics available in "friends" section.  Can't wait to leap off the diving board into the deep end!
7/14/02  (0800):  For all you 'Frenchophiles' out there, happy Bastille Day!

I was on 2East the past two nights, there's always lots to do when you work that side.  Friday night I only had three patients and managed not to get an admit, then was told I'd be getting one.  Finished all my charting and waited for the admit.  And waited, and waited!  She finally came to the floor at 0730, right when I'm supposed to go home, so all I did was just help get her into bed, vital signs taken and then advise the Day RN she was there.

Friday was Cris & Gail's last night, they've been accepted into ICU and will be starting downstairs.  We had a pot-luck.  It was also April's last night, she's a traveler.  I didn't know so the cake only had Gail & Cris's names on it, I told April her name was written with invisible icing!

I had a patient Friday night who was fine when I assessed her, then 25 minutes later she was trying to climb out of bed, pulled her gown off, and pulled off her cardiac monitor.  Mari and I went in and then I found her IJ catheter in the bed - this was a large bore IV catheter sutured into her right internal jugular vein in the neck and she had yanked it out!  Believe it or not, there was not a drop of blood - anywhere!  I cannot believe it. 
7/15/02  (0430):  Go out & have some ice cream today - today is National Ice Cream Cone Day!

I played around on the computer Sun when I got home, then watched TV, then finally fell asleep only to be awakened by the phone.  It was work, wanting to know if I'd like to come in from 2300-0700.  I'd only slept for about 3 hours so of course my brain was fuzzy at the time, my body was sore and I was still tired, I thanked her for thinking of me, but I didn't think I could do it.

Then I sat there and thought from previous experience I knew I'd be awake at 2300 and would be up all night, I should probably just go ahead & go in - hey, it would be double time!  But I dozed back off to sleep.  Woke up again around 1900, eventually fell asleep again but what was I doing at 2300, yep, awake, watching TV and thinking about getting on the computer.

One of my patients Fri/Sat nights was one of the nicest men, a
very pleasant person to take care of!  He'd had a triple-A repair (AAA=abdominal aortic aneurysm) on Fri and this was the 2nd night I'd had him.  He'd had problems during the day with N&V but was doing better by the time I came on.  About midnight he decided he was hungry, so I went downstairs and got him something to eat.  When I came back he commented on how busy we were at night.  I smiled & agreed, told him some people think the night shift just sits around doing nothing, he said he'd vouch we didn't!

Congratulations are in order for one of my friends in Saudi.  He has finally found what he has been looking for and will be getting married
7/15/02  (2215): Gee, could have made more money this week, but would have ended up killing myself I think!  Worked Fri/Sat, offered double-time to work Sun, offered time & a half to work tonight, but then I'm already scheduled to work tomorrow night.  That would have been 5 nights in a row with just 1 day off, then 2 more on.  Don't think I could have managed that!

I'm already wondering how I'm going to survive in August!  They moved one of my scheduled nights and just before vacation I'm scheduled to work 6 (yes SIX) nights in a row!  I am afraid, I'm very afraid!
7/16/02  (0013): Whoopee! Today is International Juggling Day!  Get out there and toss your balls around (hahahaaahahahaaahahaaa!)  I can't wait for July 25th, it will be "Act Like A Caveman Day!" 
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