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1/19/03  Sun  (0647):   Certainly glad I don't have to drive anywhere this morning, it's really foggy outside.  I like the fog, when I don't have to drive in it; fog kind of makes the world seem soft and quiet. 

I love to watch figure skating and I was watching the US National Championships last night.  We have three really good ones, Michelle Kwan, Sarah Hughes, and Sasha Cohen.  Michelle missed at the Olympics and only got a Bronze, the Olympics before she got a silver; Sarah Hughes got the Gold at the 2002 Olympics.  I was hoping Michelle wouldn't turn Pro, I wanted her to get an Olympic gold medal; well, so far she hasn't.  She won the gold medal at this year's US Nationals.  Sarah Hughes was 2nd and Sasha Cohen was third.  Great skating, especially by Michelle Kwan.

I was hoping to go to Disneyland today with Fariba and Tina, but her in-laws are still around.  Poor Fariba, she's certainly nicer than I am!  She works nights at Palomar, but she's also expected to wait on her in-laws, cook for them, clean, etc.  For example, father-in-law gets up early and wants breakfast, he won't cook it himself.  Then mother-in-law gets up and wants something, she expects Fariba to cook for her.  She's gotten up late enough that now father-in-law is hungry again, but mother-in-law doesn't want lunch yet.  Fariba cooks again.  But then mother-in-law is hungry.  Then sister- and brother-in-law show up, expecting food. 

Mother-in-law does finally notice Fariba looks tired, tells her to go sleep; there's so much banging from the kitchen, phone ringing, sister- and brother-in-laws coming & going she can't sleep.  Father-in-law is hungry, Fariba says she's going to cook such & such, "I don't like that, I wan't this."  Father-in-law always want fresh foods cooked, doesn't like frozen entrees & such.  They don't do anything around the house either.

I told Fariba she's
much nicer than I am!  If I was in the same spot and was told "I don't like that" I would have said, "well, that's what's cooking, if you don't like it maybe you'd like to fix something you would like, or you can go out."  There's a lot more going on that Fariba puts up with, I don't know how she does it.

I was there one night when they were expected, they couldn't give her a time they'd be arriving, just "sometime."  She held dinner as long as possible, then we ate.  They called late, saying they'd be there around 11 pm, when they found out we'd had spaghetti, "I don't like that."  So there's Fariba cooking something different at 11pm at night and getting everything ready for them.  I would have said, "well, that's what we have, if you don't like it I'd suggest you stop at a restaurant before coming on down."  As I said, she's nicer than I am!
1/19/03  Sun  (0905):   I highly recommend Norton Internet Security if you spend any time at all on the internet.  It comes with Norton Antivirus which you can set to automatically download new virus definitions.  It also has a privacy control - I put in my home e-mail address and it's amazing how many spam-type e-mails request verification of your e-mail.  You can block this information from being sent back, that way they won't know it's a valid e-mail address.  But back to the internet security, it's a personal firewall and makes your internet ports invisible, thereby reducing the risk of hackers.  However, attacks do occur.  In the past 1/2 hour I've had two attempts, one from Lisbon, Portugal and the other from Montevideo, Uruguay.

How can I be so specific as to the location of the hackers, you ask?  That's another benefit with this internet security.  You can go to the Semantec site (actually you can do this without the software) and "trace a potential attack."  You can also check your computer's security, free, while there.  To check it out you can go
here and test your computer's exposure to online security threats and learn how to make your computer more secure.  The 3rd choice down is "Trace a potential attack."  You can "discover information about the network from which a potential attack originated and the geographical location of the computer that was used."

I was working on the scholarship papers to send to Palomar when these happened.  I missed last semester, I didn't get the papers back to the college :(

It's the Grace M. Grumke Memorial Scholarship and my criteria is:  minimum 3.0 GPA; ineligible for ethnic awards; female; receiving $200 or less in awards; preferably single & no children; preferably over 35; not receiving State aid.  It was my major gripe that I didn't get anything (other than $100.00) during the 4 semesters because I was white, had no children, and was not on State aid.  Kind of a reverse discrimination.  I didn't want to come right out and say "white" on the form so I thought my solution was pretty clever, "ineligble for ethnic awards." 

My other gripe, I wasn't eligible for financial aid becuse I'd made too much - the year before!  Excuse me, I lived that year, paid rent, ate, etc.  When I applied I didn't have a job, but they don't look at that, they look at the previous year's salary, which really screwed me over becuase when I started in 1999 they looked at 1998 ($30,000+) and in 2000 they looked at 1999 (I worked thru August and made about $25,000)).  Then, in 2001 they looked at 2000, but I'd cashed out a retirement fund to go to school so that pushed up my "income" also.

That's why I decided to give a little something to someone who fits my criteria, and it will be for $500.00; hopefully she won't be too strapped and can use it for a little fun!  I'd like to do it every semester.

I was looking at December's pay stub and I realized my take-home pay last year was more than my gross from the medical office, and I thought I did pretty good there.....it's good to be the nurse!
1/21/03  Tues  (0024):   Yesterday was Stay Young Forever Day; as I plan to never grow up, does that count?  It was also Cheese Day, the more the better I say - can't go wrong with cheese, cheese, and more cheese!  Today is Hugging Day and Squirrel Appreciation Day, maybe you could combine the two and go hug a squirrel!

Today in 1954  the U.S. submarine Nautilus, first Atom powered ship, was launched and christened by Mamie Eisenhower.  I've been on the Nautilus, it's tied up in Groton, Connecticut.

Horoscope for yesterday:  'Good day to avoid pickled herring.'  (I think
every day is a good day to avoid it)

It rained some last night, I guess now that would be early Monday morning that it rained.  I think it rained for at least an hour, and heavy enough to hear on the roof.  Once again I had to stop and wonder what was that strange sound, then figured out it was rain :)

Somehow, without realizing it, I have Superbowl Sunday off.  I like to watch football, but I especially like to watch the Superbowl.....for the commercials!  I think they are the best!  Last year I had to work so I taped the game, only so I could fast forward thru to the commercials.

DREAM ALERT:   I was hiking in England and came over a hill into a town.  I didn't know the name so I stopped someone and asked what was the name of the town.  The guy looked at me kind of funny and said "Buhnahd."  I said, "oohhhh, Bernard," giving it the American inflection.  He just looked disgusted and left.  I was looking for things to take pictures of, remember a couple of trees growing over a plaque, a statue, then noticed a fountain.  It started on top of a building and when it filled it spilled over to the ground below.  If you weren't aware you could get soaked.  I went across the street and up some steps so I'd have a good view and could take pictures.  When it happened my digital camera wouldn't click, it just kind of whirred.

Next dream, I was laying on an examination table, there were three in a row in the room.  I'd cut my right index finger and Dr. O was going to suture it up for me.  He gave me the local anesthetic, not only did my finger get numb, but my right leg did too!  Don't know if my finger ever got sutured!
1/23/03  Thurs  (0905):   Hey, today is Pie Day, I think I'll just have to celebrate this "holiday!"  It's also Snowplow Mailbox Hockey Day; if it wasn't a Federal offense, kind of sounds like fun.  Friday is Peanut Butter Day (mmmmm very tasty when mixed with syrup, try it!)  Sunday might be interesting, it's Backwards Day, too Sunday Superbowl that's think I.

Horoscope for yesterday:  'Say something completely ordinary, today, but follow it with "Get it?" and a big grin. For example, "I'm wearing shoes. Get it?" See who gets it. Avoid them.'

I worked on 4East last night with Diane.  I had a pretty good group of patients.  Battled with a temp on one of them, it kept going up
after I gave the Tylenol, but finally got it under control after stripping off the covers & using ice packs.  Not much really to report from last night, busy work, but not too overwhelming.  I was the lucky one, Diane had more problems.  One of the pt's of the LVN I was covering for had a high blood pressure during morning vital signs, I took it manually and it was still high so I had her call the MD, he didn't have any new orders.  That's about it for me!

I thought I wouldn't be able to get into my webpage, I was having a problem.  I loaded the 2003 Norton Internet Security, and after that it wouldn't connect.  So I found out I have to disconnect the security, click on the website to connect, then I can turn on the internet security again.  Don't know why it decided to be difficult.
1/24/03  Fri  (0019):   Today in A.D. 41 Claudius I became Roman Emperor following the murder of Caligula.  A pretty good article about Claudius can be read here.  Has links to other Romans if you'd like to read.  I got lost, I'd click on a name and start reading that, then another, then another.

My horoscope:  'You will insist on being called "El Magnifico" today. There will be some grumbling among the peasants.'  :)

Word of warning, when you're setting up the new Norton Internet Security, choose "no" when it asks if you want to set up accounts & parental control, that is if you don't have kids.  I was having trouble with that, at times it was telling me I couldn't change the settings as I wasn't the supervisor; I was trying to turn on the internet protection and it wasn't letting me.  I ended up un-installing the whole program and starting all over again!  Also, once you do it you have to connect to Symantec and download all the upgrades & stuff; otherwise, you'll keep getting a box popping up.  Can't remember exactly what it said (you think I would after it did it 50 times!) but something about not being able to scan downloads in MSN messenger.  Once you download the updates & current virus definitions, then it stops.

I have to take the car in first thing in the morning, that is if it starts!  I got in it to run an errand and it almost didn't start, I'm not an expert but since the battery showed full power once it started, I'm thinking maybe the starter?  We'll see.  I'm going to be down there before they open and hopefully it won't take all day as I have to work!  So guess that means I shouldn't stay up all night, should try to get some extra sleep.
1/26/03  Sun  (0911):   Hey, it's Superbowl Sunday, the one time of the year I can't wait to watch commercials!  Oh boy, tomorrow is Chocolate Cake Day, that sounds pretty good right now!  It's also Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, don't ya just love poppin' those bubbles, I do.

My horoscope:  'You will invent a new type of bath toy today. It will bring you fame and fortune, although it will also be the cause of an embarrassing appearance on the Letterman show.'

I worked on 4East Fri & Sat nights, I lucked out.  When I went in on Friday I was scheduled for 2West, so there I am in the room, waiting for report when Kerry comes in and says she has "bad" news, I'm moved up to 4East.  She had worked on 2West the night before & didn't want to start all over on another floor.  I was
quite happy to pack up my stuff & head upstairs :)

Friday night I had 3 patients and things were pretty quiet.  I had to cover IV's for a couple of other pts, for the LVN, but that wasn't much.  I was done with all my stuff by 0630, I think that's a record.  Last night it was just Jennifer and I, she's a traveler.  We had 4 patients each and no aide, but we didn't get any admits.  I had one pt who was the same, but the other three I kind of knew from the night before.  Just a couple of problems the beginning of the shift, then things went better.  One was having N&V and had to call for a different anti-emetic, that worked.  Then at the same time one of my pts had a temp of 103.2 .  I had a call in to 2 different drs, had to call them both a 2nd time when they didn't respond in about 20-30 mins.  After that it was just catch-up, then things were fine and I was done by 0700.

Okay, now to Friday morning.  Knowing I was going to leave the house at 0730 I tried & tried to sleep, but I am just too much of a night person.  About 0600 I dozed off, but woke up just before the alarm went off at 0700.  The car started, maybe a slight hesitation, so made me think it was the battery since I drove it around & around the night before after the difficult start.  I was waiting at Econo Lube & Tune by 0735.  When they opened at 0800 told the guy I needed an oil change, and by the way........ 

Turns out it
was the battery, and I needed a new belt somewhere in there.  With that, the oil change and labor I was quoted about $220 (I want to marry a mechanic!).  I wandered down to McDonald's to kill some time, stopping to pick up lotto numbers (didn't win).  In McDonald's I picked up one of the traveler coupon books, brought back great memories of the road trip!!!!!  I'd like to stay at the Disneyland Hotel, to take the monorail into Disneyland, but I know that's expensive.  With that coupon book I can get a room just down the streen for $50 and they have a shuttle to Disneyland.  I'll have to bring that up to Fariba, she didn't want to spend the money for the other hotel.
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