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Anyway, as I was walking back I realized something amazing, and those of you who know me will be surprised, nay astounded!  When the guy was telling me what the cost could be I was doing some quick thinking.  I'd just seen the notice "no checks," which was something new.  As I'd put most of my last paycheck in the bank (believe it or not, I made the decision to put $1,000 of it in the bank, I figured if I couldn't live on $500 for 2 weeks then I really was bad with money!) I only had about $300 in the checking account and I was going to use the debit card.  I was wondering if it came up more would it be covered, I do have it linked to overdraft protection.  Anyway, this was going thru my head all the time, even as I was walking to & from McDonald's. 

So I come back in an hour and the car's ready, just as I'm walking up to the door it hits me - I have a credit card I can use if I have to!  Now, the unbelievable part, there's actually two - first, I actually forgot I had a credit card in my wallet that I could use.  Second, it had a zero balance!  Wow, who'd a thunk it!

I'd like to go get some munchies for the game, you think the store is busy right now????  I do!
1/27/03  Monday  (0230):   Remember to celebrate Chocolate Cake Day today!  It's also Thomas Crapper Day today.  To sort the myths from facts, you can go here & read about him.

My horoscope:  'You will find a biography of some famous dead person at a garage sale and buy it on a whim. It will change your life. You will also soon take up bricklaying as a hobby.'

I went to the store and it wasn't bad; I thought it would be packed with people getting last-minute stuff for Superbowl parties.  Around 1300 Chandrani called to see if I wanted to work for double-time; unfortunately, I hadn't slept yet and was really tired, my body was tired - all the jumping up & down Sat night, even though Jennifer was having to jump more often as she had the confused pt who kept getting up. 

In any case, I turned her down but thanked her for thinking of me.  I was tired, it was hot, and if I'd gone in it would have been 4 nights in a row as I work tonight.  It would have been nice though, that extra money :)

I knew I'd fall asleep and I did, luckily I taped the game.  It was for the commercials, which were very disappointing this year!  Madison Avenue, what happened???  There were maybe 2-3 good commercials throughout the whole Superbowl!  I'm glad Tampa Bay won, they'd never been to the Superbowl so it was about time.  I didn't win any $$$ from the pool at work.  The closest I got was if Oakland had scored a TD without the point after in the 2nd quarter I would have won $125.  Turkey, turkey, turkey!

Have to admit, it was a great day for football, although I'm sure the football players thought it was too warm.  It was 81 degrees in San Diego today, my apt was that hot!  Helen called and of course I rubbed in the fact that my sliding glass door was open and I had the fan on, I'm bad :)
2/1/03  Sat  (0140):   Let's see, what "holidays" did we miss while I was working this week.......Tuesday was Daisy Day; Wednesday was Puzzle Day, I love to work on jigsaw puzzles, I have a stack of them in my closet.  Oh darn, Thursday was Inane Answering Machine Message Day, that could have been fun.  Friday was Fun At Work Day.

My horoscope:  'Today you'll go buy a white jacket and start working towards your dream: the resurgence of Disco! And you'll be successful too! Yes, over the course of your life you'll get literally several people interested.'

I just did something, and it think it's for the first
and last time!  I worked 4 in a row.  I don't know how some of them do it, like Gail and Cris; they work more than 3 nights a week and in a row, too.  I was dead when I came home Friday morning.  I was on 3East on Monday and was to be off Tues, then work Wed/Thurs.  I told them if they needed anyone Tuesday I'd work, since it would mean I'd be back on 3East and would be there the entire time..

It was pretty good, except for one patient whom I didn't take Thursday night; I figured 3 in a row with him was enough!  And I didn't have as many problems with him as other people have had.  Thursday night he was calling the nurses station on the phone, from his phone in the room.  While Ava (his nurse) was in there he was pushing the call bell.  If you turn it off at the nurse's station, he will complain that we keep turning his bell off, even though there's a nurse in the room.

Monday I had 3 patients; Tuesday I had 2 of the same pts, got a new one, then picked up an admit;  Wed I had 3 of the same ones and then got an admit and Thurs I had 3 of the same and chose to take an admit instead of keeping the "difficult" pt for a 4th night.  One of the pts I've had before, it's the lady whose daughter had the fox Christmas cards (which I purchased from her).

One pt had chest pain two nights in a row, but it was resolved with a nitroglycerin tablet and then morphine.  The admit I got last night came up with a heart rate of 130-140, already on a Cardizem drip with orders to stop it if her heart rate dropped below 120.  A couple of times it did, but it wouldn't stay.  Then about 0335 in a period of 3 seconds (we measured it on the computer later) she dropped from 130 to 52...BAM!...just like that.  I went running in there and turned off the drip and got vital signs.  The monnitor tech called to tell us and it was nice to hear "Barbara's already in there."  Shows we were paying attention!  Anyway, she was okay; her rhythm converted from AFib, or it could have been a 2-1 AFlutter, to sinus brady.  Means it was beating in a normal rhythm, but slower than 60 bpm.

Worked with Nellie the first two nights, that was fun;  Monday it was just Nellie and I with 4 patients each and we didn't get any admits!  The 2nd night Kathie joined in the fun with us; I decided since the names on the board were Kathie and Nellie, I would be Barbie that night  :)   Worked with Jun the next 2 nights and with a different 3rd nurse both nights.  I've worked with Ava before, the other was an ICU nurse floated upstairs.  One of Jun's pts came back from a test and since I was curious about something I went in to help get him settled (we usually help anyway, but this time I
really wanted to see something.  I can't remember the name of it but he had some sort of clamp to help stop him from dribbling.  Apparently he still leaks some with it, but it was like a hair barrett, with foam padding, clamped at the base of his penis - ouch!  But he says it didn't hurt and he's had it for years.  I don't know, I looked at Miguel and just kind of shuddered!  Don't think it was working too well, even with it clamped he came back from the test soaked.

Went over to Fariba's last night, had dinner and visited.  I was a little tired, but we hadn't seen each other since November, and that's too long.  We seem to work opposite schedules, I'm on and she's off, then vice versa.  She still has her father-in-law there, and it seems her brother-in-law has kind of moved in too.  He smokes, she doesn't want him smoking in the house - he does it when she's gone.  She comes home, smells smoke & asks Nasser in front of his brother if he's been smoking (Nasser was quitting, until he came), brother-in-law denies it.  Father-in-law is still picky about eating, if he doesn't like what she's fixed for the family she has to cook something else.  He'd gone to bed, I think it was around 2200.  Tina, Fariba, and I were watching TV; Nasser & Pedram were talking.  Tina was told to turn down the TV because he was sleeping.  Hmmmm, he does nothing all day, can sleep whenever he wants, although Fariba is not given the chance to sleep during the day after working all night as she has to wait on him and others.

I tell you, she is
waaaaay nicer than I am!!  We're trying to set the table, husband & father-in-law are playing cards at the end of the table.  They see this, but do you think they would help, or even move so things could be put out????  Give ya one guess.

Anyway, you won't be able to read this today as it's
POW/MIA Internet Black Out Day. You can go here if you're interested in learning more.  So, I think it's time to get some more sleep.  Got about 4 hours on Friday, and since I've been home I've been playing on the computer, surfing and interchanging that with computer games (great game selection Mom!).  I have some errands to run tomorrow and don't want to leave them for too late in the day.  Keep your fingers crossed that Puxatawny Phil (is that how you spell his hame??) sees his shadow tomorrow, I'm dying for some winter weather!!  These 80 degree January days have got to go!  I bought new house-shoes, lined with sheepskin, at CostCo and I've gotten to wear them twice!  It's the middle of the night, I'm sitting here by the sliding glass door, it's open, the fan is on and I'm in a T-shirt.  ENOUGH ALREADY!  Hey, El Nino, where are you?????
February 1, 2003
Commander Rick Husband, 45, was an Air Force colonel from Amarillo, Texas
Pilot William McCool, 41, was a Navy commander who grew up in Lubbock, Texas
Payload commander Michael Anderson, 43, was the son of an Air Force man and grew up on military bases
Kalpana Chawla, 41, emigrated to the United States from India in 1980s and became an astronaut in 1994
David Brown, 46, was a Navy captain, pilot and doctor
Ilan Ramon, 48, was a colonel in Israel's air force and the first Israeli in space
Laurel Clark, 41, was a diving medical officer aboard submarines and then a flight surgeon before she became an astronaut in 1996
2/2/03  Sun  (0046):   I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's not cloudy in Penn and the groundhog sees his shadow!  In any case, the first day of Spring never changes so that means Monday is Halfway Point Of Winter Day.  Tuesday is Thank A MailPerson Day, although I'm not too happy with mine - I am home 99% of the time when the mail is delivered but if I have a package the mailperson NEVER brings it to my door.  He/she is too lazy and leaves it at the Manager's office.  Her office hours have changed and it's usually days before I get my package!  I was so ticked off this last time I was tempted to stop by the Post Office and see what the regulations are for mail delivery.  If the person doesn't want to walk all over the complex and find out the recipient is gone, right there by the mailboxes is a system that he/she can use to dial the apts, rings on the person's phone!  Tuesday is also Dump Your "Significant Jerk" Day, so now's the time!

When I was writing here yesterday I was going to mention that Tuesday (1/28)  was the Challenger anniversary, then decided not to; not eight hours later Columbia was lost.  I had dozed off, turned the channel and couldn't process what was being said at first.  I haven't seen too much, went back to sleep, but I bet they find the insulation that hit the wing on takeoff contributed to whatever caused the breakup on re-entry.  I feel sorry for the families.

My horoscope:  'Good time to compliment your friends.  If you can't think of anything else to say, tell them they're looking "very buff". That will leave them pleased, but slightly uneasy, and they'll spend a lot of time looking in the mirror.'

As I'd only had about 3-4 hours of sleep on Friday I slept off & on most of Saturday.  I think I caught up on my sleep!  But here I am again, up all hours of the night and I have errands to run!  Also doesn't help that I have books I want to read, I'm currently reading two of them. 

I decided I wanted Mexican food so I went over to Kotija's.  Almost was the wrong decision!  As I was going under the freeway all of a sudden there was this whooshing sound, bright flash, and a bang.  Seems the instinct to that is to duck - which I did.  After I pieced it together, someone on the right side of the road set off a bottlerocket, or something similiar, and it whizzed across the lanes & exploded against the concrete sides of the overpass.  Had to be a big one for all the fizzle and bang!  And....it went behind my car!  Shows you what a few seconds difference can make, not even a few, just two or three and I would have been in the line of fire!
2/2/03  Sun (2236):   It's Rachael's birthday tomorrow, I meant to call her today & see if she wanted to go out to lunch; but, first it was too early, then I slept off & on most of the day and by the time I really was awake it was too late to call! 

Yaaaaaay, Phil saw his shadow!!  Now if winter would just
start here!  Hmmm, Encylopedia.com says that John of Gaunt died today in 1395; however, the website where I was reading about him says 1399.  I've noticed other variancies in dates at Encylopedia.com.  Anyway, you can go here to read about John of  Gaunt. 
Hey, whadaya waitin' for!

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