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3/20/03  Thurs  0110:   Today is the Vernal Equinox, when the sun crosses the celestial equator (the projection of the Earth's equator onto the sky); day & night are of equal length.  It's the first day of Spring!  It's also My Mom's Birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!  :)

Tomorrow (Friday) is Noruz (Nauroze) [Iranian/Persian New Year] and Fariba is putting on a big party at her house.  I'm invited :)

My horoscope:  'Today you will discover that you are capable of "channeling", when you start spouting ancient Sumerian curses at a short little dweeb who cuts you off in traffic. You will start taking notes in cuneiform.'

I worked on 4East Tuesday night with Diane and a registry LVN.  A lot of the time there's only 11 beds available on that floor (instead of 12) as one of the rooms is used for radiation treatments and a lot of the time the room is "hot."  Diane had 3 pts, I didn't want an admit so I took 4, which left 3 for the LVN and an admit.  This is one of the times my strategy backfired!  There was no admit :(   I was busy too!  Had a lady who didn't speak English (or Spanish, I can usually fumble my way thru with a Spanish-speaking pt) and once her family left we were on our own.  Her roommate was the cutest thing, 94 years young and still as active & alert as someone 40 years younger - amazing.  Her husband was the same way, still drove too.  Had one of the pts I had last week, he was doing much better, his NG tube was out and he was up more.  And then the 3rd was another lady with exacerbation of her breathing problems..

What put me behind was helping the LVN.  I was covering the admit room and another pt who came back from dialysis just about the time we got out of report.  She had a temp of 104.8 and was basically unresponsive.  Ice packs to groin & axilla and I called the doctor.  He gave me an order for a cooling blanket.  You put a pad under the pt & over the pt and the maching pumps cold water thru them.  She also got a Tylenol suppository.  It took about 4 hours, but when her temp dropped, it
really dropped!  I'd been in there checking on her almost every 1/2 hourand I could see her getting more & more alert.  Finally she was really alert, shivering, and her temp was 96.7!  Just an hour before it had been 101.3 degrees.  We turned off the cooling blanket and her temp gradually stabilized about 98.5.  We fixed her!

In any case, all this put me behind and at 2330 I still hadn't had a chance to do any charting.  I had meds/IVs to give at 2400/0100/0200 so I decided to start my midnight vitals about 2340.  I finally sat down with my charts at 0200!  Between the LVN's pt, my pts, meds, pt having chest pain, etc. I was running, running, running!  Of course now I only had 2 hours to get as much charting done, do my chart checks, computer info entered, etc. before morning vital signs!  It sure makes the night go by fast!  Managed to get everything done on time. The LVN never did get an admit so I asked her to do my morning finger sticks (blood sugar check) as 3 of my 4 pts had them.  That helped.

Came home and to kill some time before running errands I sat down at the computer.  Kept having problems getting my email to download.  Had a couple of large files which kept timing the connection out.  When people have high-speed internet connections they forget us poor podunk people with dial-ups can't download as fast.  I timed it, one file took 20 mins to download - it was cute once it downloaded, but it took me 3 hours to get the email completely downloaded!  If the connection times out during the download, it will start all over again.  It has to download all of them or none!

Then I went off & did my errands, finally put gas in the car.  Hadn't done so for about a month and this time it cost me $23 to fill up the car, and that was at CostCo, which was the cheapest around.  It was still over $2 a gallon!  Finally got home around 1600 and needed to take a nap as Paige was having a jewelry party at 1830.  I managed to oversleep and missed it - sorry Paige. 

Of course woke up to news on just about every channel about Iraq.  So I changed the channel until I found one without it!
3/21/03  Fri  (0900)   It's Flower Day today, which is why I guess it's also Fragrance Day; kind of follows, huh?

My horoscope:  'Good day to call an old friend and reminisce. (It turns out to be much much harder to reminisce with a new friend.)'

Worked on 4West last night with Jun, and a registry LVN Kris - both guys.  I like working with Jun, he gets things done and is not afraid to jump in and help.  I started with 3 pts, but got an admit around 0115.  My first pt had a tracheostomy, but one that I'd not seen before.  He could breathe thru it and still talk.  It didn't require a trach collar and the opening around it was larger than I'd seen.  He was a nice guy and fun to take care of.

Another pt had a CABG and then developed an ileus so couldn't go home until he started passing things okay.  He was also nice and easy to take care of.  The 3rd gentleman was different.  At least he was no longer confused, but starting at 1900 he wanted a sleeping pill.  All he had in his head was the doctor told him he could have it and he wanted it!  I told him no, it was too early.  During my assessment around 2000 told him again it was too early.  Then he went to sleep.  There was no way I was going to fall into the old nurse joke - wake the pt up to give a sleeping pill.  Besides, I knew he'd be awake again soon, calling out "nurse, nurse!"  Gave it to him at midnight, and it lasted all of 2 hours!

I was dealing with my admit and he starts "nurse, nurse!" again.  He wanted a bedpan, I asked Kris if he would mind helping him.  By this time it's about 0210 and I've done no charting at all; once again a busy night for me.  Turns out the pt's foley was clogged, he was leaking around it so his bed was wet as was the dressing on his leg.  Kris saw how frazzeled I was getting, he changed the catheter and did the dressing change - wasn't that nice!  I'm glad he did as it was after 0300 before he was finished taking care of that pt.  I would have been almost in tears by that time, knowing how much paperwork I still had to do and the morning was almost over!

Then, we get another admit while Kris is taping report (it's his pt).  I got started and as I was placing the pads to connect the monitor I noticed a rash on his left trunk.  He says "I think it's from a chemical heating pad, but the doctor (I'm touching him now) downstairs said it was shingles."  I tell Kris as he comes around the corner.  Then his doctor comes in and I hear him tell the pt that he doesn't think it's "heart" pain, that his pain is from the shingles, but they'll do the testing to be sure.  By this time I'm on the phone paging Myra (charge) to tell her the guy in the double room has shingles, and shouldn't he be in a single room?  Yep.  So I lean over & tell the doctor down at the other end that we're gonna move his pt to blah blah room, then go tell Kris.  Pt thought it was great he was getting his own room!

Even with all the busy work and pt care, I was ready to go by 0730!  I was tired so I was glad Jess gave me a ride home.  She's so nice, she works Thu/Fri/Sat and when I work any of those nights she gives me a ride home. I'm usually tired and it's nice not to have to climb up all those stairs from the hospital parking lot then the ones to my apt :)
3/22/03  Sat  (0215):   Today is As Young As You Feel Day; some days that's pretty young, but after working some nights it can be pretty old!  It's also Goof Off Day, which can be fun.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow, it's Chip and Dip Day, mmmmmm.  But it's also Near Miss Day tomorrow.  I have a problem with that.  If you nearly miss something, doesn't that mean you've hit it?? 

My horoscope:  'You will declare war on ham today. Possibly on all pork, not just ham. Why? Nobody will know.'
3/23/03  Sun  (0259):   Don't forget, today is Chip And Dip Day!  It's also Elevator Day, I guess you're supposed to go ride up & down in an elevator!

Encyclopedia.com says today is the anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth I, but the official website of the British monarchy says the 400th anniversary is the 24th; other sites list the 23rd also.  You can read a little about her

My Horoscope:  'Today you will discover an astounding new use for celery and it will make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.'

The Academy awards are tonight.  I heard on the news that because of what's going on they were not going to do the red carpet thing and a lot of stars would be going in the back door.  Yeah, that's right - Iraq will be staking out the place, intending on doing harm to people they probably never heard of or could care less about.  We'll see how accurate my poll was; out of 12 votes, 10 said Chicago will win best picture.  Honestly, I only voted once!
3/24/03  Mon  (0001):   Today is Houdini Day, I didn't know why until I looked him up, he was born on the 24th in 1874.  If you'd like some info on him you can go here; it looks like a pretty good site.

My horoscope:  'A friend will ask your advice on a technical matter. If you answer, you'll be blamed. Pretend you don't know anything about it.'

Well, Chicago won for best picture, my poll was right!  Catherine Zeta-Jones won for best supporting actress.  Chicago won 4 other Oscars, one for costume design. for art direction, for sound, and for film editing.  It won the most Oscars of the evening.

Kirk Douglas and Michael Douglas presented the Oscar for Best Picture, what a striking change in Kirk Douglas!  But he's bounced back well after his stroke.

DREAM ALERT: Don't remember the particulars, but I was ice skating again.  I've had several dreams where I'm ice skating and can do it well.  I glide over the ice, spin, turn, and jump with no problems.  I also dreamed I moved back into the studio I used to live in, except it had changed.  It was larger and had a lot more room.  It seems they combined some of the studios to make some of them bigger, it even had a 2nd bathroom in it.  I had fun when I lived there and life was a lot simpler.  Maybe I'm subconsciously wishing for a simpler life?
3/26/03  Wed  (1059):   Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, I'll have to think about this.  Should be something that involves paid time off of work and many presents :)   Ooohhh, Friday is Something On A Stick Day.  We don't have enough foods on a stick!

Hmmmm, on this day in 1793 The Holy Roman Empire declared war on France.  Ludwig Van Beethoven died this day in 1827; you can go
here to read a little about him.

My horoscope:  'Why did life develop in this fragile boundary between earth and sky? Because life exists at the edge of chaos. You'll find that is particularly true this week.'

Worked on 4East Monday & Tuesday night, and go back again tonight so can't stay long - need to sleep!  Both nights have been busy, busy, busy so I'm hoping 3rd night's the charm!  Until last night I'd given a total of 2 IM injections in the past 4 years (school & after).  Last night I gave 5!  3 to one person and 2 to another.  Good thing I didn't miss class when they taught IM injections :)
3/27/03  Thurs  (0115):   Today is Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.  There are several places to read how this came about, for instance you can go here, but I can't find a list of them to use as an example.

Today in 1964 was the 8.9 Alaskan earthquake that killed 118 and caused $300 million in damage.  Dad went ahead of us, I think he was up there in April, and we followed along in August (transfer to Elmendorf AFB).  A lot had been cleaned up but there was still plenty to see; houses that had slid out into the inlet; driveways that dropped off into nothing; one side of the main street downtown for a block or two empty of buildings; the way the McKinley building cracked in x's between the windows/floors.

My horoscope:  'You will tell a total stranger that you're "sick and tired of salad" today. The stranger will recoil in shock and horror.'

Why am I on the computer and not at work, you ask?  Unfortunately I had to call in sick, feel better now but it's too late to go in.  It would have been fun, would have been working with Diane again.  Oh well, que sera sera.  Now I have a few days off and will spend them sorting thru stuff (okay, junk) to see what can be discarded, given away, stored; it's Spring Cleaning time!
3/28/03  Fri  (0245):   Don't forget, today is Something on a Stick Day!  For something simple & easy, have a corndog, they're great! (Don't forget to use lots of mustard, mmmmm)  It's also Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day; well, apparently it isn't  I was checking out websites & the actual day is April 27th.  Guess I'll have to inform "Holiday on the Net" of their error.  In the meantime, you can go here to look at some great pictures taken with pinhole cameras.  Amazing!

Wow, in A.D.193 the whole world is auctioned off in Rome-Didius Julianus buys emperorship.  Wonder how much it would cost today??  You can read a little about him

I guess what I need to do is figure out how to get my links to open in a new window, leaving this one up & running.  Until I do, I'm sure people who take advantage of the interesting little tidbits I post will click the "back" button on their browser to get back to my webpage :)
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