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I worked on 2east the past two nights, both nights with Dianne and Barbie.  Tuesday night I started with 4 pts.  Walked out of report to find one of them throwing up.  Another one needed blood, the Dr. wrote the order at 1000, apparently she was difficult to type & cross and the units weren't available right away.  She was to get 3 units, that would take up my night!  I ran back & forth between pts for a while, finally at 2300 the one who needed blood got started on her first unit.  At one point her temp came within .1 degree of having to be discontinued, but I checked again in 30 minutes and she had dropped.  Sometimes they'll do that and as long as they aren't having a reaction, they'll usually drop.  Busy night!

One of the pts I was covering for Barbie (yeah, gets confusing at times when someone calls "Barbara!") kept having chest pain.  We faxed the EKG to the doctor and he said there was no change, in fact he thought it looked better than when he first came in.  The 2nd night we hear in report that he had no chest pain at all during the day, had visitors, had tests, etc.  So what happens before 2100? Yep, chest pain.  He complained of it several times, if he didn't get a nitroglycerin tablet he was not happy.  But you can't keep giving it if the blood pressure is too low.  He also has gastric problems so I checked his meds and suggested to Barbie we give him some Mylanta and an Ativan (anti-anxiety).  She agreed.  I think this was the 3rd time he complained of chest pain.  So that time we gave him nitro, morphine, mylanta, and ativan.  He was asking if we gave him everything.  We explained the action & expected results of everything, at least twice.  The peace lasted 2 hours.  I bet he was okay during today.

Last night was Maryann's last night, she's the one going to Arizona.  We had a potluck and boy was there a lot of food!  We ate, and ate, and ate!  Everyone who came by we directed to the food & told them to help themselves.  Then we got on the phone & passed the word.  I ordered Fettucini with Alfredo sauce from Cusimano's (used to be Jet's) and that was a big hit.  Everyone asked where it came from and like a good customer I gave directions!  They always give good service & have good food.  They're the ones that have the yummy garlic cheese bread (on pizza dough) that is scrumptious!  If you live in the area, they're in the Albertson's/RiteAide shopping center on Plaza, 414-1200.  I took some pictures and will be loading them onto the "people at work" pages.

Still haven't made it to get my hair cut, I'm going to try really hard to do it tomorrow.  Only have 2 days off this time, work two then have 3 off.  I'm really tired of messing with my hair, time to get rid of it!
7/12/03  Sat  (0119):   Today is Paper Bag Day; kind of a catch-22.  I was going to say ask for paper when you're at the store but then there's the tree issue.....   Kristi Yamaguchi was born on this day in 1971; great figure skater, but I like Michelle Kwan better.  Henry VIII is back, on this day in 1543  he married his sixth and last wife Katherine Parr.  You can read about here here

Word of the Day:  struthious \STROO-thee-uss ("th" as in "thin" or as in "then")\ adjective.  1: of or relating to the ostriches and related birds.  Anglo-French speakers created "ostriz" from Vulgar Latin "avis struthio" ("ostrich bird"); Middle English speakers made it "ostrich" in the 13th century. Scientists seeking a genus word for ostriches turned back to Latin, choosing "struthio." The related adjective "struthious" can be scientific and literal, or it can be figurative with the meaning "ostrich-like."

My horoscope:  'Today you will suddenly realize how sensuous pudding can be. This will mark a turning point in your life.'

Nothing to report, as usual didn't do anything!  Watched TV, read, slept.  That's about it for Friday.
7/15/03  Tues  (0238):   Today is Saint Swithin's Day, Encyclopaedia Britannica says "one of the several days from which, in folklore, the weather for a subsequent period is dictated. In popular belief, if it rains on St. Swithin's Day, it will rain for 40 days, but, if it is fair, 40 days of fair weather will follow. St. Swithin (b. c. 800 near Winchester, Hampshire--d. July 2, 862) was bishop of Winchester from 852 to 862.  At his request he was buried in the churchyard, where rain and the steps of passersby might fall on his grave. According to legend, after his body was moved inside the cathedral on July 15, 971, a great storm ensued."

On this day in 1953 the musical comedy film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" starring Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell opened.  If you haven't seen it, rent it, it's cute.  Also on this day, in 622 A.D. the Moslem era began as Mohammed and followers fled from Mecca to Medina.

Word of the Day:  ratiocination \rat-ee-oh-suh-NAY-shun\ noun.  1: the process of exact thinking : reasoning.  2: a reasoned train of thought.  ("ratiocination" traces to "ratio," Latin for "reason" or "computation")

My horoscope:  'Today you will discover a way to have your cake and eat it too! Unfortunately, everyone else will think that's really disgusting.'

I had a really nice night at work on Saturday, even though there was a full moon.  Worked with Lee and Mari. I started with 3 pts and believe it or not I was actually able to sit down and complete a chart before midnight.  I commented to Lee on the smoothness of the evening, he said it was because there were 3 good nurses working; I wasn't having to run around checking & covering things for everyone else.  His comment when he saw the schedule at the beginning of the evening was the same as mine "yay, I'm working with two good nurses!"  It was a nice night.  I got an admit at 0600 and was so caught up that I was able to get her admitted and all the paperwork done, with a little help from Lee & Mari, by 0715.  This included running 2 units of blood on one of my patients.  That always takes time, you have to monitor them closely, checking vital signs, IV site, all that stuff.

One of my patients was funny, she was a little confused at times.  At the beginning, when we were talking, I told her I detected a little of the South in her speech and asked where she was from - she was from Texas.  So of course I had to tell her I was too.  Later I went in to turn her and change linens, told her "we're going to turn you and change your briefs, okay?"  She said "only if I can change yours too."  Earlier she kept wanting me to go have a drink, since she couldn't.  I told her I was working, she said "well then it's best that you don't, you need a clear head."  At the end of the morning I was finishing up a couple of things with her and she says, you look tired, when I said I was she said "well then you climb on in this bed and I'll finish your work for you."  I told her I wish it was that easy!

I looove garlic and Sunday the neighbor downstairs was cooking something that reeked of garlic; I took some good deep sniffs as I walked by, almost wanted to knock on the door and invite myself in!  Had a Doctor's appt on Monday morning, 0730 and you're supposed to get there 10 mins early.  It's 0720 and as I walk in the main door (it's a big building with lots of other doctors there) the security guard asks me if I have an appt as I'm punching the button for the elevator; there's also a lady sitting in a chair between the two elevators.  As I got on the elevator I said "of course not, I just love to come to doctor's offices at 0730 in the morning."  The lady on the chair stuck her hand backwards to stop the door from closing, I glared at her and said, "do you mind?  Obviously I have an appt and I was instructed to arrive 10 mins early, which is now."  She looked at the security guard then moved her hand.  I mentioned it to the receptionist upstairs as I paid my copay and she said due to insurance purposes pts weren't supposed to be in the building if there were no doctors and when it came to early morning they weren't to let anyone in until 0720.

One good thing about an early morning appt - no waiting!  I like Dr. Ryan, first time I've had a female doctor and it's much more comfortable, especially as she did
everything at this appt.  I'd already had the boobs squished and she commented again it was normal.  I also asked about having a colonoscopy but she said they usually start them at age 50, unless there's a family history.  Told her no, so I get to wait to have that done, yipee!  Then said, speaking of cancer, I'd like to be checked for ovarian CA (a deadly one as there are usually no symptoms until it's too late).  I thought of having a CA-125, which is a blood test, but she said that's not as accurate as an ultrasound.  So next Friday, starting 1.5 hours before the scan, I get to drink 2 quarts of water & can't go pee!

Went downstairs after the appt to have an EKG, normal sinus rhythm.  I got to look at it and I agree with the computer.  I looked at the rhythms, counted little boxes, looked at the lady and said, "yep, looks like sinus rhythm to me!"  We'd already talked about where I work so she knew
I knew what I was looking at.  Still need to get some lab work done, Dr. Ryan wanted me to be fasting for at least 10 hours and I'd eaten about 4 hours prior to the appt; we'll see if I can go Thursday night without eating (I work) and then I can get it done after I get the ultrasound.

After that I still had some time to kill as I wanted to get my hair cut and they don't open until 0900, so went to WalMart to get a couple of things.  Kim was working, my favorite stylist and she happens to be Charla's sister (Charla worked up on IMC/Tele and now works down in ICU).  I got it cut, and I mean cut!  Should be a lot cooler and easier to take care of, it definitely will dry a lot faster!

Oh, while I was at WalMart in the check-out line there was a lady behind me with two kids (hispanic family).  I don't know why people insist in invading your "space;" you know, your personal space that everyone has.  She was so close behind me that if I leaned back on my heels, didn't even have to move my feet, her cart was in my butt.  I turned around to her after about 5 mins of this and said "look, jamming your cart into my butt isn't going to make the cashier go any faster, do you mind!"  She just looked at me and didn't move (yes she spoke English, which is a surprise, as I heard her talking to her kids in English) so I just started backing up, pushing the cart with my butt.  She finally got the message and backed off. Aarrrrggggh!

So there I am in line, killing time, getting my entertainment by reading the headlines of the tabloids.  One of them said "Julia and Danny, they made it one year."  Well, who the hell cares!  My parents have made it 46 years!!!
7/16/03  Wed  (0005):   Today is International Juggling Day; have you ever tried it?  It's harder than you think.  It's also Parking Meter Day - how do you celebrate that?  Pay for more time than you need?  Don't pay & risk a ticket??

Word of the Day:  aggrandize \uh-GRAN-dyze\ verb.  1: to make great or greater : increase, enlarge; 2: to make appear great or greater : praise highly.  3: to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of.  (English speakers adapted "agrandiss-," the stem of the French verb "agrandir."  The root of the French "agrandiss-" is Latin; it comes from "grandis," meaning "great."

My horoscope:  'Excellent day to go into politics. Make up a new government position, such as "Regional Manager, Dept. of The Posterior", and put up hundreds of posters of yourself. With any luck, it will be years before anyone notices that there is actually no such job.'

If you haven't seen the movie
Signs (with Mel Gibson) rent it NOW!  Oh my gosh!  I was dozing off & on as I hadn't had much sleep the day before and woke up in time to watch it on one of the movie channels.  Talk about wide awake - I was on tenterhooks (had to look that up, what is a tenterhook!  A tenter used to be the frame that they stretched woolen cloth on to dry so it wouldn't shrink, the hooks fixed the cloth to the frame; therefore, think of somebody on tenterhooks as being in an state of anxious suspense, stretched like the cloth on the tenter!).  I couldn't tear myself away, even to go to the bathroom.  I give it two thumbs up.

I was dozing off & on as it was soooo noisy outside.  Friday there was a lot of banging, sawing on metal noise, etc.  Turns out they're replacing the wooden fence around the pool with a metal one, don't know why.  Anyway, they continued the project and boy were they noisy!  Good thing I didn't have to sleep either day in preparation for work!

If you noticed, the counters are different, as is the button to view/sign the guestbook.  Bravenet changed things around and I no longer have a choice of a nice counter, unless I pay monthly.  Decided I didn't want a unique counter
that bad!
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