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7/17/03  Thurs  (0055):   Hey, today is Disneyland's Birthday!  I haven't been there since they re-did Tomorrowland and added the Calfiornia Adventure, I need to go soon.  One of the advantages of working different days during the week and having a lot of weekdays off, I can go in the middle of the week when, hopefully, it will be less crowded. 

Word of the Day:  hoity-toity \hoy-tee-TOY-tee\ adjective.  1: thoughtlessly silly or frivolous : flighty;  2: marked by an air of assumed importance : highfalutin.

My horoscope:  'Strange things continue to happen. Today you will put on a long-sleeved shirt, only to discover that the sleeves now extend past your fingertips. You didn't say anything inappropriate to an elderly British gentleman with strange green eyes recently? Let's hope not.'

One of the disadvantages of having a lot of work clothes, along with all the required underthingies & socks, is that when you finally
have to wash you have a ton of stuff to do!  I counted up and washed 9 scrub tops & 11 pairs of scrub pants.  The 9 tops means I can go 3 weeks without having to wash; I don't think I'll do that again!  Throw in towels and regular shirts & stuff and I ended up with 6 loads of laundry.  I was ready to go and when I heard Carlos open up the laundry room I grabbed everything and ran downstairs. Good thing, just as I'd finished loading the washing machines (4 of them, but one wasn't working as it still had water in the bottom so I wasn't going to use that one) someone else came in to do their laundry.  I repeat, my next apt will have a washer/dryer in it and I won't have to lug everything up & down stairs!

Otherwise, that's all I did today.  I was going to go back to WalMart and get some hairpainting stuff, to add streaks, but decided to do that on my next set of 3 days off; will let the hair rest from its current hair color application.  In case you didn't know, I consider hair color an accessory!

Weather update, it was really muggy today; I thought it was going to rain earlier, it was really overcast, but it was just all the humidity in the air.  My apt - 80 degrees & 90% humidity!  Well, time to disconnect & then reconnect to the internet so my IP address changes; just got two hacker attempts, one from LA and one from South Korea!
7/19/03  Sat  (0220):   Today is Flitch Day, An old custom brought to America by the early settlers became the holiday we now call Flitch Day. Once a year, a slab of bacon was given to any married couple who could prove they had lived in harmony and fidelity for the past twelve months. Very few "took home the bacon".  It's also Cow Appreciation Day, I do appreciate them!  I appreciate their steaks, I appreciate their hamburgers, hehehehe.  It's also the birthday of the painter Edgar Degas; I had a dream, years ago, where I was sitting somewhere, like in an assembly of some sort.  A Charger linebacker came walking down the aisle, stopped when he got to me, looked at me and said, "your face has the glow of a Degas painting."  I was working with Dr. Ozerkis at the time and told him about the dream, we had a good laugh.

Word of the Day:  incorrigible \in-KOR-uh-juh-bul\ adjective.  Incapable of being corrected, amended, or reformed : delinquent, unruly.

My horoscope:  'Beware of lightning today! Either stay indoors, or leave your aluminum foil hat behind. (I know, I know. It's hard. But I've learned to live without mine, most of the time.)'

The only problem with getting your hair cut is that
every person who sees you says "hey, you got a hair cut!"  My mood dictates my reply - sometimes I'm polite and just say "yeah," other times I have been known to say, "not really, I washed it and it shrunk."  I've even seriously said, "no I didn't" and sat back & watched the expressions play across their face as they try to figure that one out.  So, when you work with a lot of people, you get a lot of "hey you got your hair cut!"

I worked on 2west Thursday night, it was me and Nellie, I love working with her.  At 2300 we got a registry LVN.  It was nice, we actually had our own aide and didn't have to share with the other floors.  We needed him; we had 2 people with T-pieces (people with trachs, breathing on their own, but still connected to oxygen), 3 vents and one who'd had her trach removed and had a dressing over the stoma.  I had her and 2 vent pts.  Managed to get everything done without an admit, until way late in the shift.  I was supposed to get a gentleman with chest pain but they ended up sending him to another hospital.

I was then told I was getting a pt on a vent.  Sad story.  She and her husband had dinner, about 2100 he went to bed and she was still up.  He got up around midnight and found her unresponsive on the floor; she'd had a massive intracranial bleed.  She was brought to the hospital and when I got report, I got more of the story.  Turns out the doctor they called to come see her didn't want to come in.  Said "why should I come in, there's nothing I can do for her she's basically dead."  Okay, I understand, but wrong thing to say!  The family happened to be friends with one of the hospital's board members and the ER doctor ended up calling the ER director & he got on the phone to that doctor & told him to come in.  Apparently he took his time, drove
really slow and finaly showed up.  The family happened to be outside when he came walking up.  They asked if he was the neurosurgeon and apparently he didn't stop, just growled out, "yes I am" and kept walking.

The ER nurse said she heard them discussing the pt and the doctor told them face to face there was nothing he could do for her, "she's dead."  The son commented on his manner, the doctor said "I'm sorry you don't think I have a good bedside manner."  Son replies "it's not that I don't think you have a good bedside manner, you're not showing one now."  They brought her up, had to wait for respiratory, when they're transporting can't do it on a ventilater so the pt has be be "bagged," manually squeezing the Ambu bag.  There was nothing they could do for her and the only reason they were keeping her alive is because one of her daughters hadn't made up her mind whether she wanted to see her like that or not.  One had already said she didn't want to come in, wanted to remember her mother as she was.

She arrived just about change of shift, which was hard for day nurses, there were only two there at that time, one didn't show up.  I helped as much as I could but couldn't stay.  Told them if I didn't have an appt I would have stayed and helped.  Turns out I should have stayed, had to reschedule the appt.  I drank all my water, like I was supposed to, but 20 mins before the appt, well,
had to do the other.  Turns out you can't do one without the other happening too.  I was starving too, I hadn't eaten so I could get the lab tests done at the same time.  After I called I had to make a run to the store for some cat food & cat litter.  Managed not to buy everything that looked good, but did go by McDonald's!
7/20/03  Sun  (0946):   Today:  Humid, muggy, sticky, airless, close, stifling, sultry, oppressive.
7/23/03  Wed  (0116):   Hahahaha, today is Hot Enough For Ya Day, how appropriate!  On this day in 1903 Ford Motor Company of Detroit sold its first car - the Model T; look where we are today/

Word of the Day:  leonine \LEE-uh-nyne\ adjective,  of, relating to, suggestive of, or resembling a lion.  ("Leonine" derives from Latin "leo," meaning "lion," which in turn comes from Greek "leon." "Leon" gave us an interesting range of words: "leopard" (which is "leon" combined with "pardos," a Greek word for a panther-like animal); "dandelion" (which came by way of the Anglo-French phrase "dent de lion" literally, "lion's tooth"); and "chameleon" (which uses the combining form from Greek that means "close to the ground"); as well as the names "Leon" and "Leonard.")

My horoscope:  'Good day to learn ventriloquism. Lesson 1: making squishy sounds when people walk by, in time with their footsteps.'

I have become addicted to
Fotolog.net!  The range of photographs submitted are amazing!  I also like to read the comments people post on the pictures I submit.  I also can submit pics to Fotocats (at Fotolog) and I put one up of Fiona last night; when I went back today her picture was one of the most viewed in the past 24 hours :)   People thought she was cute......little do they know!  Her picture is here.  You can access my fotolog from the main page.

I worked on 2west Sat/Sun, I can't believe how hard that side is!  Saturday night it was Melodee, Dale, and me.  When we divided up the pts little did Melodee and I know it wasn't equal!  Dale was finished with pts and charting by at least midnight, if not sooner.  Melodee and I were still doing pt care, giving meds, hanging IV's, etc.  Right off the bat I got a transfer from upstairs because he needed to be in a front room to be watched.  He would get out of bed, not taking care of his IV and almost pull it out.

He hated me!  I wouldn't close the curtain all the way so I could keep an eye on him when he got out of bed.  I told him if he would use his call bell and not get up without assistance I would be glad to close the curtain.  He was yelling at me to "get out, get out," over & over again.  He did things his way, when he wanted, how he wanted.  After the second episode of him waving his arms around like a lunatic and yelling at me to get out I told him this behavior was unacceptable.  Then he says he has a headache so I got him some Tylenol, and his 2100 med that was due.  When I went back in Myra (charge nurse) happened to come in with me.  I told him I had his Tylenol & his colace, explained what the colace was for and he went into his little act, even gesturing rudely at me.  Myra told him that was not acceptable and to stop.  He said he wanted a different nurse, Myra told him I was a good nurse and I would be his for the evening.  Of course he didn't like that.  Then he refused the pills.  I politely told him if he changed his mind to please let me know and I would bring them in.

Next, the doctor happend to be there to see him.  I had to go back into the room when the Dr. was there and once again he went into his imitation of a windmill, throwing a fit about me being his nurse.  I could kiss this doctor!  He looked at the pt and said, "She is your nurse, if you don't want her for your nurse then you can just go home."  Next episode, pt tells one of the other nurses he has some pain.  I went in there with pain medicine and he stared straight ahead at the wall, not blinking, moving or acknowledging me.  I asked if he was having pain, no movement.  I told him I had some pain pills for him, no movement.  I then told him if he desired any pain meds to please let me know and left the room.  I wanted to tell him it didn't hurt
me in the least not to give him pain pills!  I also wanted to say I didn't choose to be a pediatric nurse as I can't tolerate childish behavior.  But, you have to be nice. 

My other pt was one that I had had on Thursday and the family was happy to see me back, what a nice change!  She was a lot of work and one of her alarms was driving me crazy!  She was on a ventilator and hooked up to a pulse ox to monitor her O2 sats constantly.  It had a hard time picking up her heart rate so it kept alarming a low heart rate when it wasn't low.  Of course family can see this and is concerned.  I explained what was happening & assured them I checked the tele monitor and her heart rate was actually in the 80's when the pulse ox was saying it was in the 30's.

Third pt had a trach with a mist collar but he had a lot of secretions so I was changing his dressing a lot, plus he needed pain meds just about every two hours.  My 4th pt was one that I'd had before and what an improvement, she didn't need restraints anymore and she was behaving wonderfully and doing well.  I didn't get out of there until 0815 Sunday morning as I didn't get to begin charting until around 0200 or so and still had to jump up & down a lot.

Luckily the family of one of Melodee's pts went home.  Talk about assholes and unacceptable behavior.  I can understand (most of the time) why I get it from my pts, but it's really hard to accept it from family members.  I was there early (as I always am) and the daughter-in-law was throwing a fit, yelling & complaining.  The pt was moved to our floor around midnight the night before.  She was complaining she wasn't advised.  They put in an NG-tube as the pt was vomiting and had a distended belly.  She was upset that this was done as she didn't want it done to the pt.  The charge nurse was there and she was yelling at her.  Later she was bragging about it, "did you hear how I yelled at that nurse, I bet they heard me all the way down the hall!"
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