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7/31/03  Thurs  (0646):   Today is my cousin Heather's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEATHER! It's also the anniversary of the World Wide Web, can you imagine being without your computer, I can't!  It's also Rounds Resounding Day, had to look that one up.  It is a day to encourage people to join with others in song. We learned to sing rounds when we’re little kids with such tunes as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Frere Jacques," and "Hey Ho Nobody’s Home."

Word of the Day:  mercurial \mer-KYUR-ee-ul\ adjective.  1: characterized by rapid and unpredictable changeableness of mood.  2  of, relating to, containing, or caused by mercury.  (The Latin adjective "mercurialis," meaning "of or relating to Mercury [referring to the God Mercury] " was borrowed into English in the 14th century as "mercurial." Although the adjective initially meant "born under the planet Mercury," it came to mean also "having qualities of eloquence, ingenuity, or thievishness attributed to the god Mercury or the influence of the planet Mercury," and then "unpredictably changeable.")

My horoscope:  'Today you will get a wrong number phone call. See how long you can keep them on the line before they figure it out. Extra points if you can get them to tell you their height and weight!'  (Don't think this one will come true as I screen my calls and don't pick up the phone until the person identifies him/herself)

Met Brooke, Rachael, Kathi and their kids at Mi Fiesta for lunch yesterday.  I'd taken a quick nap, set the alarm and woke up before it went off so I turned it off - mistake!  Fell back asleep and woke up at 1405, was supposed to be there at 1400.  Called Rachael and had her order for me.  Worked out great, I was there for about 10 minutes then food was served.  I was starved!  Hadn't eaten since Tuesday morning.  It was busy at work, didn't have time to eat and when I got home didn't want to fill up knowing I was going to have yummy Mexican food.

Melodee gave me a ride home, didn't know it but it had rained and was even sprinkling a little bit.  Of course that made it that much more humid & sticky!  There were some beautiful thunderheads over the mountains, too bad we don't get thunderstorms here, I miss them.  I've said it before, miss the Texas thunderstorms with all the thunder & lightning, but don't miss the tornados that can come with them!

I worked on 2west Tuesday night and it wasn't that bad.  Yes I was busy, but not crazily so.  Tricia has her office on that side and when Wendy (the other unit manager) came around the corner and went in I told them I needed to talk to them.  They both said "uh oh."  I managed not to hem and haw or stumble over my words, told them that they would probably be getting a call regarding references.  Told them I would be moving to the the Phoenix area to be near my parents.  Said they're not getting any younger, nothing is wrong, but I'd like to be there.  Mentioned my only worry was I know what I have here and I like it, don't know what I'll be getting there.  They both said I could come back anytime. 

I won't go until December, too hot any other time to move there!  I'm hoping to get a job with Sun Health in their Seasonal Work Program.  They have 3 and 9 month contracts and I want the 9 month contract.  Will get $31 an hour,
plus they'll pay me an extra $800 for rent and utilities.  I've already decided on the apt I want, it's a complex called River Walk at Desert Harbor, on Thunderbird.  It's right on the bank of the river, of course there's no water as it's dammed further upriver.  I've decided on the 1-bedroom, 938 square feet and it has a study as big as some bedrooms, where I can put the computer and my scrapbooking stuff then close the door on the clutter!  Since the rent is $805 for that I'll have my rent paid without having to dip into my paycheck.  Oh, it also has a washer/dryer inside the apt, YAY!  No more lugging stuff up & down stairs.  I can do laundry whenever I want!

I figure I can put a lot of money away in the 9 months I'll be working and when the contract is up I can take a month or two off to do what I want, then either do it again, or get a permanent job at one of the hospitals.  There are three hospitals in that area, one just down the street.  No more walking to work, however!  I called the recruiter as I didn't know the hours, I can't work 5 days a week anymore, I like the time off too much that you get with 12 hour shifts!  Anyway I called him and said I had one question, turns out they're 12 hour shifts - yay!  He asked what area was I working in now, when I said telemetry he said he could place me in that.  Told him it was a combination intermediate care/telemetry.  Then I told him I wanted to work nights.  His reply, "ohhhh, can I kiss you feet!

Now I have to put a resume together and send it to him.  The only snag might be my timing.  I don't want to start until January.  I want to take December off, get moved and have Christmas off.  If I start in December, being the new person I know I won't get it off.  I was also thinking that after the 9 months are up I might do a 3-month travel assignment somewhere else, like in Boston.  Then I could go back and do the 9-months again.  It will be strange being in a new place, but it's waaaay past time to do something different.  And, being a nurse means I can get a job wherever I go.  I like that :)

After telling Wendy and Tricia I was talking about it with some of my coworkers, it was nice to hear "damn, we're losing all our good night nurses!"

By the way, here's Fiona's latest picture in
8/2/03  Sat  (0519):   Oh boy, today is Ice Cream Sandwich Day, nothing better than licking around on a tasty, cool ice cream sandwich!  It's also National Mustard Day, a nice condiment that adds zest to chicken salad, potato salad, and is great to dip corndogs in!

Word of the Day:  cantankerous \kan-TANG-kruss\ adjective.  difficult or irritating to deal with.  (It's irritating, but it's not absolutely sure where "cantankerous" comes from. Most etymologists think it probably derived from the Middle English word "contack" (or "contek"), which meant "contention" or "strife.")

My horoscope:  'Slow day today. Surprisingly, it will be due to a time/space anomaly caused by a localized anti-tachyon surge and will mainly occur in your neighborhood. Time-flow should return to normal soon.'

Met Terry over at Acapulco's for lunch, she wanted some teaching on cardiac rhythms as she's going to take the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) course, thought it would look good on her resume.  Mexican food twice in 3 days, can't go wrong with that!  It was hot and muggy again today.  I guess I should quit bitching about the heat here, a year from now I'll wish for 'heat' like this!

Paid my rent yesterday morning and after I got home heard some scratching at the door, someone was putting paper in the door.  Checked it and turns out it's
another rent increase!  Got one of $75 in Jan, as of Oct it will go up another $75 so my rent will be $750.  That's an increase of $250 in 2 years.  I don't like the new owners, they keep raising & raising the rent, they want the people who've been here a long time to pay as much as new people.  That's what I liked about the old owners, they rewarded your longevity.  I've been here 16 years and in the first 14 years my rent went up $50.  Of course the rent was higher for new people moving in, but they didn't jack it up for the rest of us.  I can afford it, but I wonder how people who make minimum wage can handle it.  That doesn't mean I like it, I just got a raise at work and this rent increase will take half of it! 

In all my years here I've never had a complaint against me; turns out the neighbors downstairs don't like my windchime.  It's one of those nice, tubular ones with nice tones, not those tinny-sounding ones you hear.  Guess I'll try moving it closer to the the building, more to the inside of the balcony to hopefully cut down on the amount of wind that stirs it around.  She said she likes windchimes and whenever she walks back this way she enjoys the sound, but the neighbors told her it's driving them crazy.  It's only during the day, as the breeze dies down in the evening and at night.  Oh well, there's no accounting for taste.

Sent off my resume to Sun Health in Arizona, tweaked to perfection thanks to Mom!  Hopefully they'll have something for me in January, as that's when I want to start.

Fiona is once again in Fotocats, you can see her
8/5/03  Tues  (0922):   Today is National Night Out, guess you should go & do something!  This would be perfect for Rose & Ray as it's their anniversary today - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Word of the Day:  skulk \SKULK\ verb.  1: to move in a stealthy or furtive manner.  2a: to hide or conceal something (as oneself) often out of cowardice or fear or with sinister intent.   2b: chiefly British : malinger.  (Scandinavian in origin.  Its closest Scandinavian relative is Norwegian dialect "skulka," which means "to lie in wait" or "lurk.")

My horoscope:  'Good day to make a face like a rodent and hold your paws up in front of your chest. When someone asks what you are doing, chitter at them and scurry away.'

I'm tired!  Del called me a little after 1300 yesterday and asked if I'd come in at 1500, so I did.  Worked 16.5 hours and I have to say it was pretty nice.  Smooth, nothing dramatic happened.  Got an admit right away, a post-op and spent my first hour with him.  This morning he thanked me for my compassion and care of him throughout the night.  Except at the beginning I nearly lost it.  His wife and parents where in the room, his father was an older gentleman.  The first time I heard it I thought I was hearing things, but the Dad did it many more times.  He had some sort of gas problem.  I managed not to react to any of the bugling but sometimes it was hard not to!

I still have to go get some lab tests done to finish my physical, but PAP smear was normal, mammomagram was normal US of ovaries was normal.  So I guess I'm normal, how 'bout that!

Wow, 2 hacker attempts in a row, one from Bratislavia and the other from Bletchley, UK!
8/9/03  Sat  (0818):   I don't feel like doing all the "Today is," horoscope & that stuff today.  I'm sick!  It's the middle of the summer and I have a cold!  Chest congestion, coughing up green crap, headache, sinuses hurt, nose stuffy & dripping, etc.  I've been on 2West for weeks, probably caught something from all those pts with respiratory infections!  I was on 2West Thursday night and just miserable.  Luckily I only had one pt, I was orienting a new hire, thank goodness she wasn't a new nurse.  Felt kind of strange, though; she's been a nurse for 33 years, I've been one for two and I was checking up on her.  Charlene was the charge and she let me go home early, offered 0600, but by the time I checked things and did this & that it was 0630 before I left.  Spent all of yesterday sleeping off & on, miserable; both from the heat and the way I felt.  Doesn't look like I'll make the hospital picnic today.  But somehow I have to get up enough energy to go buy a lotto ticket, can't resist as it's up to 90 million.
8/10/03  Sun  (2348):   It's Spoil Your Dog Day.  Hmmm, if you're a dog-lover then I'm pretty sure you do that every day!  On this day in 1675 the Greenwich observatory founded.  There's a pretty interesting website with a lot of info and things to look at here.

My horoscope:  'Crisply salute everyone you meet today. They'll all be startled into saluting back and then they'll feel like idiots. You should then smile charmingly at them and saunter off.'

I have decided I can bitch about the heat all I want!  It was 88 degrees in my apt today, I've managed to cool it down to  84 by using 4 fans; one in the bedroom to draw air thru & out, one in front of the slider to hopefully pull in cool air, a ceiling fan and another fan in the living room.  Yeah I'll be moving to Arizona, but at least
that apt will have air conditioning!
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