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Never made it to get a lottery ticket yesterday, don't know if anyone won the 90 million, I didn't want to hear the numbers in case they were the ones I always play.  The cold is better, which is good as I have to work Mon/Tues.  Works out great that I have Wed/Thur/Fri off as the Sharps will be out of town and need someone to play with Sammy.  If it stays hot I plan on making use of the ocean at the back door!  I feel bad deserting the kids, but they make do.  I can tell when it's hot in here (besides the fact I'm sweating) because I'll find a cat sleeping in the bathtub!

For some reason I can't get into Fotolog tonight.  I think I've said I've become addicted to that place, there are some amazing photos posted there.  I wanted to put one up of Fiona, looks like she's covering her mouth as she laughs.  Oh well, it'll be back up eventually.

Weird things live in the desert; weird, unseen things.  Something ate Dad's new car!  "Some unknown critter (that we don't want to meet face to face) chewed the left front fender edges (wheel well), leaving indented tooth marks, paint down to bare metal, and actual wrinkles in that German steel fender.  Damage enough to require a new fender."  Whatever it was I certainly wouldn't want to run into it on a dark night!
8/13/03  Wed  (2335):   I can tell it was another warm day because it was even hot here at the beach!  Didn't play in the surf, worked Mon/Tues and was too tired.  Will probably do that tomorrow.  Kathi is going to bring the kids and meet me on the beach out in front.  If you haven't figured it out, I'm at "Jake's Place" once again :)   Came home from work, fed & watered the cats and then deserted them, I've been here ever since.   So, if I was warm here I can imagine it was hot as usual in my apt. 

I called the apt complex in Peoria yesterday, or was it Monday?  Anyway, she's going to send the papers I need to fill out.  They have a special going on, even if I don't rent right now by filling ou the papers I'll get it.  Instead of all the other fees associated with renting, which were adding up, I only have to pay $35 for the paperwork processing and then my first month's rent (plus pet deposit).  So none of the other background check fee, deposit, etc.  So I told her to go ahead and send the papers.  Said I wanted it in December, asked what would happen if one became available in  November and someone was there wanting to rent, she said if I had my paperwork in they would hold the apt for 30 days, it was mine and they wouldn't rent it out.  She laughed with me when I told her I was going to be  picky - told her I wanted the one bedroom with the study, upstairs, facing east or north.  If I absolutely
have to I'll take a downstairs apt, but really don't want to for 2 reasons.  I'd like to be able to leave curtains open and during the cooler months leave a window or two open; it's still the desert there and the complex is right on the bank of a river (dry of course) but there are still creepy crawlies around and I wouldn't like one to crawl or slither thru my front door!

Still working on getting over the cold, much better but have a lingering cough and ears stuff up.  Was dizzy at work last night as they wouldn't un-stuff!  Combined with that and the coughing I tend to have a headache most of the day too.  Could be the heat adds to that also.  So I think I'm going to go watch TV & see if I can sleep some more.
8/14/03  Thurs  (1031):   Kathi can't make it, turns out it was just gonna be her and I having some relaxing time together on the beach; however, when you have 3 kids & a baby & the kids have to get things ready for school to start you're pretty busy.  So guess I'll go home, feed & water the kids and come back here.

Jake & Liz have the TV that I want downstairs in their "movie theater."  It's the Sony wide screen high definition TV that I've seen at CostCo for about 1200, I want it sooooooo bad!  Anyway, it's a challenge - I followed Jake's instructions and I finally got a picture, but can't get any sound.  So I think I'll bring over some DVDs and see if I can get it to work.  If not, i'll make sure I get instructions before they go away again in October as I'll have almost 2 weeks then to play "Beach House Owner."
8/14/03  Thurs  (1430): The advantage of having cats!  Ran home, changed the water, gave them food, cleaned out the catbox then ran away again!  It was only 82 degrees in the apt so it must not have been that hot yesterday.  Lots of people out enjoying the beach & surf ouside.  I just don't want to play on my own, much more fun with friends.  So I've been out on the balcony a couple of times people watching.  Looks like they're having fun.
8/14/03  Thurs  (1950):   Aren't you glad you don''t live in the East right now????  You don't realize how dependent upon electricity you've become until you don't have it.  Kate called wanting to know if I'd come in for 4 hours, at double time.  If I'd had clean clothes I would have, can't beat working for 4 and getting paid for 8!  Thursday is TV night so I'm off to watch NBC tonight.
8/15/03  Fri  (1556):   It's so nice here,  When I win the lottery I'm going to buy me one of these houses!  I went down on the beach today, the sand was sooooo warm. . The water was cold, but after the first couple of times washing over my feet it felt good.  I was in shorter pants, didn't want to get them wet so was just wading on the fringes - never turn your back on the ocean!  A wave came along and got me wet from the knees down!

I went home to feed the kids and make a phone call to SunHealth, the cell doesn't work all the time here so didn't want to be cutting out on him.  He got my resume and said the telemetry managers at both hospitals were interested in me (Del E. Webb & Boswell).  He asked when would I be available, I didn't tell him I wanted Christmas off and would actually be quitting here sooner, I told him I would be here thru the end of December and I'd be available Jan 1st.  That didn't seem to be a problem. 

We discussed Boswell, it has the nationally known heart center, I told him I was interested in that and he said he could certainly place me there.  They have 3 telemetry units, one that is a step-down from cardiac ICU (which is where I work now), another was a med-surg telemetry floor (which I get also) and the third was vent pts on telemetry, I didn't say a word about being able to do that!  I'd rather not get stuck in that area, you know it's my least favorite place to be!  He's going to have the telemetry managers call me for an interview.  So looks like I might get what I want, I was afraid not being able to start until Jan would mess things up, but doesn't seem that way.

Once again I surprised myself, I forgot yesterday was payday!  I can remember when I worked at the Ortho office I'd count the seconds until I could get my paycheck in my hands.  With automatic deposit, no credit card bills hanging over my head (well, I have one but it's not out of control), and making so much money I don't live paycheck to paycheck.  What a great feeling!  Too bad it took so many years to get here.  And with this new job I've figured I can save $18,000 to $20,000 in 9 months and still have extra money to have fun!  Woohooooo!
8/23/03  Sat  (1449):   Today is Festival of the North American Lighthouses Day.  I think it would be fun to take a trip to photograph as many as possible.  it's also Gene Kelly's birthday, one of the best dancers to come along.  Last week while I was at work they were having a Gene Kelly movie marathon, I found lots of reasons to be in that pt's room!

My horoscope:  'Good day to make a call from a pay-phone in a busy place and say (in a loud voice) "You dumped the body WHERE?."'

Let's see, I've worked a couple of 2-day sets since I was last here.  Of course one of them was on 2west, surprisingly there were no vent pts and it was pretty nice.  I worked Wed/Thurs on 3east.  Wed night had a pt who was very uncooperative, refused even to have her blood pressure taken.  When she started swinging at me & trying to pinch me I told her that was unacceptalbe behavior and walked out.  Luckily she was gone the next night.  Worked with PJ and Mari, PJ had a pt admitted into the room where the pinching lady was and he had problems with his, told him it was the room. 

One of my patients had a triple A repair (abdominal aortic aneurysm) in June and had had a lot of subsequent problems.  He was okay Wed night, but Thurs morning started breathing really fast, lungs sounded like a person with CHF and his O2 sats were in the 70's.  Ended up putting him on a non-rebreather mask and turning up the oxygen to 100% and then he was satting in the 90's.  Turns out one of the doctors thought he might have ruptured his mitral valve. Hopefully I can find out what happened later.  He was okay when I left, but when his nephrologist came in he said the guy looked grey.  We thought his resp problems were due to excess fluid as he is a dialysis pt and was due for dialysis that day.

I'm on my 2nd of 5 days off, but then I pay for it next week, work Wed/Thurs, off Friday, work Sat/Sun.  To balance the numbers they had to move people around and I was one of them.  Some people they don't move, they work the same every schedule.  Wendy came up to me Fri morning & said she had to move my days on this next schedule to balance the numbers.  I asked if ***** had her days changed.  She looked at me and said, "understood."  But I know her days weren't moved.  Oh well, que sera sera.

Got a call from Human Resources at Boswell and she reviewed the job.  The 9-month contract is the one I want.  It's $27 an hour with $4 for the night shift differential; $250 travel expense; $800 extra a month for rent & utilities; $2500 completion bonus; and the only bad thing, no benefits.  Which means no sick time, vacation, or health insurance.  So I'll have to see if PacifiCare is available in AZ and pay for it myself using Cobra which should be cheaper than having to find a policy on my own & pay.  I have a phone interview on Monday at 1000 with 2 telemetry managers, hopefully the outcome will be what I want.  So far no one has said starting in January is not acceptable.

The time to leave is looming closer.  We're almost finished with this 4-week schedule, the next one is due out.  I'm working on the one after that, and the one after that one is my last schedule to fill out.  That's a total of 12 more weeks to work at Tri-City!  Scary.  I guess I have to get serious about packing stuff up.  I was supposed to be doing a box or two a week these past few months :(

Something unusual happened last night!  Well, early this morning.  I had fallen asleep watching TV, woke up and was shivering, I was cold!  Had to get a blanket.  That was sooooo nice to snuggle under the blankie, and Fiona loves to sleep on me when I use it.

If you noticed I removed the "Hackers" from the main page.  I seemed to get a lot more attempts and I'm thinking people tried so they could see their location on the list.  I'm going to keep it updated, but I'll think of some place to put the access, if you're interested, that isn't so obvious.  Found out not all attempts trigger the little warning on the bottom task bar.  By checking the log viewer I found a lot, I have a whole 4x6 card filled out on one side and half the other.

Fiona's on Fotocats again, you can see her picture
here.   I've also put some of the pictures I took at Jake's on my Fotolog.  I've become addicted to that site, there are so many amazing pictures there!
9/3/03  Wed  (2137):   Today is Do It Day, and a long time ago, in a galaxy very, very close, my Grandparents did, they got married!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Honey & Grampa!

I haven't been very good about keeping up.  It seems when I'm ready to write I can't get in, but finally things worked out tonight.  On 8/25 had a telephone interview with two telemetry managers at Boswell Memorial Hospital in Sun City, AZ.  It's just down the street from the apt complex I'll be living in, which has the fancy name of River Walk at Desert Harbor in Peoria, AZ.  it's on the river, dry of course!  Anyway, the interview went well and I was offered the job, of course I took it!
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