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I think I've detailed the job, but in case I didn't:  I'll be working at Boswell Memorial Hospital in telemetry, hopefully the part that is the step-down unit for post-cardiac surgeries.  Don't want Med-Surg telemetry and definitely don't want to work with ventilator pts on telemetry!  It's night shift, which is what I want, three 12-hour shifts a week which gives me my 4 days off a week.  $31 an hour plus a separate check each month for $800 which is to go for rent/utilities.  The apt I want is $805 (it's a 1-bedroom with a study; I've decided if they don't have an upstairs one available I'll go ahead and get an upstairs 2-bedroom, it's only $55 more a month).  $250 travel allowance and a completion bonus of $2500.  I'll sign up for a 9-month contract, that way I'll have time to save money and get the feel of the hospital.

Once my contract is up I'd like to take some more time off, maybe 2-3 weeks and go somewhere (Mom??), and possibly do a 3-month travel assignment with Jess.  We were talking about that and thought it might be fun to go somewhere together.  I'd keep my AZ apt as apts during travel nursing are free, then I can come back to my place and see about a permanent job, or maybe do the Seasonal Work Program again since it's more money.  We'll see.  I'm not worried, I have a skill everyone is looking for these days!  It shows how desperate they are for nurses when they'll offer me a job and wait 4 months for me.  Looks like I'll start January 12, 2004, orientation is the 12th & 13th.  Since I've been working in telemetry all along there shouldn't be much for me to do to get up to speed, just learn their system and ways of doing things.

Today I decided to go have some fun and went to the San Diego Zoo.  I played tourist.  I had my straw hat from Disneyland which had Mickey Mouse on the bow on the back and the ties, and wore my Dinosaur Tshirt from Glen Rose, Tx.  It was nice, not crowded and not too hot.  Which was great as I was hiking up, down, and around!  First thing I did was take the bus tour, then wandered around.  I didn't have Kathy's number, she works with some of the animals, cheetah, tiger cubs, clouded leopards, etc, and I can get a behind the scenes tour and hands-on with the animals.  Anyway, I took a chance but she was busy.  She gave me her number and said to call before I leave to set up a time to play with the animals.

Got a call from Fariba while I was at the zoo, I'd forgotten she wanted to take me out to dinner for my birthday :(  I was out of the zoo by 1600 and called her and ended up at her house.  We went over to a place in San Marcos, Fariba, Nasser, Tina, and I, and had a yummy dinner.  Nasser and I had steak, Tina had ribs, and Fariba had salmon.  Mmmmm, the food was great, and the rolls they served were out of this world!

Now I have a ton of pictures to go thru and load up here for people to check out.  I have a new camera and it does sooo much more, I think you'll notice the difference in picture quality/clarity once I get them loaded.  So, I think I'll get started before I fall asleep!

Oh, something funny; I was dreaming the other night, don't remember about what, but was yelling in the dream.  I knew I was dreaming and didn't want to yell as I do that out loud while I'm sleeping (sometimes wonder what the neighbors think!).  But I wanted to yell/scream, but I knew I might be doing it for real, but I wanted to yell/scream, you get the picture.  I think I started, then stopped as I thought about it, but then tried again.  Who knows if I did it out loud or not, no one came pounding on the door.

Forgot something else, back to dinner.  For appetizers we had "Texas egg rolls."  They were rolled up wonton skins stuffed with cheese & jalapenos, then deep fried.  Wooohooo, were they hot!  But very tasty!
9/4/03  Thurs  (0844):   Forgot to tell you, Fiona's on Fotolog again :)  You can click here to see her birthday picture, then stay & check out the zoo pics I've uploaded.  You can only do 6 a day so you'll have to wait for tomorrow for more.  I think they're pretty good, if I may say so myself!
9/7/3  Sun  (2235):   Today is Grandparent's Day; I was a bad grand-daughter!  I came home after working 2 nights, did a little on the computer then got sleepy, decided to take a nap then call my grandparents.  After a couple of hours of sleep was awakened by the phone, it was Kate.  They were desperate for help from1500-1900 so I went in.  By the time I got home and ate I'd forgotten.  I'm sorry Honey & Grampa :(

I was on 2east for 2 nights, it was busy.  Sat night was better, thank goodness.  Today when I went in I was also on 2east but only had one of the same pts.  By 1800 I was dragging and ready to go.  I was also starving.  Didn't eat at work Sat night, didn't eat when I got home Sun then didn't have time before I went in. 

Got info in the mail on Boswell, they're pretty cutting edge in their heart center.  Besides regular CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) surgery they use lasers to punch holes in the heart muscle to create new vascularization, they use robotics during heart surgery, the do CABG surgery "off pump" which means your blood isn't shunted to another machine to do the circulation & oxygenation.  There can be side-effects using the bypass pump so this seems like a good way to go.  They do a lot of other stuff, looks like I picked the right hospital.

I have pictures of the zoo up, you can check them out
here.  The pages may take a little time to load, but please be patient and wait for them to load, the pictures are worth it.  Each time I look at them I'm amazed again and again, I picked a great camera!

As I've said before, I've become addicted to Fotolog:

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9/9/03  Tues  (2320):   Today is Wonderful Weirdoes Day, I guess it's my day!

My Horoscope:  'Your plans to take over the world move forward to the next stage, soon, right on schedule. What you need now is a hunch-backed henchperson with pale protruding eyes. Fortunately for you, a suitible candidate will soon show up at your door, dressed as a peanut.'

I would have been at work tonight, but I was a nice person.  Melodee called me Monday morning wanting to switch with me so she could go to a hearing about people getting licensed thru Regent's.  By switching it means I have to work Wed/Thu/Fri and you know how I
hate 3 in a row!  But I did it since this was really important to her.  Then I only get 2 days off and have to work another 2, then get 1 off.  So I'm going to be tired for the next week, and not much is gonna get done!

I went down to San Diego today, to the harbor and Seaport Village.  Took some pictures, walked around, and then drove over to Harbor Island to get some skyline shots of San Diego.  One of the
pics is up on Fotolog now.  I'll get some of the pics loaded onto the web page eventually and let you know.  It's more difficult for me now to do that.  I have to turn off the internet security and I'm always afraid someone will be trying to get in, it's amazing how many attempts are made.  They don't all show up at the time they're trying, don't know why as some do.  But by checking the "Security Monitor", then "view log viewer" then "firewall" (these instructions are for you Mom) I can see how many attempts there are.  (Mom, if you do this, once the final window opens you're looking for the little square-looking thingy on the left.  If you click on it, on the bottom will be an IP address in blue you can click and then it will show you where the attempt came from).

Anyway, it takes time to upload pictures, even with the DSL, and I'm just afraid someone will sneak in.  Usually what I do is once the pics are loaded and I turn the Internet Security back on, I'll immediately click "block traffic" and go play some games for a while, or disconnect & then reconnect as my IP address will be different then.  It's a pain that I have to go to these lenghts to keep people out of my computer!

Coming home a bald-headed guy in a convertible with the top down passed me.  I wonder, do they have to put sunscreen on their heads when they're driving around????
9-10-03  Wed  (1421):   Today is Swap Ideas Day.  Don't have any new ideas today, I'll try to think of some.

My horoscope:  'You will narrowly avoid a collision on the sidewalk today as a small giggling person runs past you, being hotly pursued by a weeping incoherent person waving a ham sandwich. Aside from that, a pretty typical day.'

I've uploaded my SD pics but don't have time today to set them up for viewing, I'll work on them later.  My Dad will be in town over the weekend and I think we're going to Palomar Mountain.  He must have been reading my mind, that was one of the places I thought I should go to get pictures before I leave.  He's gonna let me drive his new car, we'll see how well it turns out!

I am so sick & tired of all the junk mail in my inbox for Viagra and penis enlargements!  I get tons of them every time I sign in, 5-10 a day.  I "block" the e-mail addresses but of course people like this find a way around it, they use all kinds of numbers and letters in their e-mail address so each time it's new.  I can't believe people (men) believe a pill will make them bigger!  At least I have the "privacy" info set up for my e-mail address so when they request a return verification I'm notified and they don't get the info that it's a valid email.  Mom, you can do this for anything, e-mail address, credit card numbers, etc.  The only thing is, if you put in your e-mail address, whenever you send something, or reply the little box pops up asking if you want to permit or block, and sometimes you have to click "permit" several times if you're replying to an e-mail, but I put up with it to keep my e-mail address from being sent back.

I forgot to upload a picture on the zoo section, it's of an African Darter, also known as a Snake Bird because of the way it bends its neck; another good picture, if I may say so myself!  You can see it
9/14/03  Sun  (0057):   Oooooh, I can't decide!  Today is Eat A Hoagie Day and National Cream-Filled Doughnut Day!  Which one should I celebrate!

My horoscope:  'You will spend another day surrounded by idiots, or perhaps by well meaning but simple folks who will drone on and on until your smile becomes forced, and you will begin to look like a deranged rodent.'

Saw a good definition for politics:  Politics - "Poli" meaning "many" and "tics" meaning "blood sucking creatures."

Oh boy, am I tired!  I worked 3 nights in a row and each night was busier than the last!  Luckily I was working with people who didn't hesitate to help, as I helped them.  Friday night I ran the most, had 2 post-op pts that required monitoring and a 3rd had a CABG the day before so had to keep an eye on him.  He spiked a temp of 101 when I checked his vitals at midnight so I turned on the fan, removed his blanket and gave him Tylenol.  It worked, didn't have to put ice bags in his axilla, which pts usually don't like.  Had lots of IV's to hang and catch up on stuff to do for the two pts who had been off the floor during the day.  One of the pts I admitted on Wed night looked at me and said "I know you, you took care of my husband."   She told me I had been so nice & took good care of him and she was glad I was going to be her nurse.  That was nice to hear :)

I hate to say it, but I'm glad Dad was busy Saturday morning, and had his 50th class reunion to go to at night, I was too tired to go & play!  I checked e-mail when I got home, knowing he's not an early riser, then called to chat.  Shortly after that I was dead.  Also didn't feel I HAD to seem him as much as possible during his short time here as in 3 months we'll be in the same "town" all the time!  I'll see him tomorrow, well, I guess today!  So, guess I should try & get some sleep!
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