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5/30/02 (0100): I've had this particular dream before, I think it's a fear I have!  It was about midnight and I hadn't given any of my patients their medications.  I was trying to figure out what to do, but knew I was in trouble! 
5/31/02  (0500):  Once again, this is a dream I've had lots of times before - ice skating!  Of course in these dreams I am a fantastic ice skater, even though it's been years since I've skated.  In this dream I stepped out onto the ice and just skated away, doing triple jumps and everything.  Then I tightened the lace on my left boot, realizing I had missed an eye-hook.  So off I go, skating again, but realize now that the left one has been tightened, the right one feels loose.  I skate over to a bench and sit down but when I lean over to re-tie my right boot, there are no laces at all in the skating boot.
6/1/02 (0700): So, I had been thinking and thinking of doing a webpage, but I thought I should perhaps take a class first.  Turns out they've taken the fear out of it at Yahoo!  I guess in the "old days" you had to write the code that told each page and each thing on the page what to do.  You can still do that with this site, but they've made it much easier with their PAGEBUILDER.

Since I tend to have some strange dreams I thought it would be fun to share with people how weird my brain is when I'm not using it - hey! No smart remarks, I meant when I was sleeping!  Also, I thought I could keep people up to date on what I was doing in my life; although, I warn you I tend to have a very boring life.  So, check in periodically (at your own risk of falling asleep) and see what's going on in sunny Southern California :)

And I'll try to keep the pictures on my Friends pages updated.  I had one on there that I've already taken off as he didn't want to be there.  If you know me, you know I have a friend in the Middle East with whom I chat a lot, and have been for about 1 1/2 years.  I guess he's shy, asked me to take his picture off my friends page, so I did.  And since he did that, I'm not mentioning his name here; like I said, if you know me, you know his name.
6/2/02  (0900): I had the most difficult patient Saturday night, difficult in that he was the most cantankerous old coot imaginable!  "Wipe my nose," he commands.  My response, "how 'bout I give you a kleenex and you wipe it yourself."  He had a family member stay with him all Sat. night, and this person would jump up & do every little thing.  If a patient is unable to do things, then that's a different story!  But this guy was perfectly able to push a button to raise/lower the head of the bed, use the remote to change TV channels, wipe his nose, etc!  You want to encourage them to do things, to be independent.

Dream Alert   So what happens?  I come home Sunday morning & dream about him!  He's standing in a room, family member holding his arm, another family member is in front of him when suddenly the patient's head falls back and he hits the floor.  They start screaming & crying, "he's dead, he's dead."  I drop down to the floor and listen to his heart with my stethoscope - don't ask me why I didn't start CPR.  Anyway, I was listening so that when I called the nursing supervisor to come pronounce the patient I could tell her he had no heart or lung sounds.  There I am, on my knees next to him, family members screaming & crying, and another nurse looking on when suddenly the patient opens his eyes and growls, "why isn't anyone talking to me!"  Sounds just like something he'd say!

Back to real life.  On Saturday (6/1) I had stopped at the local convenience store.  I was second in line behind an hispanic couple.  It was their turn and he points to something on a card and says something in Spanish to the clerk.  She turns and looks at me, but says in general to everyone in the store, "does anyone speak Spanish?"  My mouth is going to get me in trouble one of these days!  As I was setting my items on the counter, and not bothering to lower my voice, I said, "nope!  I live in America, I speak American."  I've related this to several people, and so far I have a 100% concurrence with my feelings.  You live here, you speak English/American!  I think I've lived in this area too long.
6/4/02  0030): First off, I want to wish my Uncle a Very Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday Charlie!  I can't believe you're gonna be a grampa - again! 

Worked two nights in a row, I've decided I prefer no more than two in a row, and when I have nights like Sat/Sun it just reinforces my decision!  Now I have four off :)  I know I've said it before, but I just
love working only 3 nights a week, I like all the time off.  I was at a scrapbooking party last night when my cell-phone rang.  Turns out it was work, looking for someone to work 2300-0700 and they were offering double-time.  Means they were desperate.  Even though I'd just had two hard nights, the odds would have been that I wouldn't be on the same floor if I had taken it; unfortunately, I hadn't slept any Monday so there would have been no way I could have functioned safely.  Darn!  It was for double-time!

A word of advice for those of you who file taxes in California.  Don't
ever stretch your payments out, always pay on April 15th!  You know I returned to school, Nursing school, and to make it through I cashed out a 401K retirement fund.  Well, after all the penalties and stuff, I figured out I owed the State of Calif $3000.  I decided I would pay it out over a year, like I've done in the past for Federal Taxes.  So I send in $250 last year, sign the extended payment page and sit back, thinking an automatic payment would take care of things for the next 11 months.  WRONG!

I get a notice back, they refigured the taxes and even though I'd sent $250, the State of Calif decided I still owed $3000.  They accepted the payment plan.  So the State was saying I actually owed $3250.
So do it now!
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