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I'm sitting here typing this and I keep hearing this strange noise from outside.  Now remember, it's almost 4 in the morning right now.  Well, I turned down the TV (yeah, even when I'm on the computer the TV is on!) and discovered what the sound was.  Let me orient you to how my apt complex is laid out.  At the end where I am there's a building in front of mine, mine is longer and a little elevated and there's a sidewalk between us.  It makes an excellent echo chamber!  The strange noise is the neighbor across the way, snoring!  If it's that loud for me, imagine what his wife is enduring!

I've had some more people sign my guestbook, I wish everyone who checked me out would sign, it would be interesting to see where everyone is from.

I worked Thurs/Fri nights, Thurs they asked if I'd come in at 1500 instead of 1700.  Why not, those extra 4 hours add up to 8 hours on the paycheck!  And the night wasn't too bad so the 16 hours I worked weren't that bad.  Oh, the last pay period, where I worked those extra hours, actually, I worked an extra 20 hours but got paid for 38 hours.  I sat down and figured even with all that extra time I'd probably only get an extra $200 in my paycheck (due to Federal taxes).  I decided I didn't work that hard for that little so I marched down to payroll and made myself "exempt" for this paycheck.  Wooohooo! That really paid off!!  I'm glad Chandrani mentioned it.  You can do it 2-3 times a year without getting yourself in trouble when it comes time for taxes.  Well, you can do it more often, but then you'll have a lot to pay at the end of the year.  I figure I just got my refund early!  Anyway it was pretty cool, got an extra $1000 in my paycheck this time!  Just in time for vacation.

Oh, I told you that George Walton had signed the Declaration of Indepencence and he is an ancestor, to read more about him, click
here.  Thanks Judy for the link.

Once again the wimpiness of men has been reinforced!  And it seems the younger they are the worse they are.  I had a patient who had himself checked out because his brother had a heart attack. Turns out he had some vessels clogged so he ended up having open heart surgery with a 4 vessel bypass.  I spent more time reassuring him things were fine, his oxygen was running, his IV was running, he didn't have a fever, his blood pressure was okay, he was progressing well, I wasn't going to stick him with a needle, I was drawing blood for routine lab tests, etc, etc!!!!  Oh, in case you're wondering how I got blood out of him if I didn't stick him with a needle.....when they have a central line, meaning an IV line insterted into a large vein and the tip of it rests just above the right aorta in the descending vena cava, you can withdraw blood from the line. 

Anyway, just an observation about men!  We had a "picnic" at work on the 4th.  We had hotdogs (Chandrani donated a portable electric grill to the floor), big sandwich, potato salad, fruit, coleslaw, pies and a yummy banna/pineapple concoction made by Liz A. that was absolutely scrumptious.  Didn't even know they were going to do something like that or I would have brought something.  Of course I should know better by now, we have potlucks for everything!

I worked with Katie last night and I really like working with her.  She used to work in ICU and came upstairs.  She's a font of information and doesn't make me feel stupid when I ask questions.  I had a patient Fri night who had just had an AICD implanted and I'm glad he did!  He'd been having short runs of Vtach (heart beating
really fast) and episodes of pauses (heart pausing before starting to beat again) so that's why they implanted it.  He was AV paced, meaning it was sending out impulses to make the atria and then the ventricles contract, but it also has the power to send a shock if he goes into Vtach and the pacer can't over-ride it.  It's an internal defibrillator.  Anyway, he went into Vtach, I think at least 17-19 beats before you see the pacer spikes pick up again, trying to stop it.  It worked without shocking him. 

Anyway, we discussed that off and on for the rest of the night.  AT 0500 the doctor came in and was pleased with the performance.  He had his little computer with the magnet that sits over the device and he was fine-tuning the programing.  It's amazing what they can do today!  I'm just glad the patient had it; otherwise, we would have had a code situation!
7/8/02 (0430): When I went through nursing school I got a grand total of $200 in scholarship money, and actually I only got $100 of it as the second $100 was for a student continuing the next semester, which was really stupid to award to me since they knew I was graduating that semester!  Some of my friends got thousands of dollars.  I was penalized because I was female, white, single, childless, and not receiving State aid.  Kind of a reverse discrimination thing.

Anyway I decided that was not fair and bounced an idea off Judy (one of the instructors at Palomar).  Turns out I can do what I wanted to do.  I am going to put up a $250 scholarship each semester for a non-ethnic, single female (sorry guys, you're considered a minority in nursing so you're eligible for more scholarships!) with no kids, not on State aid, and with a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, and preferrably not living at home being supported by Mom & Dad.

It's not a lot, but $250 can help pay for some books for that semester, or supplies needed for projects, or just to have a little extra to go out and have some fun!  And, since I'm the donor I can call it anything I want, I can even name it after myself if I want to, which I don't!  And when Honors night comes around (where they give the certificates & stuff) I can present it myself if I want to.  I think I've decided it will be the Grace Grumke Memorial Scholarship. 

She was not a nurse, and she certainly wasn't single or childless (thank goodness!) but she was a special person.  She worked hard all her life and made a difference in people's lives, she perservered when times were difficult and made life fun!  She was my Grandmother.
7/10/02  (0202): I have to check my calendar, but I think today is Paige's birthday - Happy Birthday!

Well - I have reached the one-year anniversary of taking my State Boards.  I don't think I would ever be able to describe how I felt.  I'd spent all that time in school trying to learn stuff and managed to graduate.  Now I was being tested on what I was supposed to know and you have NO idea how much there is!  I already had a job, exactly where I wanted to be and if I didn't pass the test it would be gone.  I got there early, thank goodness I left early as the traffic was still bad and because of that it took me 20 minutes just to get from the off-ramp onto the road I needed to be on.  I had brought my doseage
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