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7/17/02  (0936): I mentioned a patient a couple of days ago who was very nice and a pleasure to take care of, well when I went into work last night & checked my mailbox, he'd written me a thank you note!  That was sooooo nice of him. 

Last night was
very busy.  Just Maua and I and an aid after 2300..  I haven't decided whether I like 4 patients and no aide or 6 patients and an aid.  When you have an aid you have someone to do the little things, and that leaves you time for other stuff, but you have more patients to take care of.  Oh well, I may never decide.

As soon as I came out of report one of my patients had chest pain, luckily two nitro tablets took care of that.  Then I was told we were getting an admit from the pavillion who had a blood pressure in the 60's. What!  You don't send us that kind of pt, they go to ICU.  So heeding Lee's advice, I called back over there, the supervisor was there & answered the phone and she said the pt would be going to ICU.  Whew!  Then not 2 minutes later we hear on the overhead "code blue" and it was that patient.

Of course during all the "busy" stuff I had to embarrass myself in front of the charge nurse!  Had to put up a new IV bag for a pt, needed to change lines around, but in the middle had to step next door.  So I clamped the saline lock portion and went off & took care of what needed to be done right then and there.  Picked up a flush on the way back since I'd had the IV disconnected & now had to reconnect.  I tried, wouldn't flush, couldn't get any return.  Darn, needed to start a new IV!

I paged Maryann and asked her if she could do this for me.  She came up, I had the stuff ready. She looked down at the IV site and said "was this clamped?"   Duh!  I hadn't loosened the clamp before I tried flushing - it flushed fine....once you undid the little blue clamp!

Just a lot of busy work last night.  I started with 4 patients, we had an LVN there until 2300 and I picked up one of hers at that time.  Then Maua had this lady who was very confused!  We could tell when she was getting out of bed because she'd also pull off her monitor and it would start beeping at the desk.

She was up, had had an "accident which was embarrassing."  Well, we could smell, uh tell that!  She was confused, thought she'd just been putting her dishes away.  Didn't want anyone to see her like this, wanted to take care of it by herself, alone, etc.  She kept backing herself into a corner, wouldn't let us near her.  What do you do?  You set limits, but you offer a choice when possible.

I told her we could not leave her alone, one of us would be helping her, but she could choose which one of us stayed.  Guess who she chose - yep, me!  Even though I was being the "mean" one.
7/18/02  (0200): Today is "Caviar Day," never could develop a taste for something I consider best used to catch fish!  

Had lunch yesterday with Kathi, yeah over at Mi Fiesta!  It was a belated birthday lunch - I was bad, didn't mention that her birthday was on 7/14.  I took my camera and a picture of her new vehicle is up.  I just discovered today (I'm a little slow at times!) that a photo program I haven't used in a long time is the one I
should have been using to put all the pictures up!  I can do tons, I mean tons, of stuff with the pictures, then I can save them in a "web-ready" format, choosing the size in which to display them.  That means some of those awfully large pictures that are up could have been sized much better!  Oh well, I live & learn.  I do know from now on I'll use that program and probably start fixing the ones that are already loaded, one by one.

I stopped by the Ford dealership on the way home, just to drool over the new T-Bird and see what kind of strong-arm tactics the salesman would try.  I pulled up & parked, lurking out front was a salesperson and I hadn't stepped 5 feet from my car when she pounced.

I told her I wanted to see the new T-Bird.  Her first question, "do you know how much it costs?"  I said no, she told me and I clutched my chest in horror!  I didn't say it but I thought, "geeeesh, I should just buy the Jaguar I want for that price!"  Turns out it's over 50K for that car!  I think she said about $55,000 for the car.  Needless to say, my longing for the new T-Bird has faded away...if I was going to spend that kind of money on a car, I'd go look at Jags!

(0504) Oh boy!  I just discoverd I have Microsoft Front Page loaded on my computer!  For those of you who don't know, this is what you can use to make web pages.  I've been using Geocities as it's basically point & click, then as I've become more comfortable I've used codes to do things.  Now I can make pages on my computer, upload them to my website and do a lot more stuff.  No tellin' what I'll come up with now!  I do know it will take a lot of practice on my part to use Front Page!  I guess I should take a closer look at what's loaded on my computer!  When I got this new one I just went back to using what I'd been using before, without really checking what John added to it!  Serves me right!
7/20/02  (0940):  Hey, today is Ugly Truck Day.  Wonder what you do on Ugly Truck Day, do you go out and look for Ugly Trucks?  What do you do if you find one?  I think I like the other "holiday" for today - Lollipop Day!  I remember those yummy suckers, I think the best ones were (or maybe 'are', do they still make them?) those Charm Pops; you know, the ones shaped like a heart.  I like cherry best! 

Thursday night I was on 2West with Liz and Dawn.  Both travelers, but light-years difference as nurses! It was a very busy night and I was a half-hour late getting out.  I didn't go to sleep as soon as I came home, thinking I could sleep until 1700 or 1800.  Phone rings shortly after 1300 - yep, it's work wanting to know if I could come in at 1500.  They were short, so I said yes.  That means in a 36 hour period I worked 28 of them!  I'm tired!  That's okay because those extra four hours I worked yesterday actually equal 8 when it comes time for tallying up the old time card!

And of course the 16 hours I worked were busy!  I was back on 2West.  Picked up two patients from the RN leaving, then got an admit.  At 1900 I picked up one more patient, one I'd had the previous night.

Where do I start!  So much went on last night.  I think since I'm tired I'll just give an over-view while events are
fairly fresh in my mind.  I can always come back & flesh out my ramblings!
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