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Now that I have this page set up, I'm too tired to do any more so the events of last night will just have to wait!  I'm going to go to sleep.
7/22/02  (0159):  I am SO frustrated!!!!!  I am writing this on my Word program as I have been unable to get into the web program for any significant amount of time.  I spent hours yesterday trying to bring up Geocities, even access to Yahoo! mail was slow & failed most of the time.

Okay theyíre having problems, Iíll try later.  I connected right away when I first signed on earlier tonight, fixed something on the main page, then added something to the ďhmmmĒ page.  I couldnít get it to save.  So I check access to Yahoo!  I can bring up the main page, but once again I canít get Geocities to come back up and I canít check my Yahoo! mail. 

I know itís just the Yahoo server as I can get everywhere else on the web Ė believe me, Iíve checked tons of sites and they pop right up.  Itís very aggravating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Especially since thereís no way to contact Yahoo! and ask whatís wrong, Iíve looked & looked.  They have many pages to answer questions on all kinds of stuff, but no ďcontact usĒ section.

Anyway, one of these days, hopefully, Iíll be able to get back into my webpage and work on things!

Dream Alert    I had the funniest dream earlier.  I was driving down a street in front of a car dealership.  Suddenly there was no road in front of me and my car was falling.  Apparently the road had given way and dropped down previously but the dearlship hadn't blocked it off.  My car was crunched but I walked away Ė right over to the dealer to yell at him for not posting hazard signs.  I told him I was not a litigious person, but it was their fault I had the accident and now had no car. 

They wanted me to sign some sort of paper, donít remember what it was but I do remember saying, ďno way, not without a lawyer!Ē  I told them they owed me a new car and they were going to give me one!   Do you think I have ďnew carĒ on the brain!  I donít know if I ever got the new car, but as I was leaving the place, they were setting up orange cones and blockades to that section of the road so no one else would drive off the edge.

(0313) I give up!  Iíve tried & tried, again and again to get back into my webpage and it is no use.  Thereís something wrong with Yahoo!s site as I can get to the main page but then clicking on anything else is impossible.  It just sits and sits there.  Aaaarrrggghhhh!
7/22/02  (0338):  Well, we'll see how long this lasts!  I had finally connected to the page where I could send a form to Yahoo! with my question/problem.  I had just finished blasting them and sent it when I tried to see if I could connect to Pagebuilder - here I am.  Now I will go back to trying to add some more stuff to the"hmmm" page.  We'll see.  Last time I had it all done tried to save it and couldn't. 

Oh, before I go, there is a webpage you
just have to see!  Thank you Aunt Judy for supplying the link.  Everyone needs to check out this
7/22/02  (0552):  Okay, I'm back :)   Fixed some of the pages, added some pictures, etc.  And so far everything is working as it should.  Now I feel guilty for venting my frustraion on Yahoo!  Well, almost guilty.

Today is Spoonerism Day.  Do you know what a spoonerism is, or how it got its name?  Well I shall tell you!  Spoonerisms are named after the Reverend W. A. Spooner (1844-1930) who was Dean and Warden of New College in Oxford, England. He is reputed to have made these verbal slips frequently.

Spooner's Spoonerisms:  fighting a liar = lighting a fire; you hissed my mystery lecture = you missed my history lecture; cattle ships and bruisers = battle ships and cruisers; nosey little crook = cosy little nook; a blushing crow = a crushing blow; tons of soil = sons of toil; our queer old Dean = our dear old Queen; we'll have the hags flung out = we'll have the flags hung out; you've tasted two worms = you've wasted two terms; our shoving leopard = our loving shepherd; a half-warmed fish = a half-formed wish; is the bean dizzy? = is the Dean busy?  Get the idea.

Oh well, now that I finally have access to my site I have to stop playing!  I don't work today but they're changing the chart documentation so I have to go to a 4-hour class today to learn how to chart with the new system.  Hopefully it will make our charting easier & faster!  I should take a cat nap since I may not be coming home directly after the class.  Talked to Rachael last night and we may be going to Mi Fiesta for dinner.  She'd asked if I wanted to go for lunch, but I had picked the class time that was in the middle of the day.  I should have gone ahead & signed up for the morning one since I'm always up all night anyway!  I know PJ will be there, don't know if anyone else I know will be in the class.
7/23/02  (0010): I guess it will take getting used to, there seems to be more stuff to do with the new documentation system, but then they cut out charting to the careplan.  That could be very redundant at times!  The new system is effective 8/5, we'll see how it goes.  They switched to this in anticipation of going to computer charting by the winter of 2003.  I've heard that before.....we'll see.

Called Rachael after the class and we met at Mi Fiesta.  She had her usual and I had my usual, chile relleno and cheese enchiladas, respectively.  In the amount of time it took for us to scarf down our dinners Jordan had eaten about 1/2 of his taco.  Rachael looked at me and said "be very glad you don't have kids!"

Dream Alert    I was on a train, in a compartment like they have on European trains. Someone else was in the other corner, don't know who.  As I looked out the window I could see that the tracks made a gentle curve to the left ahead.  The train wasn't going fast but for some reason as it entered the curve it jumped the track and started to tip over. 

I was hanging on as the car slowly turned over, I slid down the side holding on to keep from being flung out the windows which now had no glass in them.  It rolled a couple of times then ended right-side up.
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