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What was funny was now instead of being a railroad car attached to a train, it was now a single one, sort of like a trolley car with a driver.  The driver pulled into a field, swerving to avoid the sheep and baled hay.  I remember thinking if it turned over again you could get an eye poked out by all the straw and hay around.

Anyway the trolley/train slowed to a stop and you could hear everyone cheering because we were okay.  I looked at the other person in the compartment and told her I should have worn my seatbelt too and maybe I would have stayed in my seat like she did and not have to worry about falling out as we rolled, then having the train roll over me.  She said she didn't have her seatbelt on, just held on tight.  Firetrucks & ambulances pulled up on the road next to the field, but no one was hurt.

I had a couple more dreams, I dream a lot, but right now I can't put them together enough to put them into words.  One of them had something to do with music, being part of a symphony, toasting someone with champagne...can't remember much more.

Apparently in a past life I was male in my last earthly incarnation.  I was born somewhere around the territory of modern Tibet approximately in 1475.  My profession was artist, magician, fortune teller.

My brief psychological profile in that past life:
Bohemian personality, mysterious, highly gifted, capable to understand ancient books. Magician abilities, could be a servant of dark forces.

Lesson that my last past life brought to the present:
That timid, lonely, and self-confident people are everywhere, and my problem -- to overcome these tendencies in myself and then to help other people.

The link used to be on the main page, but I accidentally deleted it & can't remember it!  Sorry.

Oh well, time to try & see if I can get come sleep since I work tonight, and while it's dark for a change!  They're replacing the roof on my buliding for the next 2 weeks.  For some reason they chose my apt to bang around on first!  Don't know why, maybe Jose said something about getting my section done first, or maybe it's because one of the lights lighting up steps is on my side of the building, I have no idea why!  I just hope they do get it over with
fast.  Of course I've discovered if I'm tired enough I can sleep thru anything, even the phone ringing right next to my ear!  But that happens to everyone - there's a certain part of the sleep cycle that renders you basically deaf.  So if you're in that part of the sleep cycle and the phone rings, someone rings the doorbell, cars crash outside, etc., you won't hear it.
7/25/02  (0130):   Yaaaay!   Today is Act Like A Caveman Day - so everyone girdle their loins with animal skins, throw that club over your shoulder, crouch down at the knees, and waddle around grunting all day!

I was on 4East Tuesday night, worked with Diane and Matt.  Matt had a patient that required some IV meds and since I was covering that particular patient (he's an LVN) I went in to give it.  We were chatting, I asked what nationality ***** was and his wife said, "Arabic."  Well, you know me, off I went chatting about my visit to Saudi.  She was not wearing full coverage, just the one that covers the head/hair and just allows the face to be bare, I thought Iranian, that's why I asked.

We had a great little chat, then when they were out walking around, she stopped me and asked if they could switch nurses, she wanted me to be her husband's nurse.  She explained further, stating as she stays overnight, if Matt were their nurse then she'd have to wear her covering all night.  She didn't want to explain this to Matt, but as "you know about my culture...."  I told her that Matt would remain their nurse, but if anything needed to be done in the room I would take care of it.  This satisfied her and she was happy about this.  They were a very nice couple, in the morning they were sad that I would not be back that night and wouldn't see me again.

I have found that it helps to relax people and I seem to have a better rapport with my patients when I find something in common.  For example, one night:  patient in 34 was retired Air Force, I told him I was an Air Force brat and therefore the conversation started about the Air Force.  He was trying to see if he'd met my Dad, but hadn't been in the same places at the same time.  Next to him my patient was German, from Germany.  Well.....so is my paternal grandmother's family.  I forget what subject we were discussing in the next room (36), but in 37 the daughter was staying with her mother and they were Muslim.  Another subject in which I have some knowledge and can hold my own in a discussion.

I could tell on my stroll home after work that it was going to be hot Wed - none of the "June gloom" cloud cover first thing in the morning, means it warmed up much faster.  I've not turned on the fan very much this summer, but by about 1300 yesterday I had it going, I was dozing off & on in the chair and woke up in a sweat!

There wasn't a lot of stomping around over my section of the building on Wed, maybe they've pulled up the old roof on my section and are off to others.  I do know that Monday and Tuesday it sounded awful.  There was the sound of shovels scooping along the roof; hammering, I guess to loosen it into pieces; drilling; metal clanging noise, I guess loosening the roof-edge trim.  Then at times the sound of what seemed to be a flame thrower!  I have no idea what that would be used for, maybe to loosen the tar covering, I don't know!

Saturday is "Take Plants For A Walk Day."  I guess you could dig out the old red flyer wagon from the garage and load up your plants then stroll about the neighborhood.  It's also "Hula Hoop Day," I could never get that stupid thing to twirl round & round!

Sunday is "Hamburger Day."  If you live close to a McDonald's you can get hamburgers & cheeseburgers for 39 cents each, every Sunday - go wild
this Sunday!

Monday is "Rain Day."  Sure wish it
would rain all day Monday, we really need it.

And, today starts "National Salad Week."  Load up on your greenies!
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