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7/26/02  (0030):   Today is "Aunt and Uncle Day," give them a call now!  Don't forget to take your plants for a walk tomorrow!

During the summer it's a good thing I'm a night person or I'd never get on the computer!  Everyone knows computers don't like heat, they like it cool and since I don't have air conditioning I don't get on the computer until night when it's warm during the day.  I don't think it was as warm today as yesterday.  Of course I shouldn't complain!  My parents live in Phoenix :(  I have relatives in Texas and I notice in one of the cities (Amarillo, hi Mike!) it was supposed to be 101 Thurs.  I really can't complain, the high here on Thurs was 81 and it looks like starting tomorrow it's dropping back into the upper 70's, but the humidity is in the 80's so that makes it seem worse.

Okay, now that I have lost everyone by giving the weather report :)

I met Judy E. (previous nursing instructor whom I adore) for lunch over at Dominc's - we shared a BBQ chicken pizza, let me tell you that is the best-tasting thing I have had in ages!  I wanted to give her the new charting system for the hospital as she teaches 4th semester and they start at the hospital right away

Whoops, it is now 0137, got busy talking to one of my friends on the computer.  I think my response to one of his comments was, in my opinion :), kind of witty.  I said "where there's life, there's always chance."  For someone who usually has to think of the right thing to say and usually comes up with the perfect saying
hours after the incident, I thought the spontaneity was pretty good.  Eh, just my opinion :)

I think maybe I
really am a nurse!  It was hot out today, the guys were up on the roof working on it.  I thought about how hot it was up there and worried about their fluid intake and possible heat stroke.  Remember, these are perfect strangers, well...don't know if they're perfect or not, but they're strangers!  I waited until I saw someone near the edge & hollered up, "Hey, are you guys drinking plenty of water?"  I must have shocked him, he paused, then a big grin spread over his face and he said "yeah!"  I heard him laughing and telling someone else up there what I'd asked.

Oh, turns out I was right about the "flame thrower," seems it's used to loosen the tar all the way down to bare boards so they have a completely new & proper fitting roof covering.

If I wasn't going on vacation I'd be at Del Mar, at the racetrack!  I love to watch thoroughbred horse racing and the season is underway right now for the next 6 weeks.  I also like to bet on the horses when I go.  I have a throroughly scientific method - look at the name first!  If there's anything in the name that catches your fancy, bet on the horse!  Oh, and I
awlays place a bet to win on the longshot of every race.  I basically go just to watch the horses & have fun with friends.  However, since vacation looms I will restrain myself and just live vicariously and watch the broadcast results on TV.

Oh, when I was having my chat with the Arabic couple the other night I really cracked them up.  I told them I thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Saudi but I did have one complaint.  They both looked at me seriously, I looked at her and said "yes, I waited and waited but the desert sheik never came riding up on his beautiful Arabian stallion with his robes billowing in the wind to snatch me up and carry me off!"  She smiled at me and said, "wait, he will come for you yet."
7/26/02  (0626):  I have discovered that when I'm saving pics that's I've played with and opt for the "let background show thru" it places funny-looking smudges on the pics and changes the look of the person's skin texture.  So, it looks as if all my photo pages will be black so I can do the edge effects I want.  That way I can pick black as the background and whatever else I do to the picture will show thru, but won't detract from the quality. (we hope!)

Anyone care to place bets on the Superbowl?  It's going to be in San Diego again.  Wouldn't it be cool if Dallas actually started winning & managed to get back to the Superbowl!

Hmmmm, they're calling it "tadpoling" when the couple is an older woman with a younger man.  Why?  Why is it acceptable for a man to have a woman 10, 15, 20 years his junior and not much is said but as soon as a woman does it that's all anyone can talk about????  Fair warning - I'm on the look-out for a younger man!!!
7/30/02  (0045): Heeheeheeheee!  Except for Mom, no one would guess where I'm writing this right now - the beach.  I'm not actually on the beach, I'm in a house just steps from the ocean.  One of the doctors with whom I used to work needs a cat/house-sitter occasionally and knowing how much I love cats, I get asked a lot.  Of course I have pictures, which will be downloaded once I get home tomorrow.  I love the sound of the surf in the background :)

Anyway, I worked three nights in a row - which I
do not like! The first night I worked with Katie, I think I've said before I like working with her a lot, she used to work in ICU and knows everything!  The 3rd nurse was a floater from the Pavillion, I used to work with her when I was a nurse's aide.  It was kind of neat, now we were colleagues and she was asking me questions!  This was only because of the speciality area and she was coming from a med-surg floor.

Saturday I worked with Jing and Jess, and Jess was orienting another LVN.  Jing is from the Philippines and this was the first time I've worked with her.  Jess and I were busy as I was covering the IV's on one of her admits and this person had
tons of them!

Then Sunday night we were supposed to get a third nurse, got a call as we were waiting to get report and apparently she was stuck in traffic on the 15.  She never made it there.  It ended up being just Jing and me with 10 patients, of course we got a CNA to help.  Except, the one we had on evenings wasn't much help!  I've worked with him before and I don't really like it when he's there.  For example, I asked if he had taken the 2000 vital signs, he said "yes."  I asked what was the blood pressure on a couple of patients, he showed me the clipboard.  Then at the end of his shift I happened to be looking in the chart and asked him if he'd charted his vital signs, he said he had.  So I asked him where the 2000 ones were - turns out he hadn't done them, "I didn't know I was supposed to."
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