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And then he just stood there staring over my shoulder at the chart as if the numbers would magically appear!  He didn't even grab the machine and start taking as many as he could before he left.  Javier came over to cover until we could get another aide for the night and we asked him to go ahead and get midnight vital signs on everyone since they hadn't been done for a while!

It was great working with Jing - I called her Jing-a-ling a couple of time, which she didn't mind.  If you are a fan of Friends you'll know.  She works soooo hard!  When we didn't know the nurse wasn't going to show and it was getting later & later I told her we needed to go ahead and assess the patients that we assigned to her so we could make sure everyone was okay.  Without further comment from me, she jumped in and even gave 2100 meds on all three.

Her 5 patients were pretty quiet, I also had 5, but had two that between them required me to be doing something to them just about every hour!  Naturally this put me behind in my charting.  Jing to the rescue!  I didn't say a word but she went about gathering the supplies for a dressing change, then asked me how I had done before.  I tried to dissuade her, but she would have none of it, said she had finished her charting as she had been expecting an admit (that never came thank goodness!) and had the time whereas I didn't.  That was very nice of her!

We got everything done, I even had time to put in a new IV on a patient without stressing over how late it was getting in the morning!

I was going to get some sleep at my place after work, then come here for the night but they were banging
directly overhead as the roof replacement continues on and it was just impossible. So I decided what better way to sleep than to be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves breaking against the sandy shore!  Yeah right! 

I was wide awake, even though I was my usual tired self after my 3rd night of working (and all 3 nights were busy!).  Took some pictures, strolled down on the beach, boy was the sand warm.  It felt great digging my toes in it!  I live so close but it's been ages since I've played on the beach!  I didn't go swimming, I didn't bring anything to swim around in.  Took some more pictures then came inside to try & take a nap. 

Instead got on the computer to check e-mail and my website with this faster connection.  Let me tell you!  If you do not have DSL or cable hook-up....
get it!   I can't believe how fast things load.  I have a 56K and I don't think things take too long, sometimes the Pagebuilder stuff seems to take a few extra seconds, but this!  WOW!  I wish I'd brought my photo program with me, I could have easily uninstalled it before leaving.  Things load up & show up so fast on this computer!

Then I noticed that my page backgrounds and other stuff looked different.  I had chosen a background on the main page that was basically black, with what appeared to be faint, red speckles. When I looked at it on this computer, it looked like molten lava!  Which I can't have as some of the stuff on the first page needs a black background to present a better picture. So for now I changed it to a completely plain, black background!  The color choices seem to be different here.

Oh well, I only slept for a couple of hours, I think I will try to grab a few more zzzzz's  Sammy is jingling around playing with stuff, maybe he'll curl up with me.  He's so cute, soft, and cuddly!  Miss Kitty laid with me on the bed for a little while, then decided to go elsewhere.  Sammy was cute, he hid for a while, then decided I was okay when I flicked his feather toy around for him! Then he let me pet him, pick him up and he started following me around.  He
really decided I was okay when I fed them!  I will have pictures of my sojourn here at "Jake's Place," which is what I think I will title the picture section, but I want to find a beach shack or something as the icon for entering the picture site.  Nite!
7/30/02  (1133): Didn't sleep much, don't know why.  I was & wasn't tired when I got home yesterday and wouldn't have been able to sleep with the roof-replacing noise, that's why I came over here.  But once I was here, I wanted to go play in the sand and play with the cats.  I dozed a little bit.  I was finally sleeping this morning when someone called and when I picked up the phone they hung up :(

I checked my messages at home, believe it or not work had called to see if I wanted to work 2300-0700 for double time.  I wonder why she didn't try my cell phone?  It's a moot point as I would have said no anyway.  If Maua mentioned she called me in front of Kay, Kay will know that I'm here and that I would have said no!!!!  She was cute, though, in the message she said, "come on, it's for double time!"
7/31/02  (0813): Happy birthday Heather!  Let's see, how old are you now, 21???  I can never seem to remember!  Anyway, see you soon!  Also, today is "Always Live Better Than Yesterday Day" which is a good motto!  And for you Harry Potter fans (me included!) today is J.K. Rowling's birthday.

I forgot to ask Jake & Liz how Sammy got his name - I've always wanted to get another siamese and name him/her Sam, short for Sammy Siamese Dirty Face.  It's a name I've remembered from eons ago when I was a child, it's from a child's story...I think "The Little Tin Soldier" but I'm not 100% sure.

Believe it or not, for once I slept through the night!  I was soooo tired.  In fact yesterday I had sat down upstairs to watch TV & enjoy the view out the window until I was sure the roofers were gone - then fell asleep!  Liz had to wake me up!  I came home and thought I'd take a nap then get up & load all the pictures but fell asleep around 2000 and woke up about 0100 and decided I was tired enough just to keep sleeping!  Occasionally I will sleep 'round the clock, my way of catching up on lost sleep. Besides, if the roofers are banging around today I won't get any more sleep.
7/31/02  (1005): Okay, I've downloaded the pictures - a whole 145! - to play with.  Obviously all of them won't be posted to the website.  The new FlashCard is wonderful, as I don't have to worry about filling it up I could just shoot & shoot and choose later.  If you have a digital camera I highly recommend getting the 128mb flash card!  Go to CostoCo, even without the coupon it's only $55.
7/31/02  (1320): I've played with the pics, taken a break & uploaded things to the website so check them out!  I'm done playing on the computer for today!  Oh, and for clarification, I was NOT cathouse sitting, I was cat and house sitting!
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