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8/1/02  (0502): If you're reading this then you should celebrate "World Wide Web Anniversary!"  I'll have to check into why they chose August 1st for that honor.

Tomorrow, August 2nd is Ice Cream Sandwich Day and Friendship day, so combine the two and take a friend out & buy him/her an ice cream sandwich!

Then on Saturday, 8/3/02, enjoy a watermelon in celebration of Watermelon Day!  I just love a good watermelon.  I think the best I've had are the ones I've grown myself, way back when I lived in Texas.  It was my first venture and I couldn't understand why I had to pinch off some of the flowers (which turn into watermelons) when Dad said to.  To me more was better, but pinching some off allowed fewer melons for the plant to feed & support, meant better watermelons!

Of course you know the secret of picking a good watermelon?  You have to flick it with your middle finger.  Once you hear the right toned "thunk" then you know it's a good one!  Takes practice :)

I was flipping through profiles on Yahoo and ran across one who stated something to the effect, "WTC, terrorism or defense?"  Omigosh!  The secret is out!  Those people who went to work at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 were secret agents, the buildings were actually Transformers and were about to be launched in an attack against the Middle East!  Puh-leese, give me a break !!!!!!!
8/3/02  (0932): Don't forget to get your watermelon for Watermelon Day today!

I worked on 4East on Thursday, Charlene called about 1300 wanting to know if I could come in at 1500 instead of 1900, saying she was "beyond desperate!"  I had to say yes!  I was
busy!  I had 4 patients, but for one of them I ended up hanging 11 piggybacks throughout the 16 hours.  I had to juggle K-riders with 2 different antibiotics and protonix. 

Okay, for you non-medical people:  piggyback - a small bag of solution, usually 50-100cc, that is "piggybacked" into the main IV fluid line.  When you hang the PB higher than the main bag, it will run in instead of the main bag.  Then when it's finished the main line will pick right back up where it left off.  K-rider - potassium in solution, used to raise the patient's potassium level faster than oral replacement. 

Between that patient and the others I was busy enough, but not overwhelemed.  So last night I go back and had 3 of my patients still there.  Not as many PB for the one patient, the day shift had already given even more K-riders.  I was hoping to get my stuff done before getting an admit, but Chandrani called and said at 2300 she needed me down on 2East, did I mind?  Well, of course I minded but what ya gonna do, you do what's needed.  Turned out great, I only had 2 patients for the rest of the night!  One I picked up from Jess and the other was an admit from the ER about 0030 who slept the rest of the night. 

It's nice to have a slower paced night once in a while, but it can make for a long night.  Last night seemed longer than the previous night when I'd been there for 16 hours.  Chandrani was cute, I'd given her report and she said, "you only have 2 patients!  Let me call ER!"

I agree with Mom, I'm ready to get away & have some fun!
8/4/02  (0248): Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream or chocoloate chip cookies, hmmmm can't decide which one to have in order to celebrate "Chocolate Chip Day!"   I have to say my favorite is the cookie dough ice cream but the cookies are easier to haul around so I picked up a batch at CostCo to take to work tonight.  Tomorrow begins "Smile" week so flash those pearlies every chance you get!

When you only work three days a week and they vary, weekends don't count anymore.  I mean, you're not working 5 days in a row and then getting 2 measly days in which to run all your errands, get everything done.  So, I tend to forget that there is a mass of people free and on the loose on weekends.  Where is this going?  I went to CostCo about noon on Saturday - big mistake!  Of course it was my fault I had to search for a parking place as I'd called in a prescription refill a couple of weeks earlier and then kept forgetting to pick it up, but
had to get it yesterday as I was finally out.

Anyway, CostCo was teaming with people!  So I just took my time.  I only went to pick up a prescription, but if you've ever been to CostCo during the day, especially on weekends, you can't just pick up one thing and you can't just run in & out!  Mainly because of the tasty samples all over the place.  The joke is "we're going to CostCo for lunch."  There are the little carts all over the place with all kinds of tasty items to tempt your palate & wallet.  There seemed to be an exceptional number of things to sample yesterday.  3 different juice brands, my favorite is Naked Juice, they have the
best juices, just like squeezing it yourself at home, my favorite is Tangerine Scream.  There were a bunch of other food items so I just cruised around checking it all out.

Believe it or not, I got out of CostCo without spending tons of money, mainly because I'm trying to hang on to every cent for vacation!  I did pick up a couple of paperbacks as they looked entertaining and they're half the price at CostCo.

Speaking of vacation, the new schedule is out and my line looks really great!  The schedule covers 4 weeks at a time, this one starts out with me working the first three days of it, then I'm off the rest of the schedule!  Yippeeeee!  And I forget if I mentioned it, but I've been saved from working the 6 nights in a row before vacation.  I turned in a request and the new unit manager took pity on my sob-story, so just before vacation I'll work Thur/Fri, have Sat off, then work Sun/Mon/Tues.
8/5/02  (0804): Happy Anniversary Rose & Ray!  And today is Waffle Day, go out and have some yummy waffles, or stay home and make 'em yourself - that's even better cuz then you can pour on as much syrup as you want without raising eyebrows!

Did you know there's actually a length of time associated with an "eon?"  So when you say you haven't done something or seen someone for eons, you're actually saying you haven't seen them or done it for a billion years!
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