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8/6/02  (0730): Let's see, there are so many "days" to celebrate today where do I start!  First off, happy "Wiggle Your Toes Day!"  If you live anywhere near a beach that's the best place to do it, wiggle your toes in the nice warm sand!

And most importantly it is "Fresh Breath Day" and everyone should attend to this!  I used to work with someone who had such horrible breath that everyone cringed when she came near.  And she loved to talk and was the kind of talker who had to get right in your face!  You'd take a step back, she'd take a step forward.  Eventually you'd get yourself backed into a corner & couldn't inch any further.  People were too nice, no one ever said anything.  I wanted to smuggle in a bottle of Scope & leave it on her desk with a note, but I never did.  It just beame habit that whenever she came near I automatically closed my nose & started breathing thru my mouth!

It's also "National Night Out," not that I have any burning desire today to do anything but maybe I should call a couple of friends and see if they'd like to do anything tonight.  It's the part of the year where it's balmy at night and would be kind of fun to go play miniature golf, or something like that.

It is also "Judge Crater Day" and never having heard of this person I had to look him up.  The best article about him is in the Augusta Chronicle by Randall Floyd and can be read
here.  Otherwise, a short synopsis is that on 8/6/1930, he told friends he would be attending the Broadway play, "Dancing Partner" that evening, and was never seen or heard from again.  Nobody has been able to explain why Judge Crater disappeared, although there are no shortage of theories.  Earlier in the afternoon, Crater went to his office, and removed a large number of papers from his files.  He also cashed a check for a very large sum of money.  It is also unlikely that he ever showed up at the theater to see the show.  Since he purged his personal files, obtained a large amount of money, and seemed to form an alibi with the theater, it seems the most obvious answer is that he disappeared on his own accord. But no one can explain why he would wish to disappear.  The corruption investigators failed to turn up anything on him so there didn't seem to be any danger of a scandal.  Some say he was murdered by members of the underworld (whom he knew).  Some even say he experienced some sort of religious conversion, and ran off to Mexico.  By now, it is doubtful whether we will ever know what happened to Judge Crater

And for a little Civics lesson, the Voting Act of 1965 was signed today.  It was an act to enforce the 15th Amendment (The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees that an American citizen shall not be discriminated against in exercising the right to vote.  It states that the Federal and State governments cannot bar a citizen from voting because the person had been a slave or because of race.)  The voting act stated "No voting qualification or prerequisite to voting, or standard, practice, or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any State or political subdivision to deny or abridge the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color."  Seems a little redundant - if there was already an amendment it should take effect.  Just shows how resistant people (i.e., the South!) were to allowing non-whites the right to vote.  Those who had been slaves became American citizens under the 14th Amendment.

But now we come to the one I like the most - it is "Root Beer Float Day!"  Mmmmmmm, nothing better than a frosty cold mug of A&W root beer with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream in it!  (insert lip-smacking sounds here!)
8/7/02  (0311):   Let's see, what did I do yesterday?  Nothing!  And what did I do on Monday?  Yep you're right - nothing!  Can't do that today, have errands to run and things to get ready for the Road Trip!  Definitely have to get the hair cut today!

Oh, found out why August 1st is consiered WWW day - Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Calliau at the European Laboratory for Particle Physics at Switzerland developed the prototype of what would be the Web.  And it actually is the 10th anniversary.  I can't imagine life without the internet!

Oh and bad news for you people who have cold winters and good news for you people who have hot summers - summer was 1/2 over as of yesterday!  It ends Sep 22 with the autumnal equinox and the beginning of autumn.

Dream Alert I tell you, I have the weirdest dreams!  It's always hard to put into words what you dream, it's hard to find the words to describe the images that are running riot through your head!  Anyway I was on an island run by some evil guy who controlled the native population.  I am captured, don't know why I am there, but he is sitting at the edge of some bleachers and I'm looking up at him.  I'm free at this point.  He is saying something about how it pains him to do this, being very polite.  I look up at him and say "you do realize I will have to try and escape?"  He sighs, drops his head and nods, at which point I take off running.  I get a good headstart and leap off a cliff into the ocean and start swimming, my goal is to get around a spit of land so whoever is chasing me can't see which direction I go.

I manage to get around the headland and start swimming up the coast, and boy am I a fast swimmer!  Anyway I come to a semi-crowded beach and drag myself out and partway up some sand dunes which have scraggly brush on them.  I'm talking to some natives wearing brightly colored garb when one of the women dressed in red grabs her neck and then falls over.  This happens with a couple of more people, I'm confused but then look out to sea and see some of the natives from the other island wading out of the surf with long, thin blowguns in their hands -they'd been blowing poison darts!  I take off running and find myself in a maze of narrow streets, winding in and out in my attempt to elude them.  And that's it, don't remember anymore!
8/8/02  (0244): Happy Senior Citizens Day!  For some reason it coincides with Dollar Day, anything to do with Senior discounts?????

I finally got my wild mass of hair trimmed yesterday!  After my shower I looked in the mirror and all I could say was "help, I'm being held hostage by my hair!"  I got dressed in a hurry and headed over the the salon to get it trimmed.  I have an idea of how I'd like it cut, but I'm not going to do it just before vacation, don't want to do a major change and have to deal with it while on the road.

I went off to WalMart after that, and a couple of other places, then on my way up the stairs with my
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