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bags my cellphone rings.  (by the way, I don't know why the spacing changes on these pages!  The previous page ended at the end of a sentence, but when I pulled it up to look at the screen, there was one word on the line.  Go figure!)

Anyway, it was Helen on the phone, my friend in Boston.  Although she's not in Boston right now, she's on vacation in New Hamshire, I think??  Uh oh, I don't remember now!  Depending upon how far East we get she'd like to drive over for a visit.  We'll see.
8/10/02  (0930):   Decisions, decisions!  Today is National Garage Sale Day but it's also "Lazy Day."  What to do, rummage around garage sales hoping to find that under-priced treasure or curl up on the couch with the TV and a good book????  Also, it's "Middle Children's Day," I guess that means if you're the middle child then it's your day.  I wouldn't know, I'm a spoiled rotten only child :)

Had a pretty good two nights at work.  Worked with Jess both nights, I really like working with her, she knows her stuff!  She's an LVN and will be going to Palomar to get her RN, this time next year she'll be an RN!!  Gail was with us last night and after a
very busy/hectic start things quieted down.  I had a couple of confused patients both nights, but they were in the same room with an aid in the room to watch over them.  That always helps a lot, you don't have to worry about them getting up & falling, or disappearing!

Gail had a confused lady, she moved her to a room in front of the nurse's station so we could keep a better eye on her.  Thank goodness it was night-time as she kept stripping off her gown and insisting on lying in bed butt naked!  She kept pulling off the cardiac monitor, wandering around the room, wandering out of the room!  She'll probably sleep all day and day shift will say, "what problem?"

I hope to have new "scrapbooking" pictures tonight, Brooke's sister Deanine is having a scrapbooking party and as she's just down the road I'm going.  I'll get some pics of the pages done and try to get them downloaded tonight.  I have a lot to do today, don't know if I'll get any sleep so I may do something unusual and sleep when it's dark!
8/11/02  (1136):    I was a 'normal' person last night!  I got home around 2200 and shortly thereafter I was asleep and slept all night until about 0800!  Of course it helped that I had worked Sat night and didn't sleep at all when I came home :)

Went over to Deanine's (Brooke's sister) for a scrapbooking party.  We had a field trip to a scrapbooking store,
Everafter, it has tons of stuff!  Lots of paper too, I need to get into using the paper to back the pages, but I like all the little trims, cutouts, papers, stickers, etc.

I didn't take any of my pictures or stuff over there.  I just wanted to see people, engage in conversations with lucid adults, and generally just hang out with people!  Oh, the munchies weren't bad either!  Brooke has a great receipe for artichoke dip which is fantastic!  I don't like artichokes, but I love this!  It's kind of like avocados, don't like 'em but I love guacamole.  Oh, and cream cheese, don't like it but love cheesecake, cherry creamcheese pie, smoosh-lee-in-the-face dessert, etc. 

I have new pictures up in the scrapbooking section, mainly ones from Misty's book.  Now that I'm sitting here thinking about it, I should put some of mine up!  In fact, I'll be back later, I'm going to take some pictures of the one I'm working on and download them!
8/11/02  (1245):   Okie dokie, pictures of the scrapbook I've been working on are now added.  No comparisons please!  You can tell I'm an amature, but I think as you go along the pages start to get a little better.  I've been collecting stuff for the Road Trip pictures and I'm thinking that album will be really good!  You can check them out here

Oh well, time to get off this thing, I have to work the next 3 nights in a row and have thngs to do!
8/14/02  (0937):   Okay, I have worked the last three nights, this morning right after work had my yearly review, then ran a couple of errands.  I still have about 20 things to do and here I am!  My excuse for being on the computer is I have to delete all the e-mails, check other e-mail addresses, etc.  It may take me all day & night, but I'll eventually get everything done - I figure I'll get to sleep tomorrow!

Today is VJ Day, thank a Vet for all they've done for the USA!  And this is "The King Week," remembering Elvis Presley who died 8/16/77.  Don't ask me how I can remember that date!  I was talking to Kay at work last night and we both saw him when he came to San Diego in concert.  I pointed at her and said, "heyyyyy, that's why you looked so familiar when I first started!"   Hahahaha.

Sun & Mon were okay, it was MaryKay, me, and an LVN.  Pretty calm nights.  Then last night it was just two of us and Kathy ended up with 5 patients & I had 4.  The past 3 nights I have been done with everything on time and even early, I think I have to attribute it to the new charting, it doesn't take as long to do it, which is great!  It's hard to believe but I don't have to go back to work until 9/9!

Oh, my review was favorable :)
8/15 thru 8/29:   Click on "Great American Road Trip" on the main page, or click HERE
8/30/02  (1100):   Okay, flew to Phoenix 8/15 and Mom and I left on our 'Great American Road Trip" early on 8/16/02.  It was a great trip, didn't have time to go all the way to the East coast, the farthest East we got was to St. Louis (not counting the little swing thru Illinois to get to Minnesota as no road went directly North out of St. Louis.)  I still have to get all the way home, not there yet :)

Once I do get home, I have over 400 pics to download off my digital camera - what a job I have in front of me!  So, once I get it all done, I'll send out a notice to everyone so they can check out that page :)
8/31/02  (1915):   I am old :(     Today is my birthday, I have chalked up another mark on that board of life!  Still in AZ, Mom &  Dad took me out to dinner and Mom made a yummy cake earlier today.  They gave me a gorgeous pair of amethyst leverback earrings, which I happen to be wearing now!
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