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9/1/02  (1925):   Still in AZ, and still hot!  Temp remains over 100, about 104 today.  It's a great place to be in the winter months, but during the summer it can be a killer - especially if you don't like heat, like me!

Went over to Wickenburg today for a BBQ, Dad's cousin Jerry and his wife have moved from Calif.  I'd met them once about 1 1/2 years ago when I picked up a couple of guns from Jerry to take to Dad when I was coming out one Christmas.  Jerry likes it here, it's still kind of the Wild West and you are allowed to have guns & play with them! 

They have a very nice house and I love the showers in the master bedroom!  The electricity had gone out here, a wire had burned somewhere down the line, and without electricity you can't have water.  How's this you ask?  Well, when you have a house in the desert you have a well, and you have a pump to pump the water from the well to the house.  No electricity = no pump!

I had taken my stuff with me and used Jerry & Debbie's shower - as I said, great!  You just walk into it and there are two of them.  I almost couldn't decide which one to use!

Jerry BBQ'd some ribs, Tri-tip and something else, along with the sides that we had it was a very yummy feast!  Once I get home I can download some pictures and add them to the family pages.
9/6/02  (1526): What a job I have in front of me!  I have been working on pictures since around 0900 and managed to do 2 pages for the webpage, but I still have dozens & dozens of pictures to go thru! 

I picked up my schedule for work yesterday and they didn't change what I had put down - I have the most beautiful schedule for the next 4 weeks!  I will have had 26 days in a row off (and only had to take 9 vacation days!) and then I work one night, get one off - that was to try and get back into the swing of things.  Then I work 2 on, 3 off, four times in a row, then the last week is 1 on, 2 off, then 2 on. 

I thought it would be hard to go back to work after being off for so long, but when I came off the elevator I felt an eagerness to get back to it!  So, believe it or not, I'm looking forward to going back to work on Monday! 
9/8/02  (1249): What a project!  I've been working on downloading pictures and deciding which ones to put on the webpage.  I'm keeping all of them, saving them to a CD, but my computer is being weird!  When I save them to the CD it saves the picture, but then puts a lot more garbage on there which is not pictures.  So I'm having to go thru & manually delete the extra garbage. 

I'm up to getting gas in Ames, Iowa on the webpage, which is where I've run out of pictures.  Now I'll have to start downloading more pictures, fixing them, and saving them.

It tried to rain here on Friday, of course after sitting for 3 weeks my car was dusty.  I was out when it decided to spit a little and now I have little mud splashes alllllll over my car!  I guess it rained better in other parts of the County, but we got zilch here! 

Fariba invited me over for dinner last night and she'd made one of my favorites, her yummy spaghetti. I also got a nice bottle of Eternity lotion from them, mmmmm smells great!  Oh well, time to go off to CostCo and see if the 15 rolls of film are back!
9/10/02  (0941): Egads what a night!  That's what I get for having 26 days off in a row!  During report it was just me and a registry LVN, which meant I had to take certain patients.  But after report I called the Charge RN as that also meant not only was I responsible for my 6 patients, I was responsible for hers!  I told Maua we needed another RN, there's no way I could (or would) do that!  Apparently someone was supposed to stay but they forgot to ask her!  By the time she came back I still had to go ahead & assess my 6, but we got another RN at 2300 and I got to give up 2!  Busy stuff all night, and boy am I tired!

Got the snapshots back, along with picture CD's so I have to go back & add pictures to the webpage.  I was a 2-fisted shooter! 
9/15/02  (1604): I'm in my great sequence of 2 on 3 off, worked Wed/Thurs so this is my 3rd day off in a row.  Wed wasn't much better than Monday night.  During report one of my pts had died and I got an admit.  Luckily Marci was a great help, she dealt with the Hospice nurse and paperwork, Miguel got the patient ready after the family left.

My admit kept me busy - hypotension, the lowest her BP got was 81/44 but she kept me hopping all night.  Then I had 2 more that were awake most of the night.  One liked to talk, the other was a little confused and kept getting up wanting to walk around  in the middle of the night.  Thursday was much better, even though it was just Cris and I and we ended up with 5 patients each.  We had an ACT who wasn't afraid to work so we managed just fine.

I'm still working on the pics for the road trip - whew!  There are sooooo many, but I can't use them all. I'd love to, it would give people an even better idea of our trip, but there are just too many.  Worked on it again most of last night.  I'm up to the end of Rapid City.  I just need to keep plodding along and I'll get them finished.

DREAM ALERT! What a funny dream I had the other night, or day actually, it was Friday.  I'd worked Thrusday night then met Rachael, Nancy, Rosie, and her husband Dennis for breakfast, then came home and fell asleep after a while.

Anyway, I was in the backseat of the Lincoln, Dad was driving, Mom in the front passenger seat.  We were going to a restaurant at the top of a hill, overlooking the ocean.  The road dipped before it started up and there were large waves breaking over to the right.  One of them was exceptionally large (I have had dreams with a recurring theme of large waves, sometimes tsunami-type waves since 1974) and I said to Dad, "hurry, hurry, hurry!"  Otherwise it was going to slap up against the back of the car.
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