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As we headed up the hill I heard sloshing in the back and told Dad, "I think you got some water in the trunk."  We reached the restaurant, it was a steakhouse-type place.  We were escorted back, around a corner or two, then told to wait.

So we waited.....and waited, Mom and Dad finally went back to the front to find out what was going on.  When they didn't return I went up there and they had been seated in-between two fireplaces.  My chair would have placed my back facing one of them.  I stopped, looked at the seating and said, "oh no, no, no!"  (I
detest being hot!)  I went up to the front and told them that was not acceptable, besides, the rock of the fireplace was jutting out, leaving Dad about 6 inches to eat on.  Don't know if we ever got a good seat or got to eat our steak as I woke up then :)
9/18/02  (2203): Hey, today was Chocolate Day, I hope you had plenty!  Of course I rationalize it by saying that chocolate has potassium in it and your muscles & nerves need potassium!

Talk about coincidences - I was at my old office today, just saying hi to people, and I was talking to Dr. O.  I was wearing one of the T-shirts I got on vacation, it has Mt. Rushmore with Red Cloud, Geronimo and two other Indians over the Mt. Rushmore heads and is titled "our founding fathers."  Anyway, one of the patients saw my shirt and said "I went to school with (forget the first name) Borglum and her grandfather is the one who carved Mt. Rushmore and when he died her father finished it."  What a small world.

I worked Monday, was supposed to work Tues, but MaryKay called Sun night and wanted Thurs off so I went ahead & switched, even though it meant breaking up my perfect schedule!  So I worked Mon, got Tue/Wed off, work Thur, get Fri off, then work Sat/Sun and I'm back to my 3 off. 

I ended up on 2West, so I'm glad I didn't have 2 nights in a row there!  I only had 3 patients, but I didn't stop & take a breath until midnight!  And then I was still up & down, back & forth doing stuff!  Don't like vents, if you asked me
why I don't like to work with vent pts, I couldn't tell you!  I just don't.

Dream Alert
!   I guess this dream is because I was showing some of my vacation pictures at work and I'd included some of the dinosaur footprints.  Anway, in the dream there was a T-Rex chasing me.  No matter where I went, or how far ahead I got, it would always find me and I'd have to escape again.  People were running & screaming but the thing just kept stomping its way thru town after me!
9/19/02  (0127):   Yay!  It's finally done - the Great American Road Trip of 2002 is revealed.  Just go to the main page & check it out! Or, you can go now, click here

Today is Create a Color Day.  I can't think of any color more perfect than purple, all shades of purple, lavender, mauve, etc!

Friday is POW / MIA Recognition Day, take time to recognize what they did and what they went thru.  It's also Gibberish Day, something I tend to celebrate several times a week!
9/21/02  (0131):    Today is World Gratitude Day, if the world was more grateful, we wouldn't have half the problems we do now!  It's also Watch What You Say Day, so be careful!  And last, but not least, it's Oktoberfest, in Germany.  One of these days I'd like to be in Germany for Oktoberfest.

Anyway, I had to wait a while before describing my night on Thursday, or I would have used a lot of
very unlady-like words!  I was on 4East with a registry LVN and a registry RN.  The RN was okay, at least she was capable, but I had to help in regards to policies, paperwork, you know, the little things.  She was having a hard time with a patient, he'd pulled out his central line (from his neck, thank goodness he wasn't taking a deep breath in as he did or he could have had an air embolism!) and was pulling on his chest tube, catheter, anything he could get his hands on!

Let me back up, when there are 2 RNs and 1 LVN, the RNs are responsible for monitoring the LVN and doing the IV meds for the LVN.  So, since Ava was having to spend so much time with that one pt, I picked up an extra patient of the LVN's to monitor.  That means I had 4 patients of my own (1 on chemo, one status post chemo and tended to spike temps, one very fresh post-op, and another post-op valve replacement who had just come off the pacer and also had respiratory problems), plus I was covering the 3 of the LVN's.  PLUS, since I was core staff, I was kind of responsible for the whole floor!

Needless to say, it was a very busy night, at least for Ava and I, neither one of us ever got our dinner break.  The LVN had a nice, calm, quiet night as she sat on her ASS most of the night!  She didn't answer one single call bell, even when it was her own patient.  She'd let one of us pick it up, then would sit there so I'd get up & go help the pt.  An example - I have to assess the LVN's patients too.  One of them had a paramedic IV that should have been changed 2 days ago.  I told her it needed to be changed, she replied she'd do it in the moring.  I said no, it needs to be done now since it's 2 days overdue.  My thinking - #1 a hospital policy had been overlooked, #2 if anything happened because of that IV site it would be MY fault.  Guess who ended up doing the new IV, definitely not the LVN.

So her patients call throughout the night and she never gets up to answer the initial bell, I finally told her they were her patients, go help them!  Then when it was the busiest, Ava had 2 admits at once and I was helping, the LVN decides it's time to go on her break.  *&@^%&$#!  The kicker was at the end of the shift.  HER patient needed some help, then needed some medication so the Dr. needed to be called about that, plus to advise of the pt's current condition.  I told her "you need to call the Dr. and let him know what is going on and get her a prescription for Motrin."  It was almost 7:30 am, Day shift was still listening to report, we have to cover until Day shift is out of report.  Her exact words after my directive - "are you kidding, it's 7:30, I don't get paid overtime, goodbye," and she left!

I told this to the Day Charge nurse and she had me write the LVN up.  Turns out I'm not the only one who has had problems with her, she's been written up before.  Anyway, that was my night with her, I can only hope I don't have to work with her again!
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