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9/24/02  (0214):   Yesterday was the Fall equinox, couldn't tell it by here!  It's still too warm, and the humidity is up so that makes it more uncomfortable.   Today is "Buy Nothing Day."  See what you can do today without pulling out your wallet.  For you dog lovers it is National Dog Week.  Give Rover an extra scratch behind the ears!

Worked Sat/Sun night on 4East.  Both nights it was just me and another nurse, so that means we each had 6 patients, but we had a CNA to do the vital signs, answer the bell, do the running.  Sunday night was easier, I had the same 6 patients.  Even though you still have to assess them, they're not "unknown" and it's faster.  I was finished with my assessments and meds by 2200.  It was nice not to feel pressured all night.  And Sun night was quieter than Saturday night.  All in all it was a nice couple of nights.

It was just me and Carol Ann on Sat night, then me and Diane Sun night.  Diane is staff and Carol Ann is registry, but she knows what she's doing and has worked at the hospital a lot.  What a difference from Thursday night!

Looks like I have to do some tweaking on GART (Great American Road Trip) so I'll do that now.  Then try and enjoy the relative "coolness" of the rest of the night.  It may be buy nothing day, but I think I'm going to the movies in the afternoon to escape my apartment!
9/24/02  (0427):   I've played around with stuff, and surfed a bunch, mainly because the cable is out, again!  Came home from work Mon morning & there was "an outage in my area."  And it's out again.  Hmmm, wonder if I get a reduction in my bill for services NOT provided???
9/25/02  (0837):   Today is "One Hit Wonder Day."  How many can you think of??

Last week I was nice & switched a night with someone, but that meant my 3 in a row off was messed up.  So after working Sat/Sun I was looking forward to my 3 in a row this week.  Well, Maua called about 2120 last night and asked if I'd come in at 2300.  I said no.  Then she called back and asked if she could get double-time approved, would I consider it?  Of course I would.  Anyway, I went in to work at 2300.  It was a very nice night and with the new charting I wasn't scrambling at the end to get everything done.

It was only the 2nd time I'd worked with Jing, and I like working with her.  She knows what she's doing and she's not afraid to work!  The other one was okay, but there are things I noticed in just that short time that I don't like.  I'm not sure if she's a Traveler or new staff, or what.

Anyway, I had a nice night, wasn't as tired after working only 8 hours, but I'll get paid for 16 hours!  And I got to be somewhere a little cooler than my apt!  That's another reason I went in.  I knew I'd bitch all night long about how hot & humid it was, so if I was going to be up all night & be miserable, might as well get paid for it, right :)

Rachael and Kathi are supposed to go to Cancun today, I wonder if their hotel is still there?  The hurricaine went thru that area and there are a lot of people homeless.  There's a good example as to why you should get trip insurance!  I hope they got to go.

I saw a promo for the next Harry Potter movie, it opens in November.  If you haven't read the series, do so!  They're good reading, even for adults.  In fact when I read the first one I had read it so fast and liked it so much that as soon as I was finished I went right back to the beginning and started it all over again!

Oh!  I got an e-mail from a friend, she had forwarded it from someone else, who had sent it to her and a lot of other people.  It just happened to be a copy of my page "hmmm"   Looks like someone liked what they saw, copied it, sent it around and it made its way back to me!
9/29/02  (0031):   Today is 'Coffee Day', I love the smell of coffee, and I love the way it tastes (with cream & sugar!) but I haven't had any for years.  When everyone else is drinking coffee at night at work, I'm getting my caffeine by drinking Dr. Pepper!

Yesterday was 'Strawberry Cream Pie Day' now that's a day I would have celebrated if I'd looked at the list sooner!  Dad, it was 'National Hunting and Fishing Day' did you go?  And it was also 'Everybody's Day', I guess to cover all bases in case a "holiday" is missed :)

I worked Thurs/Fri nights on 4East.  Thursday it was Chandrani, Jess, and I, and Chandrani was orienting an LVN.  I like working with Chandrani and Jess, I knew it was going to be a good night when Jess was re-assigned to our floor!  Actually, I like working with just about everyone.  Thursday was busy, the first night always is because you don't know any of your patients.  But when everyone works as a team you get thru the night. 

I don't know if the LVN Chandrani was orienting will last.  She would sit there at the desk, working crossword puzzles and when the call bell rang she'd look at it, if it wasn't her patient she wouldn't pick it up.  Excuse me - doesn't matter if it's not "your" patient!  When the bell rings, answer it!  Especially if you're sitting there doing nothing!!!!  You know the saying, "there is no I in team!"  Turns out she left before 0730, while the day shift was still in report.  Didn't do some vital signs, didn't empty foleys and didn't do a blood sugar.  Jess was running ragged, I was in a room, one of my pts asked for ice water and Jess says the other LVN just stood there, didn't offer to help.  Then Friday night she was supposed to be back and she was a no-show, just didn't show up.  IMC/tele is just too heavy not to help your co-worker!!

Friday night was great for me, I had the same four patients so I knew them, no changes in condition, in fact they were improving.  Just one of them was very "needy."  Wash my glasses, move the table, put this there, do this, do that :)  Jess had one that was confused.  Chandrani had one that was confused,
very confused!  He pulled out his mediport access 3 times, and at one point was out in the hall, naked with not a care in the world!  Oh, and another of her patients was really strange!  Thurs night she had pooped on the floor then got back into bed (young girl, 19 years old so she wasn't senile) and Friday night, twice, she peed on the floor, then got back into bed.  It's hard
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