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to explain, she just had a very strange affect.  I even thought she might be a little mentally challenged, but Chandrani said she wasn't.

We usually celebrate birthdays, I was gone when it was mine.  Well, Friday night Sandy (one of the monitor goddesses) comes wagging in a cake with a note on top saying they celebrated without me but remembered.  That was soooo nice of her, thank you Sandy!  Of course it meant being reminded all over again I am aged!

Came home Friday morning, wanted to read more of a book before sleeping.  I'm reading and hear a strange noise.  For the life of me I can't place it.  It's not the roofers (they've moved on to the next building across from me), it's not coming from the laundry room.  I finally have to get up to investigate - it was raining!  It had been so long since it had rained around here I forgot what it sounded like on the roof.  In fact, as I'm sitting here now writing this, it's raining again - yay!

I was doing a line draw for Jess Fri night (line draw = pulling blood out of a central IV line) and as I was flushing it afterwards pt points and says "look at that spider."  Well, I look in the direction she's pointing and I see nothing on the wall.  I think "oh great, she hallucinating, I wonder what Jess gave her."  I told her I didn't see a spider, she points again, I look again, still no spider.  Then she directed my gaze to over the bed, a big spider was rappelling down his line of silk, straight onto her bed.  I managed to grab the plastic bag the syringe came in and squished him!  She was very appreciative for being saved from the leggy beast!

I've decided I
really need to do registry work at least once very two weeks.  It's amazing, you can easily make over $900 for one shift, yeah, one 12 hour shift!  I keep dragging my feet though, I like my time off and I really don't want to drive to some other hospital.  We'll see, it would be a great way to build up the bank account!
10/01/02  (0304);   Today is 'Techies Day' I guess if you're reading this you should be thankful to all those techies or you wouldn't have that computer.  It's also 'World Vegetarian Day' but that's something I couldn't celebrate...ever!  I'm definitely a meat & potatoes girl!  And Wed is 'Name Your Car Day', how many Betsies, Ethels, and other such names do you drive?

I should have put the counter up sooner on the Great American Road Trip page.  I'm sure a lot more people looked at it right after I sent out the announcement that it was ready.  It would be interesting to see how many people have checked out our adventure.  I just went thru it again, added a few comments, corrected some typos, hopefully I've caught them all by this time!  It's amazing how many times you can read something one way when it's actually written another.

I've had three days off and have done nothing, I mean it - absolutely nothing!  I was going to work on some scrapbooking pages, I have dozens of pictures to go thru; I was going to go to the movies; I was going to do a lot of stuff but didn't do anything!  Read a couple of books, watched TV, played on the computer, and dozed. 

Can you believe it's October already?  Ever since I started nursing school, time has just been zooming by.  The semesters at school seemed to stretch unending at the beginning and the next thing I'd know they'd be over.  I started working at Tri-City as a nurse July 2001 and that anniversary has already whizzed by!  I don't know why time is going by so fast all the time.  I'm happy in life now, maybe that's why?

I just know to keep preparing for what I've planned in the future as that day will get here faster than I realize!  And not to think it's a long time away before I can do it.  M&D ;-)
10/03/02  (0527):   Let's see, Friday is 'World Smile Day' so flash those pearlie whites!  And while you're doing that you can 'Toot Your Flute'  then enjoy 'Taco Day'.  Saturday is 'World Teacher Day' a group of people who don't get the recognition they deserve.  Sunday is 'National German-American Day' and as I am 1/4 German I guess I should eat a Bratwurst in celebration.  Of course I'd prefer to eat one in Germany, mmmmm they had the best sausages mit brot!  Monday is 'Bathtub day', when was the last time you took an actual bath in this day and age of showers!

I worked Tuesday night on 3East.  We had 3 RNs, we each had 4 patients and it was a pretty good night.  One of the pts was going to give me $10,000 to call the police and tell them he was being held hostage.  He moaned and groaned all night about us trying to kill him,  he was being held hostage, he was afraid to sleep or he'd die, etc.  I think he finally fell asleep ater 0600.  See, he probably slept all day and Day shift would say, "what problem?"

Then a guy on the other end commented on everything he heard out in the hall, at the desk, in other rooms.  He'd sing, he'd come out to see what we were doing, and like I said,
everything he heard was answered.  

My patients were great.  The most involved one I had was a gentleman who'd had back surgery by Dr. Alleyne and I had to do neuro checks every two hours.  Otherwise everyone slept, no problems
10/7/02  (0905):   Advance warning, Wednesday (10/9) is 'Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day'.  Oh, and it's also John Lennon's birthday.  But the one that stumps me is it's "Moldy Cheese Day', okay, who would ever want to celebrate that????  And why?

I did 3 nights in a row, and if you don't know by now I'll tell you again,
I do not like working three in a row!  I guess it could have been worse.  Friday night it was me, an LVN and Mary Ann (another RN).  She and I had 3 patients, the LVN ended up with 4, and we each covered 2 of his.  One I covered came up from surgery.  She'd respond to questions, but then drop off.  Turns out they gave her a whole lot of morphine in recovery, we held her morphine pump until some of it wore off.  She had a respiratory rate of 10!  She was okay, by morning she was more alert and doing fine.

Saturday night Mary Ann and I were on again, there was an LVN until 2300 and we picked up
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