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another RN at 2300 when the LVN went home.  The RN floated from the other end of the hospital  (Pavilion) and we got her because she said she'd only take MedSurg patients.  Meaning none of the patients on telemetry (heart) monitors.  See, I can do both ;-)

This is the 2nd time one of the Pavilion nurses floated and the last time I worked with them was when I was a nurse's aide, heehehehehehee.  The one Sat night was asking all kinds of questions about the kind of patients I take care of, what I do, etc.  She was surprised that they hired new grads for that level of care.  Just a few years ago I would never have walked out of school into that job!  I would have to have worked as a MedSurg nurse for a least a year before they'd even consider a transfer.  Glad I didn't have to do that!

So anyway, back to Sat night.  I had three patients again, two were the same from Friday night and I picked up the post-op I covered the night before.  It was great, I had everything done and all my charting done by 0230, which hardly
ever happens.  Mary Ann was the one running around.  We helped her the best we could.

Okay, Fri and Sat are nice, fairly quiet and easy nights.  In fact Sat I was studying my skills manual, reviewing code blue procedures.  I rarely have time to just sit.  What do you think that portends for the 3rd night?  Yep.

It was horrible!  One patient was the same from the other two nights, had a nephrostomy (kidney) tube put in with a drain but he was stable.  2nd was post-op who was going home the next day, fairly easy, just a few "needy" moments.  3rd pt is a post-op CABG (heart surgery).  She's okay at this point, but you never know with those heart pts, plus she needs a new IV and she has no veins anywhere.  Charge nurse can't find one either.  4th pt is an admit, who also needs an IV and has no veins.  Plus there's an LVN there until 2300 and I'm covering two of her pts, one of them has bleeding from his chest tube insertion site (drainage tube coming out of the lungs). 

I'm supposed to be assessing my four pts, and the 2 of the LVN's, getting IV's started, getting the admit's paperwork done, passing meds, giving the IV meds for the LVN's pts, calling the Dr. about the bleeding, upping the epidural pain medicine for that pt but I can't even find the order for the narcotic medication to verify it, etc., etc., etc. 

It is times like these that people hear me muttering under my breath, "I
wanted to be a nurse, I wanted to be a nurse!"

But, the best thing about where I work, other people help! (
most other people).  It was the first time I'd worked with Helene and she just jumped right in and helped with stuff (Palomar graduate also, what else would you expect!).  She had two patients at that time but I still felt guilty that I was taking her away from her work, she assured me it wasn't so.  But that's what we do, we help each other.  She had an admit later and the other RN had an admit and I was up helping them, even though it's 0300 and I barely have one chart finished.  You just do it.

It was a very busy, busy, busy night - but it sure went by fast!  Now I have three days off and can relax.  Unless they change my schedule I don't have to do 3 in a row again until New Year's.
10/8/02  (0022):   After playing on the computer when I got home yesterday, I slept most of the afternoon, just awakened once when work called wanting to know if I'd "like to work tonight?"  I told Erin I'd just done 3 in a row and can't do another.  I sometimes feel bad saying no when they call, I know how much it's appreciated when someone comes in to help, but sometimes you just can't do it.

I've decided it's so exhausting not only physically, but becuase you're also using your brain.  It's amazing how tired you can get having to think constantly!
10/9/02  (0111):   I'd told you earlier that today is 'Moldy Cheese Day', 'Bring Teddy Bear to Work Day', and John Lennon's Birthday, so this is just a reminder :)  

Thursday is 'World Mental Health Day' and I think it needs it! 

Friday is 'Emergency Nurses Day', I guess they need IMC/Tele nurse day for me!  Friday is also 'Pulaski Memorial Day', had no idea who this person was or why he/she deserved a day, turns out he's "Casimir Pulaski, Father of the American Cavalry."  You can read more by going

Saturday is 'Moment of Frustration Scream Day' so let's all scream as loud as we can at noon, PST!

I was dozing in the chair and about 1730 Paige called and invited me over for spaghetti.  Of course I said yes!  She & Fariba do their spaghetti so differently, but they're both scrumpdillyumptious!  The pool is finished and looks great!  I've added pictures of the finished pool on the "Friends" page, or you can go
here to check them out.

The lottery is over 80 million dollars, and yes, I spent $5 on a ticket.  You know, I don't need the 80+ million, I'd be happy if I could get 5 of the numbers and about $50K (after taxes), that would be perfect and set up everything just the way I want it!  Of course I'd never turn down 80 million!
10/9/02  (2206):   Don't know if I won the lottery or not.  I don't like to listen to the numbers, I'd prefer to hear on the news "the winning lottery ticket was sold in Oceanside and hasn't been claimed yet."  Means I have a better chance of being that winner!

I re-did the pictures in the "friends" section......never again!  All the ones that are already loaded using the other program will stay that way!  It took me hours to fix the pictures & put them back.

Rachael called, she and Kathi had gone to Cancun a couple of weeks ago.  They managed to miss both hurricaines, one was leaving when they got there and another was coming when they were leaving.  Rachael loved it so much there she bought a time-share.  Any 2 weeks most any time, as
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