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10/23/02  (0830): Once again I have broken one of my rules!  I shouldn't be on this thing as I worked last night and have to go back tonight.  I just wanted to check my e-mail, and since I was here, thought I'd write :)

As usual it was a
busy night!  It started out as just Diane and me, I had 5 patients, she had 6.  Two of mine definitely would need to receive blood, a 3rd was a possibility.  That takes time!  And to start things off, one of my pts decided to pull out one of his IVs!  Aaarrrrgggh!!  And he was trying to get out of bed.  Luckily it wasn't the IV infusing the fluid, but he bled all over the bed and as we were trying to clean things up, he started grabbing at the other IV.  As he'd had a stroke I couldn't reorient him or "reason" with him so I told him I was going to have to tie his hand down - I HATE doing that to my patients, but there was no other way to keep him from pulling the last IV out.

I always try to do as little as possible, so I just tied his right hand. Well, he was mobile enough to roll over and reach his left hand into range of the right!  So the left one also had to be restrained.  At least I could give him a good range of motion, just enough to keep the hands away from each other!

At 2300 we picked up another nurse, thank goodness!  I gave her one of my patients that was to get blood and she picked up 2 of Diane's, then the transfer.  I was busy, busy, busy!  2 units of blood for one patient, another had a temp, turning & checking the restrained pt, etc., etc., etc.!

But, all in all I had a nice night!  We managed to have some laughs, Diane accused me of "sniffing" the orange fumes!  I have a can of spray, 100% orange oil which is great for cutting odors, plus it just smells great.  I occasionally spray it to freshen the air.  We were telling stories and some of mine were silly and while they were cracking up she picked up the can, waved it around and said, "this is it, this is why she's like that, she's sniffin' oranges!"
10/24/02  (0604:)   So, you're looking at the time and wondering how can I be here on the computer if I'm supposed to be at work?  Ahhh, the key word is "supposed."  I was not feeling very well yesterday, actually that's an understatement!  I had to call in sick - believe it or not, I didn't want to, I enjoy my work and I was looking forward to working with Diane again.  I'm one of those people who get to go to work!

Anyway, Jake & Liz are out of town for 10 days so you know what that means....yep!  I'm here at the beach house.  Since the only animal here is Sammy it will be an easy time, I'm cat/house sitting again.  They left yesterday morning so when I could get the energy up I came on over here.  Fed the cat & basically crashed and slept until now.  I feel
much better, but I'm glad I don't have to go back to work until Monday.  I'll have plenty of time to get back to normal. (snort!  whatever normal is with me!)

Since Jake has a faster connection to the internet I plan on working on the webpage, moving things, making navigation easier, etc.  I'll have these 4 days to play, then Wed/Thur/Fri of next week so hopefully in 7 days I can get things fixed the way I'd like

Sammy is the cutest thing!  He decided much earlier this time that I was okay to be around.  I'll have some pictures up before I leave.  He even slept with me, he's so soft & cuddley.  He must have known I was talking about him, I hear his jingly collar and...yep, here he is!
10/25/02  (1628):   Still playing beach bum, although a bum certainly wouldn't live in this house!  This morning I watched the dolpins play.  I was looking at all the birds sitting out in the water, I was trying to decide what kind they were as they were just sitting there, bobbing about.  Then a movement caught my eye and when I looked again I saw a fin curving through the water.  There were two that I saw and they seemed to be playing around in one spot.

Next, as I was watching the dolphins, my attention was caught by a large bird straight out in fornt of me.  All of a sudden it put its wings back and dove into the water, I think it was a pelican.  I've been watching them in the mornings.  There will be one, two or a string of them gliding just above the water, usually right at the swell of a wave.  They will fly south, timing things so they're catching the swell of the wave before the break and they're just inches from the water.  Then they come back north doing it all over again.  So far I haven't seen them scoop out a fish.

I needed to go back to the house, feed the kids, drop of the laundry I'd done, and pick up some more.  When I'm inside this house, just like at Paige's, my cellphone goes analog so I turn it off.  I was out in the car & decided to check my messages.  Rachael had called, she and Kathi were going to Mi Fiesta, did I want to go?  Luckily I checked in time and met them there just after noon.

Stopped at home on the way back from there, then came on back here.  Sammy is getting more & more used to me, he was following me around.  I was working on the web page and felt a tapping at my back, he was sitting behind me patting me on my back, looking for attention.  He was grabbing at my hand and rubbing on it.  Then when he decided he wasn't getting enough attention, he jumped up on the desk and sat in front of the monitor!  He got miffed when I put him down and he's gone off somewhere now.
10/25/02  (1838):   I was standing at the window waiting to see if there was going to be a colorful sunset and also watching the people loitering on the beach just below the rocks here when something caught my eye out in the water.  Missed it the next time but finally saw it - dolphins again.  How cool is it to see them going by!  They were close too, just on the other side of the breakers.

It's raining, I didn't know it until I looked over and the deck looked shiny.  I wonder if it's raining over at my place?  The bedroom window is open :(
10/25//02  (2315):   This could get addicting!  Easy access to the internet via high-speed connection and computer always on.  Digital cable with about 15 movie channels to look at.  The soothing sound of waves breaking upon the beach.  About the only thing that would make this perfect would be the TV in the same room as the computer!

DREAM ALERT! I just remember the last part of the dream, I know there was stuff before this.  I was in my car, parked.  Suddenly I felt very weak but I got out of the car and called 911 on my cellphone.  I told them I was parked behind Palomar hospital (what's this, I don't work at that one!) and didn't know my name.  I got back into the car, it was dark by this time.  Next thing, there are 7 people around the car, but they're a gang of people that have been doing robberies.  One of them is tapping on the window, smiling.  I stealthily put the car in 1st gear so it will be ready when I start the car.  I slowly let the parking brake off, then start the car, at the first sound someone ran to the passenger side to check the door, but as I always drive with my doors locked (in real life I do) he couldn't get in.

I don't know if I got away, it was weird, I slowly "came to" from the dream and didn't know where I was for a minute, I thought I heard the sound of a copy machine.  It was hard to open my eyes.  I finally did and remembered I'm at the beach; I placed the sounds I heard as coming from the TV and when I looked Romancing the Stone is on and the sound I took as a copy machine is the part where she's using a machete to cut their way thru the jungle. 
10/26/02  (0725):   If you're reading this today, Saturday the 26th, don't forget to set your clocks back 1 hour tonight; those of you in Arizona can ignore that directive!  When I slept like a normal person I always liked to get up about 0600 on Sunday so I could turn clocks back to 0500 and have the whole day stretched in front of me.

DREAM ALERT!   Once again Mom's car was in peril!  This time it wasn't the Lincoln, it was a big car, though.  I had gone to the grocery store at night.  Came back to the car and placed the bags in the passenger side.  When I went over to the driver's side the window had been smashed in.  I looked closer in the car but nothing was taken, even my portable CD player was still there.  I decided whoever it was had been interrupted before they could finish.  I whipped out the cellphone and called her, asked if she wanted me to stay where I was or drive the car home.  She said to stay there until the police came so they could do a report.  The next thing I knew I was driving down a windy two-lane road and realized I should have left the car where it was.  I pulled off to turn around, the place where I pulled off was okay, but when I made a half-circle to get back on the road there was a big drop-off between me and the road, and looking at the road now I could see it was supported by pillars and I had just happened to turn off at a place where the land was connected to the road.  Don't know if I ever got the car where it was supposed to be!

I'd like to know with about 15 movie channels to look at, why aren't there good movies on to watch!!!  It's amazing.  Sammy is rumpity-rumpiting around playing - Mom, sounds like Chang at Granny's....I miss the little horsie.

It didn't rain much last night, well I hope it didn't rain very much at my place as the bedroom window is open!  I'll have to close it when I swing by today to feed the kids.
10/26/02  (1115):   Let's see, I've had breakfast, washed the dishes, played with Sammy, people-watched, dolphin-watched, done a load of laundry, whew!  And it's only 1115 in the morning!  I could sit & watch the ocean for hours, I guess because I don't get to every day.  I suppose if it was something I saw every day I wouldn't find myself standing at the window watching the waves, birds, people, and everything else out there.

I've discovered I can't download from my camera here, Jake doesn't have enough USB ports, but downloading is never a problem at home.  My computer is fast and it will be done quickly.  I'll just save the pics onto discs and bring them back here for uploading to the website.  Uploading is the part that can take up time.  So, time to put the scrub tops in the dryer and then think of going home to feed the kids, check the mail and close the bedroom window!

DREAM ALERT!   It is always hard to describe dreams with words.  I was in Saudi Arabia at a hotel, by myself.  Into the room comes Mansour and I remember thinking he was going to get in trouble because he was in a foreign female's room...alone.  He assured me that it was okay and no one saw him.  He was talking about his wedding and that he didn't want to do it and he still wanted to come to the US.  Don't remember what else we talked about.  He never did get caught :)

I meant to mention yesterday that I thought life was pretty wonderful!  I have a job I love to do, I enjoy working where & with the people I do, I have lots of time off to do what I want.  If I was working 9-5 Mon-Fri I wouldn't have been able to just take off & meet friends for lunch.  I have the future pretty well planned out.  The money's not bad either!  I used to count the days until payday; we were sitting at the table yesterday and it dawned on me payday had been the day before!  I have time for life.  As I was driving down Vista Way yesterday a white picket fence caught my eye.  It was the typical white picket fence, but trailing in and out at different spots were some red and pink roses, very pretty.

I sometimes stop and think I should have gone to nursing school much, much sooner but then I realize I wouldn't have met the people I have in my life now.  Besides, it's a good time to be a nurse :)
10/26/02  (1710):   I have some pictures downloaded to the website, but I know I'll have more to add.  Instead of adding another button/Jake's Place, I put the access on the first page of the original Jake's Place. If you'd like to see what I have for now, you can go here.  I won't put the "new" sign on the main page until I've finished adding pictures.
10/26/02  (1912):   I keep forgetting to let people know about a great trivia site.  I also have a couple of quizzes there that have passed inspection.  One is a kid's quiz, the other for adults.  When you get there, click on 'people' then 'quotes' then look for "Phrase Fun" as that's the one I submitted.  To check it out now, click here.  You don't have to be a "member" to play, but it makes it more fun as the site will keep track of your scores & percentages.  I highly recommend the site.
10/27/02  (0808):   Did you set all your clocks back one hour?  The exception to this is:

Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, most of the Eastern Time Zone portion of the State of Indiana, and the state of Arizona (not the Navajo Indian Reservation, which does observe). Navajo Nation participates in the Daylight Saving Time policy, due to its large size and location in three states.

Must get confusing in Indiana and areas around the Navajo Nation. 

What time is it when it's noon in the Indiana capital?

Indiana is one of three U.S. states which do not Spring ahead from "standard" to "daylight saving" time or Fall back from daylight to standard six months later. Arizona and Hawaii are the others. By State Law, most of Indiana is on Eastern Standard Time (EST) all year long.

The statute creates three different time arrangements in the Hoosier State:

77 counties (including state capital Indianapolis) are in the Eastern Time Zone but do not change to Daylight time in April; instead they remain on Standard Time all year long.

10 counties -- five near Chicago, IL, and five near Evansville, IN, are in the Central Time Zone and use both Central Standard and Central Daylight.

Five other counties -- two near Cincinnati, OH, and three near Louisville, KY -- are in the Eastern Time Zone but use both Eastern Standard and Eastern Daylight.

For EVERYTHING you ever wanted, and didn't want, to know abou Daylight Saving Time, go
here.  It even tells about European DST. 
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