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I meant to tell this story earlier:  I opened a new savings account with Bank of America the day after I got back from Arizona, so that would be 9/4/02.  What I did was go down to the branch that's in the grocery store (quite a convenient little invention).  I closed the account I had in Arizona and moved it here, using those funds as my opening deposit along with $1,000 out of my checking account.  Okay, remember, it is a BofA employee calling another BofA employee to get the balance, close the account, and transfer it into the new account here in California.  She does this by phone, the balance is checked by the one in AZ and the amount is now transferred into my new Calif savings account.  I also set up to have $500 taken out of checking every two weeks and put into the savings account, starting the following week.

Okay, the first transfer doesn't go through, I don't think much about it, thinking it wasn't enough time to process the order (a week).  Next thing I know, I get a statement from AZ and I am informed I am overdrawn by a few cents so there's now a $22 charge I have to pay. WHAT THE HELL!

I get on the phone & tell the person on the other end what transpired, it was BofA talking to BofA to transfer balances, I was assured that would close the AZ account and there was no way I was paying them $22.  She assured me things would be taken care of.

Okay, it's now time for the 2nd transfer to do its thing......it doesn't.  I stop by the bank and speak with the person who set things up.  She's not sure why it's not working as all the papers had been filled out and turned in; additionally, I'm unable to access my savings acct on-line and we had set that up at the same time.  She tells me to go ahead & make the transfer via Versateller since the transfer date (2nd one!) has already passed.

I make my transfer.  A few days later I check my checking acct balance and I'm missing a lot of money!  Turns out the first transfer finally went thru, 5 weeks after it was intially set up.  I went back to make sure the transfer was done at the time
I wanted it done, it was "taken care of." 

Now I get another statement from AZ stating I have a 39 cent balance.  *%^*#&^%$@^#&^%$!!!!!  I call BofA again and tell them the whole story from beginning, finishing with "I don't want the 39 cents, I want my account closed, take it & throw it out on the street if you have to,
just close the account!"  I had to talk to a supervisor, but she assured me it would be taken care of.

BTW, the transfers never did happen when I wanted them to so I called & cancelled them, telling the person on the other line I was fed up with it and would do it myself!!!!  Now that both accounts show up on-line I can do it from home.
10/27/02  (0907):   DREAM ALERT!   It's not that I'm dreaming a lot more over here, I always dream a lot, but sleeping during the days then getting up to go to work I usually forget them.  I guess I should start writing them down as soon as I wake up as some of them are pretty funny.

Anyway last night (yeah, slept during the night) it was something to do with military.  I was responsible for holding the laser on the target so bombs could be dropped on it.  Don't know what we were bombing or why I was doing that!
10/27/02  (1332):   I know I've said it before, but this could get VERY addicting, easy access to the webpage via a faster connection & the fact the computer's always on! 

I go through phases with my hair; sometimes it's long, sometimes it's short; sometimes it's blonde, sometimes it's red.  Well it was in its long, blondish stage.  I got tired of all that hair!  The little old ladies that I take care of just love it.  I even had a little old Italian lady patting my hair one night saying, "thatsa nice-a."  But I"m tired of it and on my way home to feed the kids & check stuff I stopped & got it cuf off.  It's collar length, but it's not how I like it.  There's too much puffing out below the ears.  I won't have time to go back until Wed or Thur, I'll probably take a pair of scissors & do it myself.  When you have my type of hair (curly) you can hack around on it and no one ever knows!  I often do that when I let the bangs get too long.  We'll see, I don't have gel in my hair so we'll see what happens after I color it & put gel in it.  Not as blond; I guess a sandy color; Mom, like it was on our trip.

Stopped at WalMart to get hair color and bought the pair of replacement pants.  I'll take the receipt into work tomorrow, anyone care to bet how long it takes to get reimbursed???

It's sunny & warm, I think I'm going to take my magazine out on the deck to read it and watch the world go by.  (ummm, I also like to be out on the deck so that when people walk by on the beach they look up and think "gee, she has a nice house," teeheeteeheee).  Watched dolphins again this moring.
10/27/02  (1934):   Yep, I should know by now when it doesn't feel right, it's not right!  I'm gonna have to go back next week to have more hair trimmed, there's just way too much hanging behind the ears.  I knew I should have insisted more be trimmed; after all, who better than you to know when it's right? Color looks good, although I'd like it just a tad lighter.  I'll probably do some highlighting next week also.

Aren't you glad I don't have such quick access to this site most of the time?  You'd be bored to tears reading about my hum-drum life!  I mean, how exciting was my day to get my hair cut, go home & feed the cats, go to WalMart, come here & wash some scrub pants, play with the cat (who is running back & forth right now, jingling away), color my hair, and watch TV?????????
10/29/92  (0834):   My feelings are hurt!  Came over here to check Sammy since I left yesterday around 1030 and he ran from me, was acting squirrelly (no matter how I spelled the word it looked wrong, had to look it up!).  Anyway, he's rubbing around on me now.  He started playing with the plastic bags hanging on the door handle to this room and managed to slam the door, with him on the inside with me.  I have now put a stool in front of the door so he can't do it while I'm gone!

Managed to take a nap yesterday, I set my alarm for about 1730; it went off but I vaguely remember turning it off.  Next thing I know I wake up and it's 1810, yikes!  I usually leave around 1830.  So I hurry up and manage to get to work....1 hour & 10 minutes early!  Turns out I forgot to set my clocks at home back one hour as I was gone that night!  Now I just need to remember it when I get home this time.

Very busy night last night, it was me, Jill (RN) and Matt (LVN).  I had two post-op CABG patients and one that had had an angiogram that day and would be going for a CABG this morning.  Plus I was covering 4 of the LVN's patients for IV's and just general coverage.  I had four becuse Matt was taking 5 patients and Jill had 1 of his to cover and he had a lot to do, three of the ones I was covering didn't need IV stuff, so it was only fair. 

My surgery patient left around 0530 and the next thing I know they're wanting to get the room cleaned up to give me a patient, I'm told this shortly before 0600.  Maua (charge RN) calls housekeeping, then calls me when there's no reply wanting me to follow-up on it.  By the time I get a break in between the stuff I'm doing it's 0635 so I page again.

In the meantime, ER wants to call report.  This means they're through with the pt and basically want to get rid of him/her from their area.  As soon as report is called they ship 'em out.  I told her the room was dirty, I would go ahead & take report but told her they were NOT to send the patient until I called back.  At this time housekeeping calls and I'm told he's tied up downstairs, it's about 0640.  I took report and then called Maua, told her about the delay in getting the room cleaned and said we'd probably have to wait for the IMC housekeeping staff to come on at 0700. 

Day shfit arrives and after they listen to report I give them an update on the admit, tell them why she's waiting in ER (BTW, she'd been there since 2000 the previous night)  It's now 0740 and ER calls again, I told her the room had not been cleaned, she said "I'm going to call the supervisor."  I wanted to say, "aaaannnndddd she'll come clean the room?"  I passed this on to Day shift. 

Then another problem was when X-ray called, wanting to know how a certain pt "travelled."  I said wheelchair without thinking and she hung up.  This was a pt that had gone into rapid Afib during the night and after calling the doctor I had to push Cardizem, then start a Cardizem drip thru her IV.  She couldn't go alone because of the cardiac drip; a nurse had to go with her and she had to be monitored.  So I call x-ray back to tell them not to come for the pt until we had things set up; x-ray tells me to call transport; transport tells me to call X-ray; I hung up.  I told the day nurse and then told the pt if anyone came with a wheelchair to take her anywhere, tell them no and call for the nurse.  Then I went home, or rather came here!

And now I need to go home for real!  See ya tomorrow!
10/30/02  (1206):   Worked on 4West again, along with Nellie and Cindy.  That means we had 3 RNs which was nice, I didn't have to cover meds for someone else.  I had two of the same patients, both post-op CABG procedure.  A third was a guy on a 23 hour hold after surgery to his femoral artery.  Fourth one was in for seizures.  It was a little smoother tonight, it always is the 2nd night.  I suppose I should work 3 in a row to make it easier on myself, keep the same pts and stuff, but I just can't do it.  And speaking of 3 in a row, they dinked with my schedule and next weekend I have to do 3 in a row, yuck. 

I couldn't sleep very much yesterday; roof replacing noises; landscaper comes on Tuesdays and runs his leaf blower for
hours; neighbors going up & down the stairs, I think she was doing laundry (her kid is the whiniest, screaming, crying, sissy little kid I've every had the displeasure to hear!)  Anyway, if I was lucky I got about 3 hours of sleep.  I need 5-6 to make it thru a night at work!  I started to wear down about 0330.  Thank goodness there weren't any emergencies.  I don't have to go back to work until Sat so I can catch up on my sleep.

The pt I had started on a Cardizem drip Mon night had converted to normal sinus rhythm by 0330 (actually I think it was much sooner) and she stayed that way all day.  At 1900 she flipped back over into Afib, I told Day shift, "hey, I'd fixed her, what did you guys do!"  They just laughed.  I ended up calling the doctor around 2130 as her rate slowly started creeping back up.  Told him what was going on and thought I'd call to let him know & see if he had any parameters so I wouldn't have to call him in the middle of the night.  He thanked me and ended up increasing the doseage.  About 45 minutes after I increased it she went back into sinus rhythm - and stayed there all night.  I told Day shfit when they came on not to break her again :)

Went home for about an hour, then to WalMart and Staples and now here.  Sammy was waiting for me this time and he's following me around.  In fact I got to do something I haven't done in years, he stalked me around the living room and pounced on my foot & leg.  I haven't had a cat swatting at my feet in ages.
10/31/02  (0734):   BOO!  Happy Halloween!  Oh darn, yesterday was 'Buy A Donut Day' and I missed it!  Since I haven't been writing in here at home I don't have my list of "holidays" to look at; it dawned on me yesterday to send a copy to Yahoo so I could check it out while I was here.  I guess better late than never.

Big difference with Sammy from Tuesday!  Since I came in yesterday he's been my shadow.  Since he didn't have a newspaper to get in front of he jumped up here on the desk and sat in front of the monitor.  Then he noticed the cursor and started swatting at that.  When I'd make it go to the bottom of the page he reach under the edge of the monitor and paw around looking for it.  It was funny.  He slept with me most of the night this time, woke me up this morning when he flopped over & pushed up against me.

Thought I should go ahead & get up since I don't know what time the cleaning people are coming.  I figure I'll go home while they're here.
10/31/02  (1102):   To follow up on something, the haircut turns out to be okay with some gel in it, and I don't have to put as much in it as I did when it was longer.  So far everyone else seems to like it and it has "grown" on me also :)

I re-read Jake's note about taking care of Sammy while they're gone and I missed my chance; he said, in part, "can use a place for your wild parties (or solitude)."  Stupid me, I get solitude at home, I should have had a wild party, hehehee!
10/31/02  (1245):   How funny, just because I'd mentioned I'd gone to Everafter in Carlsbad, I got a hit on my website.  She even signed my guestbook, which I like.  I like to see where people are from and how they find me.  She had typed in Everafter Carlsbad using the search on Yahoo and found me!  Of couse it helps that this website is thru Yahoo :)

Did you notice I'm getting more & more around the world?  Scotland is in the house!
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