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10/31/01  (1832):   Well, I'm never going to be invited back here again!  I was using the computer last night, it was fine, no problems.  This morning when I clicked on Internet Explorer the right page opened up but it doesn't have an address bar at the top.  No address bar, no navigating the web.  I tried re-starting the computer, still the same thing.  I accessed the internet by a round-about way, I found a program that accessed another program online and it had an address bar.

Next, cleaning people came.  I had been watching TV, came in here to do something real quick while I thought about it, they came at that time.  Since they were in the bedroom, didn't want to get in their way.  After a while I realized the TV was off, thought they'd turned it off, didn't think any more about it.

Went home to feed & water the kids, came back to watch TV - it won't turn on!  Neither the TV nor the cable box will turn on.  Everything is plugged in, they just won't work! 

So, two things I've "broken."  Let's see if they ever ask me back :(
10/31/02  (1904): You know me, I refuse to be bested by something electronic!  And not to brag (my family knows this) but I am electronically inclined.  So, I decided to go back to the TV/digital cable/VCR and figure out systematically what was going on!  Okay, everything is plugged in to where it's supposed to be and ultimately into a wall plug (there were two to check).  So, the TV & the digital cable box still look like they aren't getting power, the VCR turns on & off.  I checked plugs, made sure things were plugged in tightly.  Still nothing.  At this point I'm thinking I might as well go home, I have movie channels there.  Then I just unplugged & plugged things back and viola!  Ze TV, she eez working :)

Now if I can only figure out why the homepage on this computer comes up without an address bar when it was fine last night and I haven't done anything different!  At least I'm down to only "breaking" one thing :)

Checked the mail when I went home, received a post-card from Jake and Liz; one of the places they'd gone was Lake Tahoe.  He said the tables were hot and was hoping Sammy was treating me with respect.  Ha - he's my shadow!  He was sitting on my lap while I was typing and the cleaning people were here and he didn't want to get down.  And, speak of the devil, here he is again, asking me something.  Oh, he just wanted a scratch behind the ears.  He's so funny, when he sits on the desk in front of the monitor he tries to get the cursor or anything moving on the page.  He's a cutie.
11/1/02  (0726):   Wow, can you believe it's November already!  I have another "problem" fixed.  I still couldn't figure out why the address bar wouldn't show up so I e-mailed Mansour.  Yay, a reply when I checked this morning.  I always forget about the "view" button at the top; well, if you check address bar then it shows up.  It wasn't checked so that's why it wasn't showing up, which is weird as I never touched it.  Forgot to mention, after I talked to him Wed night, he got a promotion at work and he made everyone happy by connecting the whole office to the internet.  He says now they stay out of his office :)

Okay, so TV and computer are now fixed, whew!  I may get invited back here after all!  The only thing left that is wrong is the roller bar for the toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom.  When I came the roll was sitting out, I assumed it was there for a reason.  I was correct.  The cleaning people tried to put the roll on the roller bar, it won't telescope back in so now it is sitting on the ledge in the bathroom.  Jake - I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!  I've been typing messages, that I'm going to print out, for them and when I 'fessed up to the roller bar being out and not my fault, I told him, "my parents have always said 'hit dog hollers first' but honest, I didn't do it!"

My "vacation" time is almost up.  I haven't decided whether to hang around most of the day getting the last opportunity to play with the computer, watch TV, play with Sammy, etc., or go home for a bit, come back and stay the night again.  I'll decide later, time to go see if any dolphins are out :)
11/1/02  (0751):   Had to come back and laugh about Sammy again.  I was typing up additional info for Jake & Liz and he sat right in front of the monitor, trying to grab the letters & bite them.  Heheheheheee.  At least he stayed off the keyboard.  I don't have enough room in front of my computer for my kids, that's why they're banned.  They're estatic the few times I let them sit in my lap when I'm on the computer.  Now it's time to go rustle up some breakfast.
11/1/02  (1031):   Since yesterday was Halloween, today is 'All Saints Day' and in Mexico it is, let's see if I can remember, 'Los Dias de los Muertos' I think I got it right, anyway, "Day of the Dead."  If I remember right, they go to the cemetary & visit their dead, I think they picnic and bring gifts.  I'll have to look it up to be sure.  Sunday is 'Sandwich Day', I tip my hat to the Earl of Sandwich for being such a consumate gambler that he couldn't take the time to leave the gaming table when he was hungry. 

4th Earl of Sandwich, John Montagu.  1718-92, British politician. He served variously as secretary of state (1763-65, 1770-71) and first lord of the admiralty (1748-51, 1763, 1771-82). He earned (1763) great unpopularity for his charges of obscenity against John Wilkes , because not only had he been Wilkes's friend but he was himself notoriously dissolute. His reputation has suffered chiefly, however, and somewhat unjustly, because he presided at the admiralty over the British defeats of the American Revolution. In fact, he was an able, if corrupt, administrator, and his naval policy was apparently sound. He was shackled, however, by the stringent economies of Lord North and unable to expand the navy as needed. The Sandwich (Hawaiian) Islands were named after him by Capt. James Cook. The sandwich was also named after him; he supposedly ate food in that form rather than leave the gaming table. (info courtesy of Encyclopedia.com :)

Ohhhhhh, I went to the main page, they have daily info there, Man of War died this day in 1947.  Since I used to be a horse I've read all about him.  Did you know he won every race he started in except one, and that's because he was facing backwards when the gate opened; he finished second in that race.  Go
here & sign up for a daily "Today in History" e-mail from Encyclopedia.com.  Looks very interesting & informative.

November 6th is the beginning of Ramadan.  It varies from place to place as it depends upon sighting of the moon.  The first day of Ramadan will be November 6th for Africa and Americas, and it's November 7th for Asia, Europe, and Australia.  If you'd like to hear any of the calls to prayer, go
here; it's a very extensive list and brings back memories.

Well, Moulin Rouge is on so it's time to go.  If you've not seen it, rent it
now, it's great!
11/1/02  (1649):   Well, it's time to gather up my belongings and go home.  I decided to hang around and watch a couple of movies, then go home to the kids.  I work tomorrow so it will be easier to start the day from home.  Back to my little corner of the world.  I will miss the fast internet connection, the views, and cutie-pie Sammy.  He just took a nap next to me while I watched TV, occasionally pawed my hand for some head-rubbin' and he thanked me with some kisses - I felt kind of guilty for getting kisses from another cat!.  Wish I'd had my camera earlier, I was downstairs filling his water bowl, he'd stick his paw in the water from the faucet & try to grab it.

Since I moved here I've had dreams of high water, tsunamis, etc.  One of the first times I came over to house-sit it was high tide and when you walked into the living room all you could see was water.  It kind of made my stomach lurch, until I stepped closer to the window and could see the the sand below in the "yard."  Since they've dumped more sand on the beach the high tide doesn't come up to the rocks at the edge of the property anymore; however, I was watching TV and turned my head and all I could see was water.  Gives you the impression of being afloat on the sea.  See ya!
11/1/02  (2340):   Wow, I did get spoiled, and fast!  I've never thought my connection was all that slow; sometimes things can take a little longer than I want, but most of the time I'm okay.  Decided to do a little more work and right off the bat noticed the loading time difference.  Oh well, I'll forget fast and get back to normal.  I'm not going to get a DSL connection.  I'm really serious about trying to save as much as possible over the next year and by NOT getting the faster connection I can add another $600 to the pot!  But I have a feeling that will be my Christmas present to myself next year :)

Oh, I finally added a way to find out what the Latin phrase means, but the only way to know is if people are reading this.  I'm not going to tell otherwise!  Some may stumble upon it, as Judy found some things by just clicking everything on the page; otherwise, they have to read here that if you click on the fox you'll find out what it means, who said it, and from whence it came :)
11/3/02  (0916):   Hey that's right, today is Sandwich Day, I'll have to make sure I celebrate it right!  Today in 1888 was the last time Jack the Ripper did his thing and slashed his way into the history books. 

I worked on 2West last night, but that's not where I started :(   I was scheduled on 4East with MaryAnn and Fatima.  They moved Fatima to 2East.  One of the Traveler's is there to take her place.  We're listening to report, she (traveler) gets notice to go to 2West.  She doesn't like this, says "I was up here last night and I don't want to move."  She leaves the room to call the Charge.  MaryAnn looks at me and says, "she wasn't 'here',. she left at 11 pm last night saying she was sick and she didn't even take care of her patients, 2100 meds hadn't been given."  She comes back into the room and says I'm to go to 2West.  I just pack up my stuff & head downstairs.  The only reason I'm not happy is I don't like working on 2West, that's why I signed up to work the 4th floor when they split the floors!

The only thing that made it bearable was when I walked into report there was Jess & Darell - whew!  Darell is great to work with, as is Jess; she is an LVN getting her RN at Palomar right now.  She was orienting another LVN so she was busy.  They must have felt sorry for me as they gave me the choice of starting with four patients, or starting with 3 and getting an admit.  I chose the 4 patients so I didn't have to deal with an admit.

I have to admit it was an okay night.  One patient had come in to the ER with her oxygen saturation in the 50's (really should be >93%) but she was better, on 100% oxygen with a NRB mask.  She would desat fast if it was removed, as when she called for drinks of water (all night long).  Just the few seconds she was drinking I could watch it drop to 87-88%.  Then one time she must have moved it without thinking, her saturation was 79%. 

The 2nd one was total care, but he was a pleasant gentleman.  When I checked his blood sugar at midnight it was 73 (range is 70-110); at 0600 it was 50.  So I get to push what is basically sugar water thru his IV.  It comes up to 102.  3rd patient was completely self-care, only called twice for meds, he slept all night - was great.  4th patient.  A mess!  HIV/history of Hepatitis B & C/syphyllis, secondary stage & probably tertiary (brain) at this point.  Younger than I am.  Just plain odd. 

It wasn't a bad night and I didn't feel rushed, so I guess it was okay.  Chandrani came by shortly after I started and said I had a choice, to stay there or go to 2East at 2300.  Of course I chose to stay where I was, I didn't want to start all over again!

I almost had a disaster!  I was drawing blood out of a PICC line for Jess then flushed it.  I turned to walk over & drop the syringes into the sharps container.  My foot caught on the lady's catheter tubing and luckily the wall & sharps containter broke my fall, with my face!  She was worried about me, I was worried I'd pulled the catheter out.  If you don't know, they're kept in place by inflating a balloon in the blader, MANY times bigger than the opening.  It has been done, and patients have deliberately pulled them out (shudder!).  She was okay, I was okay, and the wall was okay :)

Had another great entry in the guestbook, she's from Norway.  Gee, I'm getting all around the world, ain't I!

I moved into this apartment July 1, 1987 and over the next 14 years my rent increased a total of $65.  Last September (2001) it increased $85 in one jump.  Got a notice Sunday night that as of January first it would be $65 higher.  There were notices on everyone's doors.  I guess I can't complain, it's still lower than the average rent in San Diego County.  I think they're running around $1,000.    . 

For some great entertainment go
here.  It's a site with all kinds of mistakes in a whole bunch of movies.  Ones that I've seen a lot I can picture some of them; otherwise, makes me want to go rent some of them and see these mistakes!  There's a link on the "Favorites" page as you'll not be able to read them all in one sitting and it will be easier access than trying to remember which of these pages has the link!
11/3/02  (1241):   It's amazing what you find surfing around, and I often wonder how I get to some of these places.  You ready to laugh?  I won't say anything more except, go here now!  There's a link on the humor page so it will be easy to find to go back over & over again.
11/4/02  (0421):   I guess I shouldn't complain about the rent.  Talked to neighbor Gwen who has a 2-bedroom and her rent went up $80.  I know eventually my rent will increase to the point where it's the same as it is for new renters (for 1-bedrooms), which is about $780, that's what it was the last time I looked.  From a comment made by the manager last year I figured out the owners want all apts paying the same.  No concession to long-term residents!  As long as they wait until January again for an increase it will be okay.
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