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11/20/02  Wed  (0123):   Today is Children's Day - isn't every day kid's day????  Today in 1947 Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip at Westminster Abbey in London.

Haven't done much the past couple of days, don't know why.  It's still hot, I think 80's and 90's in the middle of November is ridiculous!  And it's not going to get any better soon.  Alaska is looking better & better!

I think I'll probably go see the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow, well I guess that's today.  I'll run a couple of errands and that's probably about all I'll do.  Exciting life, ain't it :) 

I'm trying to update the "nurses" page and can only do so if people respond to my e-mail for info.  The page is just sitting there, stagnant and lifeless.  I havn't touched it since I first started the webpage.  I've gotten a couple of replies, hopefully more people will respond.  I think it would be a great way for our class to keep up with what the others are doing.
11/20/02  Wed  (2229):   Tomorrow is the Great American Smokeout, if you smoke you're supposed to try & go the day without a cigarette, pipe, cigar, chew.  It's also World Hello Day, say hi to everyone you see tomorrow & see what happens.  Tomorrow is also World Television Day, something I celebrate every day!

Just got another e-invitation for a nursing job, they all seem to come from the East coast from New Hampshire down to Florida.  I wouldn't mind being in New Hampshire for a while, it's a pretty area, and it would be close to Helen, my friend who lives northwest of Boston in Wakefield, MA.  Now that I think about it, all the e-invitations, except for the ones from the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, come from the East coast and the ones in the mail all seem to be from the West coast, wonder why?

I'm glad I finally took the step to become a nurse, and at times I wish I'd done it sooner, but then as I've said, I wouldn't have met the people I have met.  And who knows, I might have been burned out by now and wouldn't appreciate all the opportunities that are available.  It's amazing; a couple of weeks ago as I was walking home from work I was thinking (yeah, still had some brain cells working at that time of the morning!) that I could go to any city in the US and probably have a job the day I arrived.  Boggles the mind.

Once again I didn't do anything today, I stayed up all night which meant I slept most of the day; well until about 1300 when it was just too hot to sleep anymore.  It's almost December and it was in the 90's today!  I should have gone to the movies where it was cool, but I didn't go.  I'll probably go Monday now, the weekend will be too crowded.  It would have been a good day, though; the movie is about 2 hours & 40 minutes long, that would have been a nice escape from the heat!

I'm watching a movie, and they just said ..."you're gonna need a bigger boat."  What movie is it?  I remember standing in line for hours to see this movie, I took my three cousins, Lee, Jeff, and Kurt.
11/23/02  Sat  (0853):   Today is You're Welcome Day, don't forget to say it everyday.  Ohhhhhh, tomorrow is Lion Day.  Wonder what in particular you're supposed to do?????  Oh well, any day that has something to do with cats can't be all bad.

I am tired!  Worked Thurs/Fri nights and last night was busiest.  Discharged a patient, then got a transfer into that room.  Then I transferred a pt to another part of the hospital, then got an admit into that empty room.  The transfer was okay, not much to do, but the admit was keeping me busy!  By the time the admit came, I had managed to chart on 2 of my patients, that left a 3rd and then the admit, which involes more paperwork.

Of course, while I'm tied up with the admit, one of my pts calls & says she thinks her blood sugar is low.  Nellie checked it and it was - 56 (supposed to be 70-110) so she gave her juice, milk & crackers.  By the time I finished with the admit and checked her blood sugar again, it was 112, that was okay.

The admit was getting a unit of blood and I had to do a second one.  He had a GI bleed from alcohol abuse, the 2nd pt in 2 days having GI bleeding due to alcohol abuse, and the 3rd ETOH in the week!  The first one was the one I mentioned earlier on whom I wanted to use a bat; 2nd was the one I discharged (before DT's set in!) and since I have 3 days off, I won't be there when this new one's trials & tribulations start.  In an effort not to gross some people out, I won't say anything more about the GI bleed, but those of you in the know are quite aware of why we were being quite liberal with the orange spray!

It was so much cooler yesterday, I managed to get some pretty good sleep; didn't wake up in a sweat.  In fact, it's overcast & a little foggy right now, feels great!  News said it was about 20 degrees cooler on Fri from Thursday.  I hope it stays cool & cloudy today, makes it darker & cosier!

Im curious, how long does it take to replace a roof?  They worked about 3 weeks on my building, then last Saturday were up there stomping around, doing stuff again.  Now they're on the building across the way again.  I'm just wondering why it takes so many trips to the roof to get it finished.

Worked with Nellie again last night, it was her fourth night in a row, she came back in for double-time!  Matt was the LVN working with us, I don't mind working with him, he's not afraid to work.  Even though the night was busy, it was okay, I'm just glad it's over!
11/26/02  Tues  (0007):   Today in 1789 was the first National Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. which celebrated the harvest of 1623-proclaimed by George Washington.  To read about "Thanksgiving" you can go here, a website from Plimoth Plantation, a place I've been to and it is great.  It's a re-creation of the village, circa 1627, and the people who work there are always in costume and character.  If you're in the area, go visit - they also have the Mayflower II which was built in England and sailed to the US.

Once again I've done nothing during my days off!  I've just felt tired and had no energy to get up & do things.  So I've lazed around, watched TV, and read some books.  Now it looks like Wednesday is the day to go see Harry Potter, that is if I get some sleep first!  I work Tues, then Thurs/Fri and I don't want to go on the weekened when everyone is out of school and most people are off work.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and I'll be working that day.  I'll get time & a half for it, plus a free turkey dinner.  Then Friday is my first day with the Palomar student, Janet.  I was wrong earlier, I didn't get her first; she'll have worked a few days with Ron so will know the routine and will be able to focus on medical stuff.

It has been cooler, for which I'm
very thankful!  No rain yet, though.  I'm trying to update the "nurses" page and hopefully will be receiving more info from my classmates to make it look better.  And hopefully I can keep it updated.  I think it would be a great way for all of us to keep up with everyone else.  If you're a classmate and haven't given me any current info - do so now!  And, if you know email addresses of other students, please let me know.

DREAM ALERT!   I heard a flutter of wings and when I looked up I first said, "ohhh, a golden eagle."  But then I saw it had a white head, so it was a bald eagle, and it was circling overhead.  It swooped down and when I turned around I thought it had been picking at another eagle on the ground, beneath a tree.  Turns out it was its mate, injured and it was protecting it.  The bald eagle on the ground rolled over and hopped to its feet and started walking off down the road.  I called the Fish & Wildlife service to report the injured bird before it could get run over.  It kept hopping along down the road, but I couldn't keep up with it.
11/27/02  Wed  (0905):   Today is What Do You Love About America? Day. 

Worked last night and it was busy, busy, busy!  I started with 3 pts and there was a registry RN there until 2300 and another registry RN there all night; we got another nurse at 2300, thank goodness!  Had enough to do getting pts settled, then got a transfer at 2100.  She'd had a thyroid lobectomy done and was being held overnight to watch her calcium level.  She was having problems with nausea & a migraine, minimal incisional pain.  While this is going on another pt's wife is wanting to know why the doctor who put in the pacemaker on her husband hasn't been in to see him.

Managed to get things sorted out, people satisfied, and my patient comfortable.  I  ended up calling the doctor for a different pain med & anti-nausea med.  It definitely took care of her pain & nausea - it knocked her out!  The next time I didn't have to give her any of the phenergan (for nausea) and gave her less than 1/2 of the pain med, worked just as well, and she liked the results.

It was funny, Nick, Cindy, Kay, and I were talking about nurses abusing drugs, taking them, getting caught, etc.  The pt heard us and was so anxious to hit the call button she knocked it on the floor.  She thought I was in trouble and was going to "let them know" I was a "good nurse," I "saved her life," and she definitely got the medication I gave her.  I reassured her there was no problem but thanked her for her concern.

The Day nurses were out of report on time and I was home by 0840, which was nice.  It's cool outside and overcast, I hope it stays that way!  Probably won't get to see Harry Potter today, I think the last afternoon show is 1400 and I don't know if I'll be awake enough by then, looks like next week.

DREAM ALERT!    Mom was driving a semi that had a bunch of trash bags loaded.  We went to some place to throw them all down a hill, into a ravine.  There was some construction over the next hill and we had to get it done before anyone on the bulldozers saw us.  Just as we were getting ready to leave a bunch of cars pulled up and some people got out.  One man walked over and pulled off the front bumper & license plate of the truck, this was so it couldn't be driven anywhere.  Apparently Mom was in violation of something on the truck, she'd been warned before and now they were going to impound the truck.  I was riding with him, pleading and fast-talking with him to allow Mom to continue driving the truck.  For some reason he relented, pulled over at a gas station & I called Dad to let him know the truck was at the north corner of El Camino Real and 78 (there isn't a gas station there!) and they could come get it.
12/1/02  Sun  (0725):   Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Friday was Buy Nothing Day, I'm sure retailers were happy this was not nationally celebrated!  Friday was also the first day of Hanukkah (or can be Chanukah), which began at sundown.  Today is World AIDS Day and Day Without Art, which I don't know why that would be a holiday!

I worked Thanksgiving so I went in early for my free Turkey dinner.  They did a pretty good job.  I was working with Jess and an ICU nurse they floated upstairs and we had a pretty good night.  Lea and I chose to start out with 4 patients (means we don't get an admit) and we left Jess with 3.  Turns out she didn't get an admit and I'm glad.  As I've mentioned before, she's an LVN going to Palomar to get her RN.  She goes to school Mon thru Thurs, then works Thurs, Fri, and Sat nights.  She works hard too, so I'm glad she got a night that was a little easier.

Friday was a different day, I slept pretty well because it was cool, dingy, and dark outside.  Made the apt darker and I got to snuggle under the blanket.  Luckily I woke up around 1600, the clock I'd set must have needed winding as the time was wrong - that would have been a disaster!  It rained also, and as I was sitting there watching TV, trying to wake up, suddently there was a big boom of thunder that growled around for a while.  Yay, I love thunder and lightning and we never get enough of if here.  I managed to time my walk to work in between downpours, was just sprinkling a little.

Friday night was my night with Janet, the student.  She'd spent a few nights with Ron already so it was easier than if it had been her first night.  Plus, I had my same 4 patients so I gave her 3 of them.  Made it easier on me as I already knew them and I was able to do a fast assessment.  Even though she's the "nurse" giving meds, doing the assessment, providing the care, I'm ultimately responsible as if she wasn't there and I was providing the care.  She did pretty good, in fact caught something I missed, I'm embarrased to say! 

Pt was started on TPN (nutrition thru IV line) on Thursday and now it's Friday night.  No one had checked his blood sugar.  It's standard procedure to check it, even it the person is not a diabetic, whenever they're receiving TPN.  So she caught the omission and I'm happy to say it was okay!  I'll have her a couple of more times before her semester is over.  It was a nice night.  I'd brought a magazine and a book, just in case, but we were busy enough that I didn't crack them open. 

Did spend a lot of time chatting :)  Gail came on at 2300, she was my preceptor when I was in school.  Terry is the night secretary and she came by to chat for a while.  Jess had brought in a yummy confection/cake her Mom bought for us and then we ordered Jet's Bread (mmmmmm, pizza dough with extra mozzarella, butter, garlic, & parmesan cheese) and then you dip it in ranch/garlic dressing! 

I helped where I could since I had all the extra time, I only had one patient :)  Oh, had a return pt, although I wasn't taking care of him this time.  If you've read the entries in My Life you might remembr the pt who had the wife who "checked" whether meds were okay to give by swinging the plumb-bob thingy over the meds and if it circled the right direction it was okay to give to the pt??? Well he's back.  I didn't take care of him, Lea had him on Thurs night and Gail on Friday.  I told Lea the easiest way to get along with her was to let her do her thing, don't be confrontational and all of the meds will be "okay."
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