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12/10/02  Tues  (0142):   Today in 1869 Wyoming became the first territory to allow women the right to vote and to hold office; look how long it took for the entire US to accept it, and then it had to be with an amendment to the constitution. 

Too bad I still had a sore thoat and headache, Marcy called a little after 2100 stating she knew I'd been sick the night before, but would I like to come in for double-time.  Darn!  I'd have liked the extra money since it would have been in the paycheck just before Christmas.
12/13/02  Fri  (0046):   On December 11th, 1936, Edward VIII abdicated his throne for love of Mrs. Wallis Simpson; brother George VI becomes King.  If he hadn't abdicated we wouldn't have the Royal family we have now, and we probably would never have heard of Diana Spencer (who died on my birthday, btw).  Do you know who Richard I was?  Does Richard the Lionheart ring a bell?  You can go here and here to read a little about him.  Sometimes a name catches my eye and I have to go look it up; Moses Maimonides died this day in 1204, you can go here to read about him.  Today is Cocoa day, perhaps to make up for the fact it's Friday the 13th??  Tomorrow begins the 12 days of Christmas.

I worked Tuesday night, was on 4West and Janet was with me again, the last time; she'll finish her 10 nights with Ron Thurs/Fri.  Things went well, no emergencies or problems.  It was a nice experience with her, if I do it again I can only hope I have someone as capable.

Got a surprise when I went in Tuesday night, the hospital had done a market survey and adjusted salaries.  I got a nice raise and when you combine it with the pm & night differentials it's pretty good.  Then I noticed that my status was "newgrad/Intern."  I happened to run into Wendy on the way down and went back to her office with her, asked how long a period they considered someone  was a "newgrad/intern."  Well I'm not!  She called today (Thursday, rather) and my status should have been changed as of 7/1.  That means my base pay should have been increased at that time and it wasn't, so I will get that back to cover the last 5 months, which should be around $1,000.  So....the market increase I got will go on top of that!  Not bad, I must say :)

Went to CostCo yesterday, my new contacts were in - I got the
purple ones again, and it's just in time as there's a holiday party at Tricia's tonight.  Picked up some other stuff, couple of Christmas presents, and had "lunch."  If you've been to CostCo you know they have samples throughout the store.  I started with tasty clam chowder, then had quiche, potstickers, flautas, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and other stuff I can't remember right now.  All was quite tasty.  Got up to the register and when I flipped open my wallet, my ATM/debit card wasn't there, gasp!  Luckily I had my checkbook.  Stopped at the hospital on the way home as I'd had it there the night before, I'd put it in my little pocket protector and didn't remember, thank goodness it was locked away in my locker.  I had visions of having to go to BofA and getting a new one.

Today I went to WalMart and did some more shopping. Let's just say I've had fun spending my raise :)  Came at a great time of the year too.  Still haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie, although I'm re-reading the books again.  That's what I did after WalMart today, that and dozing.

Party at Tricia's tonight (more pictures!), then I work 2, off one, work 2; we'll see how I hold up as one day off in between is all I'll get, means I won't be much use as I'll probably sleep most of the day.  But....after that I get 3 days off, work 1 and then get 4 more days off :) 
12/16/02  Mon  (0957): First off - Happy Birthday Mike, hope you get out and have some fun on your day. 

Today in 1773 the Boston Tea Party began the U.S. War of Independence when 342 chests of tea were dumped in Boston harbor.  Tomorrow is Bake Cookies Day, do so and then bring them to me on Wed, which is Be A Friend Day :)

I worked Sat & Sun night, Sat night was just about one of the worst nights I've had in a while.  I had 3 pts to begin with, one had had bur holes drilled into his head and a drain coming out.  Another guy was getting finger sticks every 4 hrs to check his blood sugar as it was in the 300-400's, plus his A-fib was uncontrolled in the 130's but the Dr didn't have any new orders for him.  Then I had a lady who had decided to inhale her dinner at the convalescent home and I was having to suction her every hour or so and was getting junk & stuff, including bits of chicken, up out of her lungs.  Then I get a transfer from ICU who had had a CABG the day before, she seems okay. 

What caused the problem was spending an hour or so fixing the secretary's mistakes on the admit & transfer!  I figure I spent at least an hour on the two of them, and since I didn't get out of work until 0845 that means I
would have made it out in time if I hadn't had to re-do so much.  I found out last night I'm not the only one who has spent time fixing things, but she's new so we have to give her time to get things down.  I have to admit, I am just now comfortable entering my own orders when we don't have a night secretary (which seems to be a lot of the time!)

So there I am trying to do my vital signs, still have charting to do, suction the lady, do finger sticks, etc., when I'm told there's a pt on the floor around the corner and I'd better go.  Turns out my CABG lady (who happens to be in my age bracket) was taking a turn around the floor (I wasn't aware she'd left the room) when another nurse saw her kind of bounce off a wall & looking unsteady - she got there just in time to help her slide to the floor, thank goodness!  At that time her blood pressure was 57/36.  I helped her into a wheelchair, got her back into bed, put her into trendelenburg position, which brought her BP back up to 119/60 something, and called the doctor.  He ordered a fluid bolus, I kept her head down a little while giving it as she was tolerating it well, and after 500 cc of fluid her BP was 106 or so.  She didn't remember the slide to the floor, remembered walking and the next thing she knew she was on the floor.

Isn't the brain wonderful, it was saying "help, help, I'm not getting any circulation up here; sound the alarms, get ready to dive, dive, dive, aaahhhoooogggaaa!"   She was okay, but I told her not to get up without calling for someone to stand by, don't even go the the bathroom without calling.

Went back in Sun night and Priscilla made me feel good.  One of the pts, taken care of by another nurse, had had some problems the night before, certain steps weren't followed, and she also had a IV infiltrate, causing redness, and a rather long area of firmness on the inside of her arm.  She looked at me and said, "you need to take this patient."  I said, okay - I hope it meant she felt I would be able to take care of the pt properly & do what was needed if some of the same things happened.  I was lucky, she was stable and no additional problems.

She also had had CABG surgery but was having problems with pacing so she was hooked up to the temporary pacer.  This means she had wires coming out of her heart and we had them hooked up to a little box that controlled the rate of her heart, pretty cool.  Well, maybe not for her, but for me :)

They were having a hard time getting nurses to fill in the gaps, so at 2300 it was just Jenn and I with 6 patients each, plus an aide.  What a difference from the night before!  Even with the extra patients it was sooooo much smoother, quieter, no problems, no calls to doctors, no pts on the floor, etc., etc.!  I was finished on time, in fact early.

I only have today off, then work Tues/Wed, but then in the next eight days after that I only work one!  Of course I have to pay for that - I work 3 in a row after :(

Oh, the Christmas party at Tricia's was nice -
great house!  And the munchies were pretty tasty too.  I'll put some pictures up under "people at work" and let you know when they're ready.  The pictures are located on page 6 of "people at work" and you can go here to check them out.
12/19/02  Thur  (2215)   Worked Tues/Wed nights and I was busy!  I was on 2West, luckily I didn't have any vent pts.  Tuesday night I had 3 patients, but I was still busy all night long.  Between the 3 patients I had meds 2000, 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400!  Last night I had 2 of the same patients, picked up a third, then got an admit about 2100.  Still busy, busy and it was about 0130 before I could sit down and look at charts & start charting.  Even though they were busy, both nights were pretty good.  Worked with Ron both nights, who's going down to ICU the first of the year, and then had a different nurse both nights as the third one - at least they were RN's so we didn't have to cover their pts.

Waiting for rain this weekend; woke up Monday to my windchimes clanging frantically.  The wind was really blowing things around.  It was about 1630 and I ran an errand,
then it decided to rain!  The wind was blowing so hard the rain was coming down sideways.

Payday was today and about 0330 I called the bank to see what my deposit was, I almost fainted!  With the back pay that was owed from the base pay increase, and the market increase I had an additional $2000 in my paycheck!  Believe it or not, I did what you're supposed to - it's "found" money so I transferred it to savings.  That was a nice surprise, just before Christmas :)
12/20/02  Fri  (1647):   Heeheeheehee, guess where I am?  Shall I give you a hint......fast computer connection, digital TV, cute kitties, crashing waves - yep, I'm at the beach again!  Jake & Liz went to Las Vegas for the weekend and the critters needed feeding.  Miss Kitty is here this time, along with Sammy.  Jocko (Standard Poodle) is being boarded.  I tried to jot this down as soon as I got here, but for some reason it wouldn't do the final step & connect to Pagebuilder.

I lose all sense of time working nights, sleeping days, sometimes dozing a little when I'm off nights, otherwise staying up even when I'm off, so I hadn't done my Christmas cards.  I went to the Post Office this morning and mailed them, that means if you don't live in the area, your card will probably be late!

Then I stopped by the store to pick up a few things for here since I decided to spend Fri & Sat here I needed some supplies.  I also brought my scrapbooking stuff with me so I could use their nice big, long table.  Makes it easier to spread all the goodies out.

I don't know when it started raining, but it was raining while I was out doing my stuff this morning.  Dark & stormy when I got here but now it's clearing up and there was a beautiful sunset.  As usual I will have pictures later :).
12/20/02  Fri  1903:   Whew!  It takes forever to do scrapbooking pages, at least it does for me!  It takes me about an hour a page.  You have to decide which pictures you want to use; lay them out sort of how you want them; decide how to trim them down; what trims to put on the page, colors, add-ons for the page; what order to stick everything down............

Miss Kitty is curled up in my jacket, it's a sweatshirt-type material and she decided it was nice & cozy there and then I flipped up the edge to cover her.  She's quite happy.  Sammy was being a beast earlier, I had to yell at him; he was picking on Miss Kitty - she's too old to be playing arond like he wants.  He's gone of sulking now.
12/20/02  Fri  2335: Well, I spent so much time awake during the day on Friday, no nap, that I'm actually going to go to sleep while it's dark!  I have my nice warm, fuzzy blanket (Miss kitty likes it too) so I'm going to curl up with it and the cat and go noopy-night-night! 

Oh, Judy, you can tell Kurt I tried calling him on both phones and he didn't answer either of them.
12/21/02  Sat  0756   It's cloudy & grey outside, but not really stormy.  Too bad, would have been pretty cool to have a bird's-eye view of crashing waves.  Miss Kitty slept under my fuzzy blanket all night, it's been a while since a kitty did that.  Suzi (Tootie Fruits) used to do it all the time.  Isn't it funny how nicknames come about.  I would call Suzi Tootie Fruits because she was a little silly and I guess Tootie sort of sounded like Suzi.  Chang was Ziggy, don't know why Mom started calling him that, I'd also call him Ching Chang Chong at times.  Fiona is Sweetie and Vladimir is Boo Boo.
12/21/02  Sat  1715:   Well, just about time to load up the car and head home.  Have to feed my kids, haven't been home yet today, I'd left full food & water bowls when I left yesterday.  Sammy is rumpitying around, I had to really yell at him a little bit ago for picking on Miss Kitty.  He was doing it again just a little bit ago, but she's no dummy, she's now sitting to my right, away from the door so he has to go thru me to get to her.  He is a cutie though, and sooooo soft!  Still grey and cloudy, it rained again earlier but so far looks good.
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