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12/23/02  Mon  0915:   It's the Emperor's Birthday today, which one, I don't know - maybe it's a generic birthday.  It's also Feast of the Radishes in Mexico.  Yeech!  Not my cup of tea!  Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and Wednesday is Christmas, not the actual birthday of Jesus, but a date chosen to try & overcome the Pagan celebration of Saturnalia.  For a list of a whole bunch of questions you may or may not have had over the years about Christmas, go here

I worked on 4West last night with Helene and Jody, who is an LVN traveller.  I took the middle pts and thought I
might have a nice, quite night - hah!  One little old lady had to get up every 1-2 hours to go to the bathroom.  She had an IV in her AC and the pump kept beeping as she kept bending her arm tightly.  I told her she could bend it a little, but not curl it up under her.

The gentleman at the end had to go every few minutes (he was getting Lasix q6h) and he had problems with the urinal.  Didn't seem to know what he was doing with it and I kept having to change the bed.  I finally told him to call me when he needed to go, I couldn't be changing his bed every 1/2 hour.  Well, that got
real old, he was calling every few minutes, and he'd only go a little each time.  He finally asked me to leave it there, which was okay for a little bit, but he still managed to move around and dislodge things and get the bed wet a couple more times.  Whew!

Then my other gentleman didn't make the urinal in time....in the bed, on the gown, on the floor.  So had to get
him up, change his bed & gown. 

My 4th pt had recently had open heart surgery, he was okay until about 0130 when he felt nauseated and was having dry heaves.  Gave him an anti-emetic and that seemed to help.

Then there were the call lights of other patients, just because they're not yours doesn't mean you can ignore them.  Jody had a pt who was confused, she had him sitting up in the chair, she could see him from the desk.  He pulled off the cardiac monitor, which was okay, but as she headed in she stepped back out and said "oh shit!"  He'd pulled out his catheter.  I tell you, I can't imagine how people can pull them out!  If you don't know, they're held in place by inflating a balloon once it's in the bladder.  Needless to say he was bleeding.  But what got her was he was banging the tubing and balloon on the bedside table like it was a bouncy ball.  I asked him "didn't that hurt?"  He said "I don't remember."

We were all busy, but managed to get things done, the only thing I didn't get to was starting a new IV on the pt who'd had a CABG and pull the central line, but considering the night I had - up and down, back & forth, missing just one thing wasn't bad :)
12/27/02  Fri  (0733):   I have to back up, since I was at a different computer and didn't have my little reminder calendar, I forgot something important!  Sunday (12/22) was my grandmother's birthday - happy belated birthday Honey. 

Today is Fruitcake Day, since some can be almost inedible I'm not quite sure what's to be done for this "holiday!"  Sunday (29th) is Texas Day, yee haw!  You can go to my
links page for access to some Texas sites.  For you golf fans, Monday (30th) is Tiger Woods' birthday.

Well, I've had my fun time this week and now it's time to pay!  I have to work the next 3 nights in a row, which you know by now I definitely
don't like to do!  Mom and Dad arrived from AZ on Monday, along with Dog, he's such a cutie, and smart too!  Yummy dinner that night, Honey fixed the potatoes I really like, square-cut hashbrowns, sour cream, other stuff, and a topping of corn flakes, then it goes in the oven, quite tasty.  Tuesday I brought lunch, the huge platter of shrimp from CostCo, cheese & crackers, and the turkey roll-ups from CostCo, another tasty meal!  That night Dad BBQ'd and it was very tasty!  Honey threw in baked potatoes and some home-made applesauce.

The weather on Christmas day was great, clear and a little cool.  Unfortunately no snow!  The last time I had snow at Christmas would have been in Texas, can't remember exactly.  I know I was there for Christmas in 1980, but without digging out pictures I can't remember any specific date after that.  Anyway, we ate early, tasty turkey (although I prefer my turkey in a sandwich!), mashed potatoes, dressing, green peas, croissants, yummy jello salad made by Mom, cranberry chutney (also made by Mom), a veritable feast was displayed!  And devoured!

After that Dad drove Honey & Grampa down to San Diego to see Jeff.  Mom and I stayed behind and finished washing the dishes.  When they got back we opened up presents.  Lots of stuff, as usual!  Mom gave me a pair of earrings that were bought in the gold souk in Saudi Arabia.  The last one she had me open (and it was for good reason it was last) was Granny's mother's ring she and Charlie got for her years & years ago.  Of course I cried.  I miss my Granny.

Was up for breakfast yesterday before they left, also got some goodies to take home, especially some turkey off the bird for samiches!  Had one last night, mmmmmmmmmm!  They left about 1220 or so, I was going to go to the Mall and see what I could find, but I had to stop by here and put things in the fridge.  Once I got home I realized I was tired and plopped myself in the recliner and grabbed a book.  Kind of dozed the rest of the afternoon and night!  I think I've caught up on my sleep, which is good since I'll be working the next three nights in a row, then only have 2 off before working again. 

I've decided, depending upon how I feel on Tuesday, if they call me to work for double time on New Year's Eve, I'll go in.  Got offered double-time to work Mon & Tues nights this week, but I'd been up all day each time and wouldn't have made it thru the night.  Monday, when Myra called, I'd only had 1 hour of sleep after working the night before.  Oh well, I'll have other opportunities to get extra $$$$$.

I have pictures to do from Jake's and from Christmas, but I'll have to do them later.  I don't like to spend hours & hours on the computer when I have to work that night.  I'll let you know when they're up.

  Strange dreams last night!  In one of them Rachael had an uncle who moved his mobile home (it was square, like a house) down to an apt complex he owned and it would fit right in.  Rachael was driving it down, I was inside, with the $4,000 I'd won in the lottery we played at work.  Along for the ride was Nancy Crabtree (used to work with her at Tri-City Orthopaedics), her husband, her daughter, and a couple of other people I don't remember.  I must have fallen asleep because I woke up and was alone, the place wasn't moving.  I stepped out and was in a U-shaped complex with a swimming pool in the middle, some nice plants around.  A thin, older woman with straggly, long, thin hair was talking to someone, she was the apt manager.  I walked over to ask her a couple of questions.  Don't remember the first, but looked over her shld and saw some carports & asked if that's where I parked.  She was anxious to get away, didn't want to talk to me, kept edging away.  I kept asking the questions I needed answered.  She headed for her apt, which was in front of the u-shape and was actually a house, and I asked her where was I?  She didn't want to say, but finally told me Tierra Santa. 

It was dark on the street, dark around the complex.  I couldn't live there, and it was way too far to drive to Oceanside to work.  I looked at the address on the front of her house, then walked to the corner to see what street I was on.  I called Mom on the cellphone and asked her to come get me.  I just knew I was going to get mugged, robbed, or worse if I stayed there.  While I was talking to Mom, trying to tell her the name of the street (it was long, I can remember it started wtih Avenida de...) a man and a woman were edging closer to me, looking at me.  I made eye contact and asked loudly, "what do you want!"  The woman just smiled and then they walked across the street.  I went back inside the "apt" to make sure my money was still there, I closed the screen door and locked it, locked the inside door and closed all the curtains & drapes, then sat down to await rescuing by my Mommy
12/30/02  Mon  (0911):   Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and it's also Make Up Your Mind Day.  So you have advance warning to decide which parties you'll attend tomorrow night. 

In 1065 construction was begun on Westminster Abbey.  Every monarch since William the Conqueror, with the exception of Edward V and Edward VIII, was crowned in the Abbey.  You can check out more

Emperor Titus was born on this day in 40 or 41 AD (Titus Flavius Sabinus Vespasianus).  He was the one responsible for destroying the Temple of Solomon (before he became emperor), leaving only what's now known as the Wailing Wall.  Just one month after he became emperor Vesuvius erupted, destroying Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae, and Oplontis.  An eye-witness account by Pliny the Younger (61-c.113) who was staying at Misenum at the time:

'To us at a distance, it was not clear which mountain was belching out the cloud, but it was later discovered to be Vesuvius. In form and shape the column of smoke was like a tremendous pine tree, for at the top of its great height it branched out into several skeins. I assume that a sudden burst of wind had carried it upwards and then dropped, leaving it motionless, and that its own weight then spread it outwards. It was sometimes white, sometimes heavy and mottled, as it would be if it had lifted up amounts of earth and ashes.' Anyway, if you'd like more in-depth info you can go here.

I worked the last 3 nights on 2West.  The first night is always the busiest, I had a vent pt, but she was alert and was able to get up to a bedside chair, mouth words & write (I've discovered I make a lousy lip-reader!).  2nd one was on a cardiac medication drip, 3rd was alert & oriented and I'm not really sure why she was there, didn't do much for her.  4th was in for chest pain and had an episode about 0100.

The first night it was just Ron and I, but there were only 8 pts on the floor and we didn't get any more admits.  Ron had just flown in from the East Coast that day, set his alarm but slept thru it.  He got there about 2000.  Erin was nice enough to stay and be an extra body in case I needed her.

2nd night was Ron, me, and Kerry; Ron had his same patients, I had mine, and Kerry picked up the ones that had been admitted that day and were new to us.  I was busy both nights, and strangely very tired.  If I sat too long my eyes had a tendency to want to close!

Last night Ron called in sick so it was Kerry, me, and a registry RN with whom I've worked before.  In fact, her daughter works at Jet's Pizza over on Plaza - they make the best "Jet's Bread!"  It's pizza dough with mozzarella, butter, garlic, and parmesan.   Mmmmmmm, yummy.  We (Lee and I) ordered it and when I called at 2015 I was told they'd stopped delivering for the night.  I said "nooooooooooo."  When she asked if I could pick it up I told her I was working at the hospital, in fact I was working with the mother of one of her co-workers.  Turns out all I had to say was it was me and he'd deliver!  That's service :)

Anyway, I had 3 pts last night, the same as from the previous 2 nights.  This means I don't have to look up the history, I can do my chart check from my last one of the previous night, check that day's doctor's notes, and do my charting.  I was done by 0100, which was amazing.  Having the same pts means I also know what's due and when, and have a routine going.  All three of us had a quiet night, and we were on 2West, the 'hard' side to work on.  I did something I've never had time for before, I was reading; all three of us were doing something different.  Sarah was reading what looked like school-work.  I felt guilty, but we got all the work done, on time and right!

I have 2 nights off, then I work 2 more.  I
was thinking of going in New Year's Eve if they offered double-time, but that would mean another 3 in a row, with only one day off in-between; I can't do that......I'm too old, I need more recovery time!
1/1/03  Wed  (0236):   Happy New Year!  Can you believe it's 2003???  Ever since I started nursing school in 1999 time has just flown by sooo fast!  It seems to be going faster and faster.

Hey, today is Vladimir's birthday, he is now 13 years old!  Tomorrow is Happy Mew Year For Cats Day, definitely never heard of
that one.  Friday is Festival Of Sleep.  Hmmmm, celebrating sleep?  How can you sleep if you're celebrating?

Had a few invites for last night but decided I'd be cozy & comfortable and stay home.  Just as well, I dozed most of the evening, managed to be awake just before midnight to watch the year slide from 2002 to 2003.  Several people set off firecrackers just about that time.  I've been watching Sex and the City on HBO all night, they've been running back-to-back episodes since 2100. 

Went to CostCo today to order a cake for Thursday; Ron is finishing his assignment as a traveller and hiring on downstairs in ICU.  So we're having a feast that night; the cake is also for people having birthdays in January.  I was at CostCo Christmas Eve and it was packed, the parking lot was so full I had to wait for a parking place in the south 40.  Today it was just as crowded, but I took a chance & swung up a row close to the front and believe it or not found a parking place.

Ran into Jess as I was leaving and we chatted for a bit, standing behind my car.  I think the person waiting for my space was a little peeved, but hey, who says I have to hurry up & leave once my car is loaded?  I heard him gun his engine as he sat there; unfortunately that pushed the wrong button & I stood there longer than I would have initially!
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