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1/4/03  Sat  (2148):   Darn, missed the Festival Of Sleep yesterday because I was sleeping!  Today is Dimpled Chad Day; seems a bit late, shouldn't it be in November?  It's also Trivia Day, something else of which I'm full!

Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo died on January 3rd in 1543; if you're from anywhere near the San Diego area you're familiar with his name.  According to the National Parks Service "on September 28, 1542, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo landed at San Diego Bay. This event marked the first time that a European expedition had set foot on what later became the west coast of the United States. His accomplishments were memorialized on October 14, 1913 with the establishment of Cabrillo National Monument."  You can go
here for more info the Portuguese sailor (not Spanish).

So tell me, what is wrong with this picture:  Windows open, sliding glass door open, fan on, it's January; driving around town, car windows open, wearing a T-shirt, it's January.

January for pete's sake!  It's supposed to be cold, you're supposed to have to wear a jacket when you go outside and cuddle under a blankie at home to keep warm!  As far as I'm concerned, the Northeast can send some of that snow & cold weather this way.

I worked Wed/Thur on 4West both nights.  Wednesday I had 3 patients, didn't get an admit and I was finished early.  It was really a quiet night, all 3 of us were flipping through magazines, which is not something you usually do there!  That makes twice in one week I was finished with my stuff early.  Thursday was fine too, I started with 4 patients and all was fine until about 0500 when one of my patients had a temp of 101.1.  Gave her Tylenol and an hour later it was 101.5, I added ice packs in the axilla and checked it again 1/2 hour later, it was 101.6.  At this point I called the Dr. to see if he wanted blood cultures done, he did, and I added a 3rd ice pack to the neck (jugular) and 1/2 hour later her temp was 100.9. 

Had lunch today at Mi Fiesta with Rachael, Kathi, and her son Thomas.  Mmmmmm, as usual very tasty.  Then headed over to PetCo, I couldn't home until I got some cat food & cat litter, they wouldn't let me in the door otherwise.  Since I was in that area called Jake to see if he was home and went over to get my watch, which I'd left the
last time I was there. 

Then came home, turned on the fan again :(  and finished reading a book while I waited for it to cool down so I could use the computer.  I have pictures to load on the website, but I think I'll wait until next week, when I can use the fast internet connection.  Hehehehee, I have in my possession, at this
very moment, the key to wonderland!  Jake and Liz are going to Hawaii and you know what that means :)   I will be playing with kitties, watching digital TV, and surfing the net supersonic speed.  
1/7/03  Tues  (2200):   Heads up - tomorrow is Bubble Bath Day, so go for it!  Ohhhhh, it's Mel Gibson's birthday today, I wouldn't mind going to his birthday party!  On this day in 1798 Great Britain introduced the world's first income tax, thanks a lot!

I worked Sunday night on 2West and I've finally figured out why I don't like working with vent/trach patients.  It's the icky, yucky, slimy stuff that comes out of, up, and around the trachs!  I had 4 patients and I was busy, partly due to the fact I was trying to figure out exactly what the nurse before me did & didn't do.  I don't know if she was registry or from the Pavilion.  Gail was working with me and that made it bearable!

For example, she told us in report that the patient was up on the bedside commode, then they found him on the floor.  Didn't know if he'd had a seizure, or just slid off.  As they were getting him back to bed he did have some seizure activity.  Doctor orders an additional dose of Tegretol, which she gives.  I come along checking on 2100 meds and notice that the 1500 dose of Tegretol isn't signed off.  I check the Pyxis and it shows pt got the "now" dose but not the one scheduled at 1500. 

I call the doctor, asking if he wants me to go head and give the 1500 dose with the 2100 dose, not give an additional dose, or what.  He says, "ooohhhhh, so the 1500 dose wasn't given, why not?"  I could only say, "I don't know."  This is about 2000, he says go ahead and give the 1500 dose now, and then continue back on schedule with the 2100 dose.

Now....it's a pretty important thing when you find your pt on the floor, then has a change in status requiring a call to the physician - she didn't chart this episode or the call to the Dr. with his subsequent order.  Turns out none of this pt's 1500 meds were given.  This is just one example of the catch-up I had to do which caused the extra work.

On Monday I fell asleep around 0900, 0930 and then at 1130 the phone rings, it's Dad.  "Did I wake you up?"  When I replied in the affirmitive he asked why was I sleeping, "because I worked last night and I work again tonight."  Then he says, "oh.  Well you know who told me to call?"  I replied, "my Mommy?"  "yep."  Then around 1230 the phone rings again, it's Kate at work wanting to know if I could come in at 1500.  I asked where I'd be and when she said 4West I said sure (meant escape from 2West!).  After you subtract my lunch/dinner break I worked 16 1/2 hours last night, and I was busy! (and I never got back to sleep after Kate's call)

At one point during the afternoon Wendy (one of the IMC managers) came around the corner and said she'd put me down to be a preceptor.  I had a big grin and said , "thanks!"  The other two nurses on the floor laughed, but I said no, I thought it was great because it meant she thought I knew what I was doing and felt I could do it.  I think this weekend I'll have a new employee with me.  She told me they'll fill out an eval on me too; I'd forgotten about this, when I did this I had only high marks for my preceptors, they were great.  I think the Palomar student also did this and since I haven't heard anything from you Judy, I can only assume Janet had an okay experience????????

I started with 4 patients, discharged one and got a transfer about 1830.  My four were pretty stable but there was a lot of busy work and I was up & down all night; plus I was trying to help the other two, Sharon & John.  Sharon was very nice when she came on, she'd worked the night before and 3 of my 4 patients she'd had the previous night.  I'm sure she was disappointed but she was very gracious and kind about the fact that she had to pick up 3 new patients.  John had one of the same ones from the night before, and he was a

He'd just had CABG surgery 2-3 days before and was refusing to stay, he'd already left twice on days, but came back.  Finally Psych placed him on a 5150 (72 hour hold, pt danger to self).  He decided he was leaving, but because of the 5150 we couldn't let him walk out.  At one point there were 2 security guards, 2 lift team members (male), Sharon, John, Lee (charge nurse), doctor, and the sitter in the room.  They were having to restrain him and he was just tearing thru the regular cloth & velcro ones.  It's the 2nd time in my 1 1/2 years that we've had to put a pt in leather restraints.  That's the
very last resort!

Throughout the course of the night he was given enough Haldol, Ativan, and Demerol to send you or me to the ER!  He'd doze for a little bit, then come up screaming.  He was yelling for Dr. Spaceship to beam him out of there.  "help, I'm being held prisoner."  He was hollering for his mother, the same mom he screamed at earlier on the phone saying as soon as he got out he was putting her in a convalescent home.  At one point he said he had to go to the bathroom, yelling about taking a sh*t, gassing us all out, going poopies.  "call 911, call 911!"  "murderers, murderers!"  Even with the door closed they could hear him clear on the other side.  Poor John, he had his hands full!

It was the first time I'd workd with John, he's a traveler from New Zealand.  Since he was having a bad night, and Sharon had been so nice about the pt switch, I ordered pizza for us.  It was pretty tasty.

Oh, I forgot to tell you where I am!  I'm not writing this at home, I'm at Jake & Liz's.  They left this morning for Hawaii for a few days.  I was so tired after my marathon at work, my whole body was hurting and I could barely think straight.  I was up & down & back and forth a lot.  I could barely climb the steps from the hospital, and then the ones to my apt.  I knew the gardeners were coming today and they run that leaf-blower continuously, forever.  I came over here to check on the kitties, then collapsed!  It's now 2243 and I'm just starting to feel alive.

Another reason I came over here to sleep, when I walked out of the hospital at 0745 it was warm!  The wind was really blowing, and from the East, which means big-time Santa Ana conditions and my apt would soon be miserable.  It was very warm today, in the 80's and it was quite warm over here at the beach, but a little more tolerable than at home.

I don't have to go back to work until Sat and that's when Jake & Liz come back so it really worked out well.
1/8/03  Wed  (1450):   Remember to take a bubble bath today!  It's also Elvis Presley Day, because it's his birthday.  I thnk he'd be 68 now.  Galileo died this day in 1632, you can go here to read a little about him.

I haven't been home yet, and since it's mid-afternoon I think I'll wait for it to cool off a little bit before I go home to my hotbox.
1/8/03  Wed  (2041):   Well, I just tried uploading Christmas pictures and for some reason they won't upload, darn!  I wanted to do it here with the faster connection.  When I click "upload" a blank screen comes up and it's titled "about blank."  Maybe it's a hiccup at Geocities/Yahoo.  There have been times I haven't been able to do things, or even sign on, then suddenly everything is fine.  Still a bummer, though.  Would have been nice to have them upload fast.

I was too afraid to go outside today, didn't even stick my nose out until 1800, and that was to go home to feed the kids, clean out the catbox and give them a pet or two.  I haven't looked at the news so I don't know about the weather, but it can't have been as bad as yesterday.  I'd say there's no longer a Santa Ana since it's misty/froggy outside right now, I don't think that can happen with a Santa Ana.
1/9/03  Thurs  (2043):   Today was Dreams Come True Day........not much happened and most of my dreams have come true, or will be coming true this year; still waiting for that knight in shining armor (who's lost in the woods and won't stop for directions!).

Stayed up late talking to Mansour last night, then got up at 0900.  I thought that was late, until I realized I didn't go to sleep until 0330.  Maybe it's the waves, but I can sleep at night here.  When I'm at home, I'm usually up most of the night.

Took a quick trip home to feed & water the kids, I'm sure they're feeling neglected, but I'll go home tomorrow evening a little earlier & stay.  Miss Kitty is a little fragile right now and I didn't want to leave her alone for long periods of time.  Each time I come in the door I expect to find she's breathed her last.  I couldn't find her this afternoon, she usually is in the sun; she wasn't anywhere upstairs where she usually stays.  I found her downstairs in front of the window in a big patch of sun; I'm surprised she had the energy to get down the stairs, then back up. 
1/10/03  Fri  (1108):   Today is Women's Suffrage Amendment Anniversary.  Tomorrow is International Thank You Day, so don't forget to thank everyone!  Sunday is the Batman TV Show Premier Anniversary.  I remember I detested it as a kid.  In Alaska, on the way home from school. sometimes we'd stop at a friend's house and everyone wanted to watch Batman.....Biff, Pow, Wham!  I had no use for it and would go on home.  Now I think it's funny and I like to watch it.

Another cartoon I appreciated more as an adult was Mighty Mouse; I haven't seen it for a while but it's hilarious, and it has tons of innuendos and double entendres (hey!  I just looked it up and I spelled it right the first time!).  I remember laughing my head off at some of the lines; they would have gone right over kid's heads, but as an adult they were great.  Some parents probably complained as I haven't seen Mighty Mouse on the airwaves for ages......"here I come to save the day!"

Let's see, what other cartoons did I like, George of the Jungle, Magilla Gorilla, I liked the middle part of Rocky & Bullwinkle when Sherman & the Professor would go back in time.  I liked Felix the Cat, "whenever he gets in a fix he reaches into his bag of tricks."  Of course Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, all of those WB cartoons.  Right now that's all I can remember!

Had some weird dreams, not even worthy of a 'dream alert' as I can't remember anything - except I had a gun, a revolver, and I needed to shoot someone but when I flipped out the barrel to check, it was empty.  Probably needed to shoot the idiot who cut me off on the freeway yesterday!. 
WHY do people speed up when they see you merging onto the freeway?  Is it that important to be one more car ahead of someone else?

I have to apologize to humankind, this was my horoscope for today:  'A huge spacecraft will hover over your dwelling structure today, and secretly analyze you down to the last parasitic microbe in your epidermal layers. They will be on the point of making contact with humans, and offering us technology to cure all illness, let us live indefinately while looking like healthy 20-year-olds, and give us the ability to travel interstellar distances in an eyeblink...when they spot you making something with SPAM. After a bit of horrified bleeping at each other, they will zoom off, never to return.'  Sorry, I hadn't had a Spam sandwich in ages and it's cheap at WalMart!
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