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medication.  You're supposed to do chart checks each shift so this doesn't happen; no one had done one for 7 shifts.  Bad nursies!  So I look at the 2nd pt's chart I'm covering - another missed med order!  Actually it was a change in an existing order that hadn't been changed for 2 days.  Anne had several orders not signed also.  We just shook our heads and did what we could to fix things.  Unfortunately, I had to write up the two mistakes I found; they were pretty major :(

I went over to Deanine's on Sat night, I have a couple of pictures in the
scrapbooking section.  Brooke changed her hair color, she's no longer a blonde!  Of course I've always considered hair color an accessory!  It was nice to see them, even though I didn't do any scrapbooking.  I got another organizer to keep my stickers, papers, cut-outs, all that stuff in and put some of it away.  Then I kind of ran out of steam, I'd only had about 3 hours of sleep after working 16 hours.  Got home after 2200 and believe it or not I didn't get back on the computer, I went to sleep!

I did a bad thing yesterday!  I went to CostCo and managed to spend $200!  I actually put some stuff back so it could have been worse!  I'd forgotten it was President's Day and it was pretty crowded, but they didn't have very many snacks so I really didn't get "lunch" while I was there.

Oh, forgot to mention.  The difficult pt that I'd talked about
(2/1/03) is baaa-aack!  When I printed out the census I saw his name and said "oh no!"  He wasn't on a monitor, didn't have IV access (he pulled it out & refused another) so I said to Laura (day nurse) "I'm not taking him, I'm gonna give him to the LVN."  She thought it was good delegation, "he's an LVN pt."  Anne and I had enough to do with our own pts, and then covering hers, without having to deal with him.

Talked to Andrea last night and we've decided to go to Seaport Village on Thursday.  I'd wanted to get a couple of those nice tubular windchimes, but due to my commando shopping in CostCo yesterday I can only get one now!  That will be the last of my 4 days off in a row; I think I'll go to a movie today or tomorrow.  Wonder if I can find anyone to go with me????  I still want to see Chicago.
2/21/03  Fri  (0104):   Not much going on today; although, it is Second Honeymoon Weekend - go for it! 

My horoscope:  'This week, you'll discover a trick to make those meetings seem more interesting. Imagine that everyone else has a ferret clinging to their head.'

If you have not seen the movie Chicago yet, I HIGHLY recommend it!  Wed Kathi, Rachael, and I went to Home Town Buffet for lunch, then we went over to Edward's Cinema in San Marcos to see Chicago.  Rachael's cousin is the manager and we got in free, yipee!  All the theaters are stadium seating, so you don't have to worry about people's heads being in the way. 

Time to digress - the first time I saw this type of seating was in London.  My mind just went blank, I can't recall the name of the movie, it had Max Von Sydow in it, it was an outer space movie, something about a black hole, maybe that was the name of the movie, The Black Hole?  Anyway, once you walked in the doors past the refreshment stand everything dropped away.  The steps were steep and the place went deep into the ground.  Nice big screen.  It was a first for me.

Anyway, the movie was great.  Catherine Zeta Jones, Renee Zellweger, and Richard Gere were the main characters; all three of them did all their own singing and dancing, I was impressed.  After it was over Kathi and Rachael had to go pick up kids, I wanted to watch the credits and listen to the music so they left.  When it was over I went to the bathroom which was next to the theater I was in.  When I came out the digital sign over the theater (there are 18 in this complex) said the next show was only about 10 mins away from starting.  What did I do?  I walked back in and saw it again!  It was just as good the 2nd time around!  On the way home I had to stop & get the soundtrack.

So now it's a little after six and I'm dreading the traffic going home.  As I'm walking I notice that Jungle Book 2 has just started, so I strolled in there and sat down.  I figured I'd kill some time waiting for traffic to die down.  The sign was wrong, it was actually Shanghai Knights.  It was pretty funny.  There was one scene where the car ran into a "pile of rocks" and when the camera pulled back it was Stonehenge.....except it wasn't really.  They had things set up as if it were Stonehenge, but as I've been there in person  ;)  I knew it wasn't.  The real Stonehenge is on a plain, the one in the movie was set on a hillside with other hills & trees around.  I knew it wasn't real, but people who hadn't been there would think they'd filmed right at Stonehenge.

It was quite a fun way to waste away the day.  I feel just a
little guilty for "sneaking" into the movies, but obviously it didn't bother me too much at the time I was doing it!

Last night went over to Fariba's, it was her birthday.  She had to cook for everyone on her birthday.  Her father-in-law doesn't like to go out to eat so she cooked!  Talk about rude, inconsiderate, self-centered, etc!!!!!!!!!!  I guess it's a good thing I don't have in-laws!
2/26/03  Wed  (0040):   Yesterday was my parent's anniversary - Happy Belated Anniversary!  When I came home from work I was going to let it get a little later before calling, then fell asleep.  Was drowsy/dozing most of the day and by the time I realized what time it was it was too late to call - I'm sorry Mom & Dad!

My horoscope:  'You will have a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch, and will receive a phone call from a man named "Sven", but who tells you his name is something else. Don't believe him for a second. He will be very impressed that you knew his actual name.'

I worked Friday & Sat; Friday got a call asking if I could come in at 1500, of course I said sure!  They were moving the oncology pts to a different part of the hospital and needed another nurse on the floor.  It was hectic between 1500-1900, it just reinforced why I would not like to work days all the time!  I ended up with three patients, which was fine with me since I had such a long night - 17 hours!

Sat Dale was with me again, we had four patients & he did all the work.  It was nice not to run around as much, but I still have to make sure things are done.  But...makes for a long night!  Time definitely goes slower when you're not busy.

Had Sun off, worked Mon, had Tues off, work tonight & Thurs, then I get 4 in a row off.  Monday night I was on 2West and had a different orientee with me, Mike.  He'd been up on 4East on Fri with Mari so he wasn't a new face.  Anyway this night went a little faster, but it was really a test of my patience!  He did okay on things, but was a little disorganized and I had to keep reminding him about things.  At one point the word insouciant popped into my head as a description of they way he worked.  Definitely showed me how I have improved from my early days!  He'd already been on orientation for a while so I didn't help as much as I would have if he'd been new, as in vital signs.  At midnight he had a couple of things to do, plus vital signs and I made him do them.  If he'd been new I would have helped some.  But we don't get aides at night to do our midnight vital signs so that's something that has to be worked into the routine.  He struggled a little with the trach care on one of the ventilator patients, I told him that it would come with practice; it used to take me
forever to do what was needed to my vent pts.

I did do something for the first time and that was only because he was outside smoking a cigarette and it needed to be done right then.  We had a pt who had a non-disposable inner cannula (trach) and it needed to be cleaned.  I'd never done it to a "real" person.  Rebecca (LVN) helped by being my hands for non-sterile stuff once I had my gloves on.  It was pretty fast and easy, she had lots of gunk that needed to be cleaned out of it. (yick!)

A storm came thru Monday night and I was lucky enough to be able to walk home without even using the umbrella.  Once I got home the clouds opened up and it poured, along with some hail.  We have some snow in the local mountains.  It's raining off and on right now, which means it's cooler than it has been and I'm finally wearing my toasty-warm houseshoes!
3/1/03  Sat  (0549):   Today is Share A Smile Day, smile at everyone you meet today and see what happens.  It's also National Pig Day....this one leaves me scratching my head???  It's also National Peanut Butter Day, mmmmm.  I like peanut butter, haven't had a PB&J sandwich recently, sounds good.  You know what else is good, mix syrup into your peanut butter, yum! (of course don't add jelly to the sandwich if you do this!)

On the 28th of February 1991 Kuwait was liberated, Iraq was beaten in a coalition victory in the Persian Gulf - Operation Desert Storm ended.

On this day in 1872 Yellowstone became the first National Park in America.  I can't wait to go there, it's on my list of "50 Things To Do Before I Die" and I'm hoping maybe to go next year.....Mom, Dad, wanna go???  We should rent one of those Cruise America RV's and go for it. (you can check out my "50 Things" list

My horoscope:  'You will have left-over lasagna for lunch. This is odd, because you don't remember the lasagna being made in the first place. Just one of those little mysteries that haunts you in life.'

I worked Wed/Thur nights on 4East.  Wednesday night it was just Sally and I, we had four patients each.  It was a pretty good night.  Sally was one of the orientee nurses I had.  Thursday night when I went in there were only 4 patients on the floor.......which meant we would get hit with a bunch of admits!  It was Sally and I again.  It worked out great; of the 4 patients, 2 were mine from the previous night and the other 2 were Sally's.  We got a transfer and an admit basically right away, but that was it!  We couldn't decide who should take which pt, so we flipped for them!  We both had 3 pts the entire night.

One of mine should have gone home, but his friend didn't call him and he refused to go to a shelter so he stayed an extra night - nothing to do for him.  The 2nd one had undergone a cardiac cath that morning and he was stable.  No problems.  The 3rd was a transfer from ICU and even though he had a low Hgb/Hct (8.7/26.8) he was doing fine.

Usually we're out of report around 1930, but as there were only 4 to start we were finished early and it was very strange to walk out of my first pt's room after assessment and see that it was 1915 on the clock and I only had one more assessment!  Got the 2 done before I got the transfer, and it was an easy one, 19 y/o male who was stable.

Sally and I worked well together.  I felt kind of guilty as 4West was really busy, Jess, Kathi, and MaryKay were jumping
all night long!  I have to say it was a nice two nights.

(0606) - I'm back to write some more.  It's getting lighter outside and looking out it's partly cloudy, I hope it rains today.   It's rained off and on this week, but it can always rain more around here!  I'm hoping it will rain while I'm out and around today so I can get a free car wash :)   I've decided I need a Palm pilot, or similar; you know, the hand-held computer thingy.  I've been checking them out; a few people have them at work and they're great for medications.  For example, you can pick two meds and up will pop a screen showing any drug interactions.  It's a great way to keep updated all the time on meds as you can download current meds with changes, updates, etc.  There are all kinds of programs (meds, rhythms, etc) you can get and it saves paging thru a bunch of books!  So that is my goal for the next few days, find a good bargain!  That and seeing Chicago again :)
3/2/03  Sun  (0013):   Today in 1836 the Independent Republic of Texas was founded by 59 Mexican citizens.  I guess that's why today is Texas Independence Day :)   It's also Read Across America Day, everyone should read and encourage everyone else to read!  It's amazing what you can learn while you're having fun!

It's National Pancake Week, mmmmm I love pancakes!  It's also Procrastination Week - I "celebrate" this just about every day :)

My horoscope:  'Excellent time to start a new company making software to help people with mental problems. You will call it SchizoSoft. Your motto: "Who Do You Want To Be Today?"'

What did I accomplish today?  I didn't do any housework.  I didn't go to the movies.  I didn't do a lot of stuff.  What I did do was buy a Palm pilot, with some difficulty!  I first went to Circuit City but no one seemed to want to help me spend my money.  I finally made a comment to that effect and a salesperson tried to help but he didn't know much about them, told me I knew more than he did.  He attempted to find someone to help me, he ended up going to a manager, but she was in a meeting.  I was told it would "be a few minutes."  I left Circuit City after waiting around about 20 mintues. 

Next stop, Best Buy.  They also did not seem to want my money.  I was obviously searching the aisles for something and 5 salespeople looked at me and kept walking, interested only in talking to their friends.  I finally asked to speak to a manager.  As I was
waiting for this person, I finally stumbled upon the location of the PDAs and a salesperson actually asked if she could help me.  I vented and told her she was the first person to do so.  Never talked to the manager, but got what I wanted.  Except I can't play with it completely!  I can't load the software onto my computer so I can't download stuff from the internet and then transfer it to the PDA.  It's pretty cool, and can do a lot of stuff.  I guess I'll play around with what it has and take the computer in Monday.  It's not recognizing the D drive or the A drive. 
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