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Don't know why it quit "recognizing" them.  A couple of weeks ago I tried to save something on the A drive and it said I couldn't access it, something about only the system administrator could.  Then tonight when I tried to load the PDA program so I can "sync" between the two, it wouldn't do it.  Maybe I should try unplugging everything and plugging all the cables back in.  I still have the connection to the scanner, since I don't use it anymore, maybe I should connect directly to the computer.  Oh well, we'll see.  Anyway, it's time to take it in for a check.  I think if I take it in Monday I can live without it for one day, since I work on Tues I won't use it then; it'll just be Monday night that I'll be without the computer.

I thought I was going to have to buy a new TV, which I don't want to at this time.  I do want a larger TV, I'd like to get the 36" or 40" HDTV, but I'm waiting.  I'm amazed at how low the prices are on them, especially the ones I've seen at CostCo.  Anyway, came home from work Thurs morning and when I turned on the TV it was black snow.  Turned on the VCR and there was a picture, so called the cable company.  No reported outage.  Then I got a picture later, but it was all grainy and had ghosts, then it disappeared again.  At work that night someone said it could be the box, I was hoping.  Came home Fri morning and I had a picture.  Then I noticed when Vladimir went over to the slider to lay down the picture changed, clicked, acted like it wanted to disconnect, etc.  I put 2 & 2 together and it equaled a loose connection in the cable wire!  I have the TV on the wall opposite where the cable comes out and the cable wire runs along the wall that has the sliding glass door on it.  I picked up the cable and it wasn't even connected!  The ends screw together, but over the years I guess it's rolled back & forth & come loose, the wire end was only sitting in the connection and the two ends fell apart when I touched it.  So that explains the periodic bad picture I'd been getting!  I thought it was the TV as it is over 10 years old.

I was thinking if I had to get another TV (can't live without the TV!) I was going to get one of the smaller ones, then get the bigger one later.  Can always use a 2nd TV in another room.  But turned out okay and I spent the TV money on the PDA.  It was one or the other, not both - believe it or not!

For some reason yesterday morning the thought of Jury Duty popped into my head.  Then when I checked the mail that afternoon I had a summons for Jury Duty, aarrggh!  I have to check & see how the hospital covers this.  Also, the first day to report is April 2nd, I won't be here at 8am.  I have to see if the hospital makes you take your own vacation days, or if they cover it.  If they cover it am I paid my regular salary?  If not I can claim "financial hardship" as previously as I am my sole support.  If the hospital covers Jury Duty then I'll have to get a postponement and go :(   I'll have to wait until Monday to call Human Resources & find out.
3/4/03  Tues  (0028):   Today is Hug A GI Day, and I think they really need it nowadays.  It's also Old Inauguration Day, after FDR the day was changed to January 20th.  Seems it was a long time to wait to be President if you won the election in Nov!

Saladin died this day in 1193, don't know who he was???  Then go
here to read a little about him.

My horoscope:  'Excellent day to make strange "hooting" noises while hiding in the bushes.'

I found out that the hospital does pay for Jury Duty, darn it.  At least the courts have made it better; you report on the first day and if you're not chosen then you're free and you've "served" your time.  So I needed to get a postponement as the day they want me is April 2nd and I won't be here that morning.  I called and did it automatically over the phone, but managed to screw that up!  I put myself as available the 7th of April, but forgot I have an all-day seminar on the 14th and you have to be available for 2 weeks when you first go.

So, on the way to drop off my computer tomorrow, well I guess this morning, I will stop by the courthouse and see if I can get it changed again!  Hopefully I won't get chosen for a trial on the first day; although the hospital pays, they'll only pay for 2 weeks and it would be just my luck to end up on a trial that lasted longer.  Also, it will be inconvenient for staffing at work.  Oh well, I've managed to escape Jury Duty all these years so I guess it's time I paid my dues :(  I'll have to make sure I get a game or two for my PalmPilot and take a book or two when I do have to go.

Saw something on the news Sunday night that I want to do.  They now have a commuter boat from Oceanside to San Diego.  I think it would be fun to catch the morning boat down, spend the day wandering around SD, go to Horton Plaza, Seaport Village, check out the Trolley, etc., then catch the boat back.  I think there are two times in the morning, not quite sure what time the boat comes back.  I'll have to check into this, and see if I can find someone to go with me; if not, no problem, I don't mind entertaining myself!
3/6/03  Thurs  (0029):   Ohhh, today is Chocolate Cheesecake Day, sometimes that can be pretty tasty!  It's also the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo - "remember the Alamo!"  To check out an interesting website on the Alamo, click here.  Wonder how they celebate Cat Festival Day (which is today) in Belgium.  Maybe I'll check it out someday :)

Today in 1521 Ferdinand Magellan discovered Island of Guam.  I learned something about him watching this History Channel, or was it Discovery???  Anyway, how many of you were taught that Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the world?  This is not exactly true.  He was Portuguese but sailed under the flag of Spain.  He sailed across the Atlantic, found the straights at the tip of South America (Magellan Straights) and went on into the Pacific.  He was killed in the Phillipines.  The Merriam-Webster Online dictionary defines circumnavigate as: 'to go completely around (as the earth) especially by water.'  So, all these years they have lied to us in school!  Magellan did NOT circumnavigate the world!  If you'd like to read a little about Magellan go
here; to read an account from the expedition, you can go here to do so.

My horoscope:  'A man with a single eyebrow is following you. You haven't borrowed any money lately, I hope?'

I worked Tuesday night on 4West, I can't believe how lucky I was in my patients.  I had 3 pts the entire night, no admit.  All three were alert & oriented and stable.  One lady had a chest tube and required some IV pain meds periodically, she did need a new IV about 2300, but she was the most "work" for me.  Everyone slept all night with no problems.  I almost felt guilty; I worked with Mary & Jennifer (traveler) and they had busy pts.  Especially Jennifer, she got an admit around 0230 that had a GI bleed, both ends, and required a lot of work.  I helped, pitched in where I could.  You know, it's just the luck of the draw.  I go back to work to night and it could just as easily be me!  We all work well together anyway; well, most of us :)

I went to the courthouse after work on Wed to see if I could change my date so I could go to the cardiac seminar on the 14th.  I don't know why they need me, there were
tons of people in the jury room!  Anyway, turns out no matter what I did on the phone, I have the entire month of April to report, I can go in on any day.  I asked her twice if she was sure, after the 2nd time I asked, "are you sure you're not going to swear out a warrant for my arrest if I don't show on the 2nd or 7th?"  She laughed and said no.  Now I just need to talk to Tricia/Wendy.  I'm thinking the best thing to do is go ahead & fill out the next schedule so I'm scheduled, then go in on the first Monday of that schedule.  If I get chosen then they just take me off for that week, or day by day.  That way I don't get a crappy schedule!  We'll see if they go for it.

I know you have to answer some questions on a form; I'll just answer truthfully instead of trying to 2nd guess what answers they're looking for.  I wonder if they ask you if you've been arrested before.  Wonder if that would preclude a laywer from choosing me???? 

As you can see I didn't take the comptuer in.  I want to take it in next week when I'm working a couple of days in a row so I won't miss it :)  I'll just have to wait a week to download stuff for my Palm Pilot.  I got a couple of programs off of Melodee last night, you can "beam" programs between PDAs, and I got a Yahtzee game and Mahjongg, but I had to delete the Mahjongg.  When I opened it I just got a blank screen and couldn't get out of it and it wouldn't turn off.  I had to do a "soft" re-boot, so I deleted the program.

I went to the store after the courthouse (very busy place, btw) and got a place right in front - hah!  Should have parked where I usually park.  Came out of the store and a flock of seagulls must have decided to unload everything they'd eaten for the past week as they flew over my car!  Yuck!
3/7/03  Fri  (0854):   Today is Middle Name Pride Day - what's your middle name?  Why did your parents give it to you?  Do you like your middle name?

My horoscope:  'Time to make a bold new fashion statement. What's the reason for matching socks, anyway? Why are people so obsessed with sartorial symmetry?'

Kate called me about 1330 yesterday and asked if I could come in at 1500, of course I said yes.  They know who to call if they want someone to come in early!  I was on 3East and at 1900 Anne and Matt (LVN registry) came in.  Once again I thought I'd get some charting done and be ahead of the game by being there 4 hours early....hah!  It was busy, and I was also busy helping other people. 

Got a transfer from ICU, pt had had a CABG, had been in A-fib.  They cardioverted him the 5th and his rhythm switched back to sinus rhythm.  I didn't have any problems with him all night.  Another pt slept all night, and so did my two ladies.  I've been extremely lucky the past 2-3 weeks, I have not had really heavy patients.  I've had enough to do to keep me busy, but things have been quiet for me.  Guess that will change pretty soon, luck of the draw :)

I'm off again today, then work the weekend.  Of course, nowadays weekends don't mean much to me, except that there's usually more movies on.  I don't think I could go back to a 9-5 job, Mon thru Friday.  I think I've said that before, but it's true!  Sure I work a 12 hour shift, but it goes by fast and then you have 4 days off every week!
3/8/03  Sat  (0257):   Today is Geneology Day.  I've started many times to try & get the family down but I always get side-tracked.  I think one of these days I'll pick up a genology program, like Family Tree, so I can work on it on the computer.  One of Mom's cousins traced the male Gamble line back to England where they spelled the name Gambill.  Maybe I'll start there and try to go backwards even more.  One of these days I'd like to go to Salt Lake City to check out the geneology library the Mormons have - they have millions of records.

It's also International Working Woman's Day, which is fitting as I have to work tonight :)   Sunday is Panic Day, hope that's not prophetic as I'm working then also!  Sunday is also Barbie Doll Debut Anniversary.  Of course I was called Barbie as a kid, some of my friends do now, and a couple of people at work do too, heheheehee.  When I was growing up people would always smirk and ask, "where's Ken?"  I'd answer, "at home with my Mom."  (Dad's name is Kenn if you didn't know!)  What would have been hilarious is I almost married a guy named Ken.  We would have been Ken & Barbie, ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!!!

Mickey Dolenz was born this day in 1945....I had the BIGGEST crush on him when I was a kid, still do!  Don't know who Mickey is?   "Here we come, walking down the street. Get the funniest looks from everyone we meet...Hey hey we're the Monkees......"  I don't like baseball but I bought tickets to a baseball game once as they were going to be playing afterwards, along with Herman's Hermits and a bunch of other bands like that.  I took a book and read throughout the ballgame.  Then just a few years ago they were at the Del Mar Fair and I got reserved seating so I could have a good view.  I still like the Monkees and I have just about every episode of their TV program.  They're
still funny!!

My horoscope:  'An old man with bad teeth will whack you with his cane today as you walk past.  He'll pretend it was an accident.'

I have to remember to correct my time card when I go in tonight.  When I left Fri morning by habit I subtracted from 1900 instead of 1500, so I cheated myself out of those extra 4 hours!  Those 4 hours add up to 8 paid hours so I need to correct it ASAP.

I was watching a medical program on Discovery and started running thru my head the type of pts I've taken care of and the things I've done - I've learned a lot over the past 1 1/2 years!  And it's amazing some of the stuff I do.  I'm glad I'm on IMC and not MedSurg, I wouldn't have done half the things I've done if I'd worked over in the Pavilion. 

I try to keep this webpage from getting too stale, adding & changing things as I think of them.  Some pages sit longer than others, but I think I've managed to do something to almost every page at least once.  I'd been thinking and added something to my "where in the world" page; plus I fixed some typos :)   You can check it out by clicking
3/11/03  Tues  (2305):   Today is Dream 2003 Day, not quite sure what to celebrate - Dream of 2003 or 2003 is a dream?  It's also Johnny Appleseed Day, remember him from school?  Did he really go around planting apple trees?  Click here to read a little about him.

My horoscope:  'Through a casual remark in an elevator, you will realise that both you and your fellow passenger have seen John Cleese's informational film called How To Irritate People. By the time you reach the 10th floor you will both be severely vexed with one another.'
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