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My horoscope:  'To your chagrin and horror, you will find yourself humming along with "muzac" in the grocery store. It's the beginning of the long slow slide, I'm afraid. Next stop: collecting "nick nacks".'  (Too late!  I already have too many nick-nacks!)

I'm tired, but as usual I'm awake in the wee hours of the morning!  I figure in the next day or two my minimal sleep hours will catch up to me and I'll probably sleep all day.  I'm surprised, didn't get a nap today as I was busy trying to get rid of all thel "nick-nacks" - Spring Cleaning time!  I dozed off for 3-4 hours in the evening, and here I am again!  The day/night before I only got about 3 hours of sleep, and Tuesday before work I got about 5.  So that means since 1800 on Monday, I've had about 11-12 hours of sleep :(   Still have lots to do today, we'll see if I get a nap during the day.  Maybe this evening will be when I finally run out of steam & crash!

Just ran across an interesting fact:  Your brain has enough storage capacity to record 10 million books.  I'm such an avid book reader I think I may have read that many so far!
3/29/03  Sat  (0031):   Today is Texas Love The Children Day; this is an actual "holiday" in Texas, Legislative Bill #HCR143.  It's also America's Subway Day; too bad we don't have a lot of subways out here, I think it would be fun.  Whenever I go to Boston to visit Helen I just have to ride on the subway; you take the train to get into the city, then transfer to the subway.  Great bus service too; one time she was working, I took the train into the city, took the subway, did my thing.  Took the subway to a different city, then caught a bus that dropped me off right across the street from her house.  To bad we don't have a transportation system like that out West, sure would make it easier to get around without depending upon a car!

It's a day for Man O' War again - he was born this day in 1917.  You can read about his life
here, a very good webpage; I learned something new, there was one race he won by 100 lengths!  Today in 1951 "The King and I" started its run of 1246 performances in New York.  Mom & I saw this play on Broadway in 1978, Yul Brynner was playing the King, great play!  For you Coca-Cola lovers, the first batch of Coca-Cola was brewed by John S. Pemberton this day in 1886.

My horoscope:  'As you are walking along, you will notice someone leaning back in a chair. You should stop and insist that they bring their seatback to a full upright and locked position until the captain has turned off a sign.'

Boy am I tired!  I collapsed around 1700 and kind of stared at the TV, may have drooled some too :)   I fell asleep somewhere around 1800 or so and woke up around 2130.  I think Spring cleaning should probably be done every month, then you won't have to do "Spring" cleaning!  To make it worse, a Santa Ana developed today, "but it was a dry heat!"  I think the humidity was about 15% and the temp was in the upper 80's, wind blowing in off the desert.  Ugghhh!  Then you watch the news and see there was a snowstorm in the upper Plains - unfair! 

I think I'm going to go check out vacuum cleaners that don't use bags.  I have an old upright and it gets to be a pain to change the bag, dust & stuff going everywhere, and it's getting harder to find the bags.  It would be great to just empty out a chamber into a plastic bag.  You can do that outside & not have to vacuum up stuff twice!  Think I'll go to WalMart tomorrow & check them out :)

I don't have to go back to work until 4/10 so by then I should have this place whipped into shape; maybe even getting the closet & some of the drawers sorted out!  At least I can get into the closet now, it's a walk-in and tended to collect everything.  Now I don't have to shove things about to get around inside, but there
are things that can be tossed.  I've been ruthless so far, hopefully I can continue!  I'd also like to donate some furniture to Goodwill, or whoever will come pick it up, and start over with different "stuff."  And maybe not quite so much of it this time!
3/30/03  Sun  (2025):   Today was Doctor's Day; unfortunately, a lot of them think every day is Doctor's Day!  Tomorrow is "I Am In Control" Day.

Beau Brummel died this day in 1840.  Who is Beau Brummel, you ask?  Well, if you have to ask then you obviously do not read any regency romance novels :)  He was the arbiter of fashion and the social ruler of England during the reign of George III.

My horoscope:  'Someone will turn a cold shoulder to you and your feelings will be hurt. You'll get even by turning a tepid elbow to them later. Just don't let it escalate to the blazing ankles stage, is all.'

Oowwwwww!  Spring cleaning can really wear you out!  My knees are tired from all the bending & stooping & crawling around (bathroom tub & bottom of cabinets which have an overhang, have to crawl on your hands & knees to clean the backboard under there!)  Back is tired too.  Shoulders & right hand are yelling at me right now to quit using them!  Plus, a Santa Ana rolled in Friday so it's been
really hot in the apt.  Have to say the bathroom looks really pretty; I got a new shower curtain, towels & rugs - it was waaay past time to do that!  Of course the predominate color is purple :)

I was so tired Sat night that I fell asleep while watching figure skating, the World Championships in D.C.  Had to get on the computer to find out who won.  Michelle Kwan won her 5th world title.  Darn, missed her long program.  She did so well in her short program I was hoping she'd win again. 

Anyway, it's still too hot to sit in front of the computer, and I'm wiped out!  I think I'm gonna go flop in the chair, watch TV & see how long it is before I fall asleep!  'night.
3/31/03  Mon  (1952):   Today is Bunsen Burner Day; fun things with which to play in chemistry.  Were you "In Control" today?

Do you know when Daylight Savings began?  Earlier than you probably thought - it started this day in 1918 in America to conserve fuel; clocks were set one hour ahead.  Another date in history - 1814 & Paris surrenders to allies.  They seem to do that a lot, huh?

My horoscope:  'Good day to mumble.'

Another hot day today, except it seemed just a tad cooler than yesterday.  According to the scrolling TV guide channel, Tuesday is supposed to be a lot cooler; we'll see if it's correct.  Did some more spring cleaning; bathroom & bedroom are done (well, have some clothes to go thru in the bedroom and the closet could be re-done, but I'm calling it done!).  Living room almost finished; tomorrow the rest of the kitchen.  If I hold out that long.  Once again I am sitting here almost falling asleep; I'm still up at night, but didn't get any nap the past few days plus I've been doing a lot of work.  Rachael came over today and helped out - what a friend!

Speaking of work, got called this afternoon to see if I'd like to come in.  I'm off this week, in fact I don't go back until the 10th.  It says PTO (paid time off) on the schedule for this week; I guess they check in case people are in town and want to work.  I was going to go to Phoenix & visit my parents for a few days, but then got the notice that the exterminators & manager would be around on the 2nd (the day I would have been coming back) and since I'm a pack-rat I needed to get things organized.  Once I started, it just snowballed!  In a good way, however!  It's amazing the stuff you can squirrel away that you don't need!

DREAM ALERT:   I did sleep some during the evening yesterday and had the weirdest dreams!  Even though I was dead tired, my mind wasn't.  I can only remember the one because I wrote things down as soon as I woke up.  I was a spy in Russia and was on the elevator to the 3rd floor to look for something.  I wasn't wearing any shoes (there I go again with the no shoes - if anyone knows what that signifies in dreams, please let me know!) and didn't want people to notice me so I put on my houseshoes, lined with sheepskin.  The elevator door opens and the person I was with says "we've been seen," as we watch the cameras swing our way.  We try to be nonchalant and we stroll over to a food court area.  I order a brautwurst and ask for german mustard.  Suddenly the lights go out and we sneak out a side door (yeah I know, we took the elevator to the 3rd floor, but now there's a door to a grassy area behind the food court).  And, once thru the door I was now in Dallas and I was reaching into my purse to call Mom and tell her, "hey, I'm in Dallas!"  We were walking along and I said to my companion, "told you, it's the University."  A crowd of people were heading into the stadium and out on the football field were a bunch of people dressed & posing like greek statues.  Hey, what can I say, it's a dream!

Once again I am beat!  I'm gonna go crash & see how long I can sleep :)
4/1/03  Tues  (2234):   I'm sure we all know today is April Fool's Day!  Rachael & I went to WalMart early and on the way she was outraged - telling me about this tattoo guy who did babies & kids and he was at a radio station, the mom was there and was going to have an American flag tattoo done on the baby's ankle.  The female DJ refused to support this and walked off the show.  Rachael tried to call to vent her outrage, other people were calling.  Guess what - it was an April Fool's joke!  Boy were people steamed over the thought they were going to tattoo a baby!  It's also National Fun at Work Day.  I didn't go to my usual job, but I worked today!  I am tired!!!  My knees especially.  Guess I'm too old to do all that crawling around, stooping, climbing up & down stairs, etc.

My horoscope:  'You'll feel a little tired and run down, today. Just a hunch, but that could explain those tire tracks on your shirt, as well...'

The notice that was sent around to everyone said the exterminator would be coming on the 2nd, along with the manager to check things out.  Had a knock on the door and it was the exterminator guy.  I'm glad I had things pretty much pulled together so he could do his thing in the bathroom & kitchen.  Now the manager will be coming in tomorrow to check for leaks and check smoke alarms.  Hopefully my spring cleaning will be adequate!  Of course, as Rachael said, "it's not a crime to have dust Barb!"

I did get a new vacuum cleaner (aside to M&D - your WalMart stock was greatly improved the past 2-3 days!).  I splurged & got one of those Hoover windtunnel vacuums.  Don't have to buy bags anymore.  I'd been looking at them and was going to go with Rachael today to get the super-dooper model (she has a bigger vehicle and thought it would be easier to get the box in her car).  Woke up Monday morning & my little voice told me to go to WalMart - there was only one of the windtunnels left, and it was the model $50 less.  So I went ahead & got it.  Wow!  It cleans like you can't imagine!  I've never seen a vacuum cleaner clean so well.  I highly recommend it, it's worth the money.

It was much cooler today, which was very nice; made it much more comfortable working around in the apt today.  Rachael & I made two trips to WalMart today; first one to get some supplies, and some area rugs.  Turned out I bought one too many rugs so we took it back, then when I was there noticed some pretty purple & beige throw rugs so got some of those.  They're soft too; after my shower this evening walked from the bathroom to the bedroom and I've got one in the short hallway.

I miss my kids!  Seems strange not to have someone following me around; I've actually been able to go to the bathroom alone!  While they're at the vet's they're getting their shots, except the vet wanted to check into Vladimir a bit more.  His heartrate was too high and he had lost some weight.  What a nurse I am, should have caught this sooner!  As soon as he said those two things together I asked, "he's got hyperthyroidism?"  That was what he was thinking, but needed a blood test to verify.  Turns out that's what it is.  He gets to take (I get to shove) a pill a day for about 30 days to see if that will slow things down.  Also, at the end of the 30 days he'll check his kidney function again.  It's fine now, but that's because it's had a lot of perfusion (faster heartrate, more blood flow).  He'll check him again in about a month, if things are fine he'll get his vaccinations then.

I've decided if I recover from my over-enthusiastic spring cleaning I may call in & say I can work Wed (next week), will give me extra money to replace the $$$ I've spent over the past few days!  It will mean working 4 in a row, but the end result ($$$) can be worth it!
4/2/03  Wed  (2320):   Today is Children's Book Day, which is good as it's also Hans Christian Andersen's Birthday.  For those of you who like Oreo cookies today in 1912 Nabisco announced its intention to market a new type of cookie, the Oreo.

My horoscope:  'Today you will be invited to go on a 3 hour boat tour, which you think will be lots of fun. It may last longer than you expect...'

Today was a lot cooler than yesterday, which was a lot cooler than Monday; it was almost 20 degrees cooler today than Monday - me like :)  Can you believe it's snowing up in Tahoe!

Didn't do much today,needed to recover after all the hard work since Thursday.  I can see why people do spring cleaning, things look great, but I don't think I'm going to wait until spring anymore!  Gonna also try not to be such a pack-rat anymore either (hahahahahaaa!).

really miss my kids, gonna go get them in the morning; they may not recognize their new place!

Don't forget to "spring ahead" Sunday morning - it's time to set the clocks one hour ahead at 0200 on Sunday.
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