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4/4/03  Fri  (0912):   None of today's "holidays" are fun, yesterday's were; it was Find A Rainbow Day and Kick Butts Day.  Those two sound much more fun than Alcohol-Free Weekend or School Librarian Day! 

On this day in 1406 James I, King of Scots ascended to throne of Scotland although he was prisoner of the English.  You can read a little about him
here.  What intrigue there was in the life of royals, everywhere!

My horoscope:  'Someone will soon approach you with an idea. Stay well clear of it.'

I rescued my kitties yesterday, it's amazing how much they weave themselves into the fabric of your life!  I missed the little things like a head resting on my foot while I'm sitting at the computer; someone at the door when I come home; someone patting my leg, wanting to get in my lap while I'm at the desk; someone longing for a bite of whatever I'm eating; someone snuggling with me and the blankie as we watch TV.  It was enjoyable, however, to go to the bathroom by myself for a whole week!

I have to give Vladimir 1/2 of a pill twice a day - that's fun!  I have to flip him over on his back, hold him under the right arm with pill in right hand, open mouth with left hand & drop pill onto the back of his tongue.  I've only done it twice, but from past experience it won't take him long to associate the sound of the pill bottle with his torture.  I will have to start getting the pill out before I want to give it to him as he will disappear!

They were amazed when they came home - it was a whole new world to explore.  In fact, I got rid of sooooo much junk that I don't think they recognized the place!  I'd even moved their food/water bowls & cat box to a different location.  Of course they had to go around and open every cabinet door they could, I guess to see if stuff was still there.  I even cleaned off the couch and Fiona has staked that territory as hers. 

Everytime they've been away, if they're separated, Fiona growls & hisses at Vladimir for a while.  He wasn't even near her but she could see him and she was laying in the middle of the floor, smacking her tail on the floor, growling and making quite a fuss.  She did give him a couple of licks, but then would decide to bite him.  It usually take 2-3 days to get back into the swing of things.  Of course, with the apt looking so different, that was something else to her.

Well, time to go get a hair cut; once again it's out of control.
4/5/03  Sat  (0040):   Today is Qing Ming Festival or Remembrance Day of the Dead. On this day Chinese show their respect by visiting and cleaning their deceased ancestor's tombs and cemeteries. They offer food and prayers for their ancestors.  I guess that's why it's National Tomb-Sweeping Day in Taiwan. 

My horoscope:  'Good day to burst into song. Nothing too fancy, mind you -- no arias. The theme song from "The Beverly Hillbillies" will do nicely. Why not see how many people you can get to sing along?'

Went off & got a haircut, it was waaaaay past time!  I think she left it a little long in back, but I'm not going back, I'll just wait until next time. Otherwise, did nothing today!  My body was still tired from all the work I'd done - knees are still complaining!
4/6/03  Sun  (1251):   Did everyone remember to set their clocks ahead one hour??  If you are of Scottish heritage, you'll be interested to know that today is Tartan Day and you can check it out at this website.  It's Check Your Batteries Day, they say you should change the batteries in your smoke alarms twice a year and a good way to remember is Daylight Savings Time.

My horoscope:  'Good day to begin construction of a labyrinth. Everybody loves a labyrinth.'

Well, I was going to break down and get DSL for my connection, but can't.  Since it uses the phone line, there has to be the line available, I guess there's not enough for everyone in this area.  So, even though I had a moment of weakness, it turned out okay!  Guess I'll just sit with the dialup.

It's been really nice the past few days, cool outside, breezy so my windchimes are singing a lot.  I can't believe I've already had 1 1/2 weeks off work, only 3 more days then back to work.  Unfortunately it will be 3 in a row :(

Oh well, stomach is growling and I have a craving for comidas mexicanas so I think I'll head over to Kotija's.  They built a Wendy's right next to it, in record time; I'd say less than a month and it was up & running.  Okay, I tried it,but I tell you I won't again.  Their prices are outrageous!  A single is almost $3 and a double is almost $4, and they're not that great.  You can get a better tasting hamburger down the street at In&Out for a lot less!
4/10/03  Thurs  (0953):   Hahahaha, today is Vote Lawyers Out of Office Day.  I'm sure if that could be done a lot of people would do it!  Too bad our system isn't like other parts of the world - the loser pays the winner's court/attorney fees.  Sure would be a lot less lawsuits!

On this date in 1912 the HMS Titanic left Southampton on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic.  Also on this day in 1606 King James granted the first charter for settlement of Virginia in the New World.  And look what we've done to it in just 400 years.

My horoscope:  'Today is a good day to crash through the underbrush making loud snorting sounds. Beware of poachers, however.'

Well, my time is up and I have to go back to work tonight, and it will be 3 nights in a row, which you know by now I
really don't like!  At least when I come home now, I won't feel guilty that I should be doing housework & getting things in order - I can rest peacefully :)

Still have cabinets & closets to do, but need to get some boxes.  Decided why handle stuff twice; go thru things, toss the things I don't want/need & pack up stuff I want but don't use.  Didn't do much Monday, puttered around doing little things.  Tuesday I went to the movies, saw Bringing Down the House with Steve Martin and Queen Latifa (she was Mama Morton in Chicago also).  It was pretty funny, of course I love Steve Martin and I've decided I really like Queen Latifa, aka Dana Owens.

I went over to the theater on College & Mission and on the way it was such a pretty sight.  Green all around, hillsides are still green and ahead of you, in the distance, snow covered mountains.  Sun shining, everything sparkling.  Was quite a pretty day.  I also saw Chicago again, couldn't resist!  Afterwards I stopped in the bathroom and two elderly ladies, who had been sitting in front of me, were discussing the movie.  They were so cute, all dressed up, make-up on, perfumed to the max.  One of them "didn't care for that blonde thing," meaning Renee Zellweger.  They weren't quite happy with the movie, didn't think it was all that great, but they liked Catherine Zeta-Jones.  "Of course you know she was pregnant when she made that movie."  I wanted to yell out from my stall, "no she wasn't, that's a popular myth!"  But I restrained myself.  Anyway, it was funny to hear them as they were primping at the mirror.  Oh, I fessed up to Rachael what I'd done at her cousin's theater, she just laughed & said they do that all the time.

I saw a commercial last night that ticked me off!  Patient in the bed, nurse at bedside.  She sees bottles of Herbal Essence shampoo and she wants to try them so bad she goes into the bathroom & washes her hair.  Kind of feeds into the sexpot/bimbo nurse thing.  I don't like it, we work hard at what we do!

I've decided to add a page to my website.  I get so many emails that are "true" when they are actually hoaxes or rumors that I've decided to add a button for that to the main page.  Everytime I get one of those (my son is missing, Pepsi did this, forward this email and you'll get money; forward to x number of people & something comes up on your screen, babies crying outside the door is a serial killer trick, etc, etc.) I check it out at www.snopes.com and they've all been untrue.  Thought it would be interesting to see how many I add on there from the emails I get.

A friend has made a new website, it's to get revenge on ex-boyfriends that are real losers/jerks.  You can view the website
here and submit your stories & pictures here.  Sounds like a fun idea :)

Rachael & Kathi came over yesterday to help me get rid of a chair.  One of the recliners I'd been using, for
years, had finally given up the ghost.  The foot part broke, wouldn't stay up (I had a box under it); arms were coming off, seat part was broken & falling almost to the floor.  I didn't sit in this chair, I kind of fell into it!  So, we ripped the arms the rest of the way off, then used strapping tape to tape the footboard closed & Rachael & I toted it down the stairs and into Kathi's truck.  Kathi supervised as she's 30 weeks pregnant, and she did a very good job :)  I'd called & found a place in Escondido to dump it, but Rachael had a better idea; she said all kinds of things are dumped in their dumpsters, so they took it over there to dump it, which was fine with me as it saved me $18, which is what it would have cost at the place in Escondido. 

I moved the other recliner, which had basically never been sat in, into position and boy is it comfortable!  Now I have a big empty space next to the TV, kind of makes the place look bigger.  Oh well, I want to work a little on that other page, then do a couple of things around the apt, then see if I can take a nap.
4/13/03  Sun  (2033):   Today is Blame Someone Else Day, so quit blaming those farts on the dog!  It's also Palm Sunday, so I guess that means next Sunday is Easter.  I miss Easter Egg hunts :)

My horoscope:  'Small fluffy animals will come over and lean on you today. It's just their way of showing their appreciation, and of telling you that you are furniture.'  This is nothing new :)

Worked 3 in a row.  Was on 4 East Thursday and had 3 patients to start.  One was a very pleasant gentleman who loved to talk.  I saw pictures of his dogs, he chatted about everything.  I don't mind, but sometimes it's hard to balance that with other work.  I know they're scared, lonely, anxious, etc., and I try to spend as much time as I can.  But when someone wants to talk, and talk, and talk!  Then around 0500 he decided to take a stroll around and of course stopped to chat and I had to tell him I was sorry, but I'd have to catch him later.  One of the other nurses had a pt who was up & chatty most of the night too, they ended up talking with each other for about an hour; this was great as it kept them occupied and out of our way :)  This other pt had stopped to chat with me everytime I was trying to do paperwork; I'd smile, mmm hmmmm at his comments, and keep writing, smiling occasionally.  At one point he said "wow, where'd you get that great smile?"  I replied, "from my parents, they paid for it."  :)

I got an admit about 0400 and all I can say is he was very bizarre, definitely had some psych component involved.  On Friday I didn't take him back.  Friday it was Jess and Sally and I; I was surprised as there were only 7 pts on the floor.  Of course that meant if we had full staff for that floor we would be getting admits.  I started with 3 pts, had my chatty gentleman back, but he'd had a procedure during the day and was tired so he slept all night long.  Another pt had had abdominal surgery so I had a central line with TPN (IV food) and NG tube to keep an eye on.  My 3rd pt was the involved pt. 

He was getting his first unit of blood when I came on, he was feeling very uncomfortable with pelvic pain and I had to keep reminding him not to grasp or make a fist with the left hand as that was where the IV was and each time he did it, the cannula inside tented up the vein; I was NOT going to have him compromise the IV site and have to start another one! 

Anyway, inbetween the units of blood I gave him some medication, one was a pill to help get rid of excess fluid.  You want the red blood cells, but they also come with fluid that can overload the pt's system.  He was already sounding "wet" (crackly, bubbling in the lungs) 1/2 way thru the first unit so I was keeping a close eye on him.  Gave the Lasix at 2130.  Kept monitoring lung sounds, they kept getting worse.  By 2300 he definitely was having a problem and he had had absolutely no urine output.  I called the doctor and got an order for IV Lasix.  By 2400 still none, absolutely not one drop of urine.  By now he's had 80 mg of Lasix and should have been putting out a lot.

Jess and I troubleshoot, you want to do everything you can before you call the doctor in the middle of the night.  Oh, not only are his lung sounds worse and no urine output, his lower abdomen is rock hard, which was definitely a change from my initial assessment.  Ok, check the tubing, no kinks (he had a catheter); stand him up to see if that will get things going, nothing; try to irrigate to see if there's free flow or a blockage, no problem, flushes easily; last step, deflate the balloon inside that holds it in and reposition.  It wasn't even fully deflated and the urine was pouring out around the catheter from the pressure.  Repositioned the catheter & reinflated the balloon.  Within about 10 minutes got 1100 cc of urine - the poor guy!  His bladder was full!  It's around 0100 by this time, he hadn't slept at all, had been sitting up at the side of the best most of the night.  His abdomen softened up, his bladder was so full it was squeezing everything together!  He finally relaxed and was snoring in about 15 minutes.  That was a busy night!

I went in last night and my name wasn't on the schedule, I looked again, and looked again.  I thought, wow, maybe they're overstaffed and they didn't need me and forgot to call.......no such luck!  I got floated over to 4Pavilion, the MedSurg/Oncology part of the hospital.  Liz had to go to 3P, she had a much busier night than I did.
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