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5/3/03  Sat  (2330):   Today was National Scrapbooking Day.  Don't know what scrapbooking is???  It's a way to preserve photos so they don't deteriorate & fade over the years.  You can check out some pics of scrapbooking pages in my Scrapbooking section on the front page; I'll have some new pictures eventually as I went to a big scrap-a-thon at the Barona Casino today.  Maybe tonight, maybe next week, I still have to get pictures of Kathi's baby shower loaded :)

Today was also running of the Kentucky Derby, a 12-1 longshot won; wouldn't you have loved to have bet a couple of hundred dollars on him!  It's also Lumpy Rug Day; now why would you want to celebrate that!  It happens every day in my house thanks to Fiona's cavorting around; I'm always straightening the throw rugs in the hallway between the bedroom & bathroom, it's her runway.  They get pushed around when she makes her 90 degree turn to screech into the living room!

Speaking of cats, I just looked over and talk about lazy!  Vladimir is lying on his side "sharpening" his claws on the base of the loveseat; guess it's too much effort to stand up & do it like a real cat!

My horoscope:  'A creature from the 7th dimension will become attached to your leg and will be impossible to remove. Eventually, you'll simply get used to it.'

I worked on 2West Wed & Thurs night; Wed night was great, I had 3 pts and except for having to check one of them every hour, it wasn't busy at all!  The guy I had to keep checking had had a cardiac catheterization (they go in thru the artery in the groin) and was oozing a little bit.  Had to keep checking to make sure he wasn't bleeding a lot as that would have meant they'd have to take him back downstairs & try to stop it.  He was very patient and managed to doze in between my checks; he even tolerated the 5lb weight I kept over the site for a few hours.  When I came back Thursday he'd been discharged, so obviously he was okay.

Andrea, Palomar nursing student, was with me again on Thursday.  I had one pt left from the night before so took him back then had her take the pt that had the trach, and she had a 2nd pt.  She's doing pretty good and I know time and experience will just make it easier on her, I know - I've been there!  She interviewed for my area and I'm sure they'll hire her.

Some patients get weighed in the mornings, and if we're lucky they're in the bed that has a scale built in and you can just push a button.  I was finishing my I&O's (intake & output) and Regina (night CNA) walked over to the desk and told Ava one of her pts had a 10lb weight gain from the previous morning.  She said, "well, she's got a 10lb weight in her bed."  We started laughing.  I guess you had to be there but it was so funny the way she said it.

As I said earlier, today was National Scrapbooking Day and I went down to Barona Casino to scrap.  Brooke and two of her sisters were there, along with some other friends I'd met before.  Rosie was there with her Mom.  I'd bought a big tub at Walmart so I could get everything in one place and I used a luggage cart to roll it along.  Tub was $3.50, cart I've had for ages; beats the $$$$$ some of them spend to by the Creative Memories rolling cart!  The rest of my papers, stickers, and other stuff like that are in the two binders I have.  They have good thick poly sleeves of different sizes to hold all your goodies.  I got a small pink album and was putting it together for Tina, Fariba's daughter.  I'm using the pictures from the Del Mar Fair...from last year!  I got the pink album since she's a girl and it was a good choice as she was wearing pink that day; most of the color scheme inside is pink, with some other pastel shades.

For every page you finished you got a raffle ticket and there were drawings every hour; I hung around to the end (1600) in hopes of winning the pretty 12x12 album.  They called 5 numbers every hour and of course I won nothing.  Then it got down to the end, there were two more draws, one for a denim shirt someone prettied up with embroidery on the back and pictures of the casino and one for the album.  I won the shirt, darn!  Oh well.

It had rained overnight and looked okay here; by the time I got to Escondido it was pouring (Barona is in Lakeside).  Then it would stop, then start again.  I don't understand why people won't turn their lights on when visibility is poor!  It's gray and dingy, cars are throwing up water and when I looked in my rearview mirror, there were always cars without lights that looked just like dark shapes that may or may not have been there!  Then I was on a two-lane, windy road and it's raining, speed limit is 55.  At one point someone was right behind me, I was only going 40/45 since I didn't know the road, it was wet and raining, and the signs along the road were saying slippery when wet, excuuuuse me!

After I loaded everything in the car I went into the casino to check it out.  It was
packed!  I've never seen a casino in Las Vegas as crowded as this one and there are thousands of people in Vegas!  Of course I tried a few slot machines, but after 1/2 hour I left, after I picked up another shot glass for my collection.  Dad, looks like I'll have to hang the 2nd shelf-box you made - every row is filled with shot glasses side by side, even the top of it.  I counted, there are 65 shot glasses in it!  Of course the 23 I picked up during the Great American Road Trip helped fill it up!

Came home, dropped off the big tub and picked up the gift for Paige, she had surgery yesterday.  When I went up to her hospital room her nurse saw me, knew me, and when she came in said "hey, you've got your own nurse, how great is that!"  She was running a temperature, didn't look comfortable so I didn't stay very long. 

Came home & collapsed!  It was about 1930 by this time and within a few minutes I was asleep; got a nice hour nap!  Oh, I forgot!  Broke down and got digital cable so I could get a bunch of different channels.  Boy did I!  I have over 40 movie channels, all the Discovery channels, and a bunch of other channels.  And you can get info on whatever is on and see what's coming on for days in advance, like satellite TV.  You can set the VCR from the TV menu, tell it to remind you when something is on, it does all kinds of cool stuff!  And because the apt complex pays for all the regular cable channels it was only $10 more a month than what I was paying to have 3 movie channels - and now I have over 40, plus all the other stuff, weeeeeeee!
5/5/03  Mon  (0055):   Hey, today is Cinco de Mayo; have some margaritas and Mexican food to celebrate!  Mmmmm, it's also Chocolate Custard Day, can't say I've ever had any, but it sounds good.  It's Un-Mother's Day, is that for people like me with no human children????

Napoleon Bonaparte died this day in 1821.  Alan Shepard became the first American in space on this date in 1961; look how far we've come in just over 30 years!

My horoscope:  'While pouring over some old historical documents, you will discover that the Norman invasion was actually supposed to be the "Bob" invasion, but Norman stole the credit for it. Sadly, it will turn out to be too late to change it now.'

I was looking at the pictures in my camera and ran across some from Saturday that I'd forgotten about.  It had been raining so there were puddles in the grocery store parking lot (where I'd stopped for cash & batteries).  As I drove away I happened to look to my left and there, sitting in a puddle of water in one of the parking spaces was a mallard duck, standing just a little to his side was his mate (at least I'm assuming it's his mate, Mom would know).  I drove a little bit farther and realized, "hey, I have a camera in my car!"  I put it in neutral and let it roll quietly backwards until I was opposite of them.   By this time the male was standing, I stopped as I didn't want to scare them away.
It was just weird to see them sitting there, not doing anything, just watching the cars go by.  The one on the right should be titled "Whatcha lookin' at!"

Have to take the comptuer in for a check in the morning, since I work Mon/Tues I won't miss it and if they have to keep it two days I can go get it Wed morning.  The drives aren't being recognized, Word tells me I don't have autho to save to A (or something like that) and to contact the supervisor.  Can't load any software so I've been running around with my Palm not having any cool programs, especially current the current medication program I want.  So, will drop it off in the morning.  Besides, have to get it ready to accept the DSL stuff I'll have to be loading in a couple of weeks or so :)
5/8/03  Thurs  (2318):   Hey!  Today is National Night Shift Workers Day.  Hmmm, is that an oxymoron?  If you're a night-shift worker, how can you celebrate a day?  And it's No Socks Day, unknowingly I celebrated that allll day!

My horoscope:  'You are about to start a band with friends which will be called "Rainy Daze". You will choose that name primarily because one of your group simply doesn't care for "Clenched Buttocks" as a band name.'

Well, surfing on the internet can be expensive!  I took the computer in Tuesday morning and John checked it.  Turns out someone had hacked into my computer and corrupted, changed, deleted, added files.  I
do have Norton Internet Security, but there were a couple of times I didn't realize it wasn't on, it comes on automatically but for some reason it didn't then.  That's all it took!  So, I had to get new stuff.  I thought I'd lose all my files; as I hadn't been able to use my A or CDRW (because of all the program changes) I hadn't backed things up for a while.  I was lucky, Tre (I think that's how he spells his name) scanned a lot of stuff and saved the things that were safe.  I have my "Webpage Stuff" folder intact, yaaaayyy!  They do good work, and they're great.  Always.  They work extra hard to get my computer stuff done in one day, I think there's only been one time I had to wait 2 days (gasp!).  They had a lot of work to do this time also, as I didn't have the drivers for any of the programs, means they had to get them off the internet or look for them elsewhere.  I highly recommend them:

Future Tech  1250 S. Santa Fe, Vista, CA  92083  (760) 630-8016 
EMail: info@efuturetech.com

And, since I didn't have the software to reload for my internet connection to MindSpring, Tre let me connect there and download it before I left.  Great guys!

Worked Mon/Tues on 4East, Liz was there both nights; she graduated the semester behind me.  I had 3 pts both nights and it was a good thing I only had 3 on Tues night.  It was one of those nights that I again muttered under my breath, "I
wanted to be a nurse, I wanted to be a nurse!  If I'd had my computer Wed morning I would have come straight home & written about it, the night would have been fresher in my mind.
So do it NOW!
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