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5/18/03  Sun  (0842):   Today is International Museum Day, go visit your local museum!  It's also Neighbor Day, take them along :)

On this day in 1152 Henry II married Eleanor of Aquitaine.  Mt. St. Helens errupted today in 1980.

My horoscope:  'A very pudgy cat will annoy you today.'  What do they mean "today," she annoys me
every day, that's her purpose in life!

I worked on 2East the past two nights; once again a fine example as to why I prefer to work only 2 in a row!  If I had to go back tonight I think I'd cry!  It was Camille, Trish, and I both nights, Friday night we both had 3 pts and things went pretty well, not a lot of jumping up & down & running around.

Only one of my pts was left when I went back, so picked up 2 new ones.  One happened to be the one that was yelling, swinging at the day nurses as I came on.  I was busy with him, and the other; the 3rd was from the previous night and she was okay.  I finally got things caught up and then got an admit just before midnight.

What can I say.  Well.....she'd just been discharged from the mental health unit the day before, she's been there lots of time.  I don't even want to waste my time talking about her, I'm so fed up!  She got upset about not being able to take her medications as she wanted, when she wanted, as much as she wanted,  and get other things when she wanted that she left AMA (against medical advice).  Then she wanted the hospital to pay for a cab ride home.  Explained, sorry, no way, not when she's leaving AMA.  So Regina escorts her downstairs and as they're going pt asks her, "if I have an attack of emphysema can I come back for a breathing treatment?"  Regina told her that was out of her hands, by this time they're walking out the door by the emergency room; Regina said she walked out the door and took a left right back into the emergency room.

Anyway, I have four days off so I can forget about her!  Unfortunately, that means I have to work 3 in a row; then it's a terrible schedule of 2off/2on/2off, etc.

It's grey and gloomy today, but I like that.  I hope it stays this way all day.  I think I'll check out what's on today then probably fall asleep in front of the TV for a while.  First I have to clean up all the little pieces of styrofoam that are all over the living room floor.  Vladimir
loves to chew up styrofoam and he found a piece in the box the DSL stuff came in, he opened the box and shredded it all over the floor :(
5/19/03  Mon  (0256):   I have no idea what or who May Ray is, but today is May Ray Day.  I typed it into a couple of search engines & didn't get anything.  So if anyone knows what it is, let me know.

On this date in 1536 Anne Boleyn was beheaded, you know who she was, right?  You can read an interesting bit about her by clicking
here; it also has links to an account about her coronation, her speech before beheading, and an excerpt from a letter by the Tower's constable.

My horoscope:  'You will become embroiled in yet another argument about crustaceans today. You will easily trounce your opponent, who will leave in a huff. He's just being crabby if you ask me.'

Sunday was a wasted day!  Since I'd only had about 4 hours of sleep on Saturday, between nights of working, I was asleep about 1/2 hour after turning off the computer.  I woke up a couple of times, but just couldn't keep the eyes open, so decided....why try?  I was up for 2-3 hours late afternoon, early evening, then the next thing I knew it was about 0100.

There's a Staff meeting at 1800 tonight, we'll see if I can remember.  Then tomorrow I'll be having "tea" with Joy Gorzman, CEO of nursing.  Unfortunately it's not a special "thing."  I believe names are drawn out of the hat to see who is invited.  I think it would mean much more if these invites were a result of positive input from coworkers/management.  Oh well, I'll go.  Then that evening I have to go renew my CPR card.  Wednesday is Jess' graduation from Palomar and I'm going.  Liz from work is going too, and Jess mentioned something about going out to dinner afterwards.  So, I have 3 more days off, things to do each day, plus housework to be caught up on!
5/19/03  Mon  (2216):   On this day in 1998  millions of pagers nationwide stopped working when a communications satellite suddenly lost track of Earth.  Yeah, it's a hard place to find!

I had played around on the computer, moving, tweaking, fixing things in the webpage and had turned it off, sat down to watch TV this morning and the phone rang.  It was a friend from work who was asking for a ride to the doctor's.  When I asked her what was wrong there was silence, then a teary voice saying "I don't know."  Of course there was no question!  I asked for directions, she doesn't live that far away.  When I got there she could barely walk, from her description I figure it's sciatic nerve problem, or some nerve compression in the spine.

Turns out she does have some back problems.  I asked her if she was seeing an orthopaedist, but we went to her primary MD.  I drove her Ford Escape, nice vehicle.  When I was backing out of the space at the doctor's office I was thinking I wouldn't be able to see, but there's great vision all over.  The next stop was for her to get x-rays, I dropped her off & went over to drop off her prescriptions so she wouldn't have to wait after x-rays.

It was a long wait at the place for x-rays; I know for a fact they don't take
that long, especially when you have more than one x-ray tech!  After that I ran in and got her prescriptions, then took her home.  They were out of one of them, it wouldn't be available until after 1400 Tuesday.  I told her to give me a call if she wanted me to pick it up, I could get it after my "tea" at the hospital.  I'm glad I was off, although I would have done it anyway if I had to work.  Just made it easier.  :)

While I was waiting for her to come out of x-ray a man came in and they gave him forms to fill out.  He sat down for a little bit, looked at them, then took them back to the desk.  He was pointing at the door and saying, in broken English, something about the other guy coming (he was hispanic).  Turns out he couldn't read the form, he was given a Spanish version.  I can't imagine what it would be like not being able to read.  How do you manage??? 

I'd like to get a Silver Egyptian Mau when I next get a cat.  There's a breeder in San Diego, I've managed not to go look!  I found a picture, but it doesn't do it justice:
You can't see it, but there's a black stripe down the back.  The spots are skin deep, shave the fur and the spots will be in the skin.  Mau is Egyptian for cat.
5/20/03  Tues  (2238):   Hey, it's Eliza Doolittle Day, go out & rent a copy of My Fair Lady!  Christopher Columbus died this day in 1506.

My horoscope:  'You will be struck by an odd thought today. Fortunately it will be only a glancing blow and will do little actual damage.'

I'm certified for another 2 years for CPR/BLS (Basic Life Saving).  Since it was a refresher course it was only about 3 hours long.  At the end there was the usual test and of course I got them all right :)

I didn't accomplish much today, means I can't stay up all hours of the night tonight!  I have things to do tomorrow, plus I need to go get Jess a graduation gift.  Not that I had any doubt, but since the final was today and I didn't get a call telling me not to go to graduation tomorrow, it means she passed.  Probably should get a little something for Andrea too (the student nurse & had a few nights).  I need some more Strawberries & Champagne lotion from Victoria's Secret and I know Jess likes stuff from there so maybe I'll get her a gift certificate.  We were discussing 'flavors' one night at work but I can't remember which one she likes best. 

Then It's on to an awful schedule for the next 4 weeks, bluuggghhh! 

DREAM ALERT: I need to catch up on dreams!  The one I had today was weird.  I was at Jake's house and a Volcano errupted, it was real close to his house.  I can still hear the sound it made in my dream!  Stuff was flying everywhere, large blocks of stone, but no ash anywhere.  The ocean was right up to the house, in fact it was sitting on a bluff and most of the bluff was gone.  I went looking for my car and it was smashed by rocks, except it wasn't the car I have right now, it was a white Ford F150 with the supercab.  The scene shifts and I'm in a town that's basically deserted.  I'm in a store and grab a camera case to carry stuff I'll need.  I go outside and the streets are empty, people have fled the area.  I don't have any shoes on so I sat down on the curb to put tennis shoes on then look to my left.  It was like in the movies when a blast wave comes it pulverizes everthing in its path.  It was coming closer & closer and I knew I couldn't escape it, and that was the end of the dream.
5/22/03  Thurs  (0253):   Went to Jess's graduation at Palomar.  She's an LVN who will now be a registered nurse!  Even though she was "only" an LVN, she is one of the best nurses I know!  I took a couple of pictures, the link is thru the front page.  Sandy (monitor tech) also came and the four of us (Jess, her mom, Sandy, and I) went to Claim Jumper's afterwards for dinner.  There was nearly an episode of fisticuffs when it came time to pay the bill - Sandy won.

I was clumsy once again!  Sandy and I were walking to our cars I looked at her to say something, miss-stepped and slipped off the curb.  I think I've said it before, I definitely have
strong bones!  I landed on my knees, left elbow and somehow the anterior (top) part of my right forearm, then flat out.  Managed not to tear the pants, excellent contusion & gouging out of my left elbow, and a nice big lump on my right forearm, just above the wrist.

I was concerned about the camera, had the digital in my left hand and it went flying.  It hit the pavement, then the curb & skittered across the sidewalk - it hit so hard it has a gouge on the corner of the case.  Guess what, it still works!  I must write Canon a letter and commend them for building a great product!  Wanna see my elbow:
Of course it has to be right where the elbow bends! 
Don't wait - sign now!
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